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    MBA or M. Tech after B. Tech - which is better?

    Pursuing B. Tech and confused about whether you should go for an MBA or an M. Tech degree? Learn how to plan your career after B. Tech for available higher educations opportunities after graduation.

    I am in 3rd year of my degree. I want to do post graduation but I am confused that should I opt for, MBA or Since mba is totally different from my field. And I don't have proper guidance about the career options and the income after doing

    Sir, please help me.

    Thank you in advance.
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    First of all, you have not mentioned about your subject in B.E. Anyways, Following are options for you.

    1. MBA – Primarily focuses on education for Graduates with aspire to learn Managerial subjects.
    2. M.Tech – Specifically focused to the Engineering graduates who wants to learn and work in more specialized technical arena.

    MBA is relatively generic to M.Tech and hence can be considered as the course which provides vast choices to one in their career path. M.Tech is more specialized and choices are limited but the advantage is you will be an expert in specific area.

    Regarding better opportunities and Salary, if you are good in your field, actually it doesn't matter even if you have not pursued your Post-Graduation. But if you have zeal towards learning more about something, you need to assess the options as above and make your decision.

    Remember, "Study the BEST subject, If not possible, Study BEST the subject"

    All the best for your endeavors.

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    Choosing of post-graduation stream is depending upon your area of interest. I would suggest you to go for M.Tech since your graduation is on B.Tech.But we can see that many peoples are doing M.B.A after B.Tech.The difference is that if you are really interested in management stream and you want to choose your career in management stream, then it's better to take post-graduation in M.B.A.Suppose if you are interested in the careers like teaching or any area according to your B.Tech subject, then you can choose M.Tech.

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    mba and both are masters programmes. both programmes have there own importance. selection of subject depends on the aim of a person interest of a person.

    mba is a masters programme which give you managerial education.
    whereas is a master in engineering.which will be a added advantage.if you pursue mba basing on experience you might become manager of a department and in you will be remained as programme developer, web designer.

    think wisely and choose best

    all the best

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    Can't say! Both fields has lot of options to earn and learn both.
    But practically saying, If you are good in technical field and if you are interested in having deep knowledge in you particular stream then you must opt for . And If you want to have a good Job and want to earn crores and keen to have knowledge of Managment along with you technical knowledge then you should go for MBA.

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    Lets come on basic Point,

    I have seen this dilemma in people around me, When I was in my B.Tech. pre-final and final year.

    I have seen many people who had qualified in GATE and CAT and found few differences in them.

    People who were smart,Good speaking, Good communication skills, throughout english medium opted for MBA.

    People who were sound technically, not having that much communication skills, from state boards (some from English medium also) opted for M.Tech.

    So you have to decide yourself how you are, what are your strong points, At last only satisfaction of matters in job and some time it comes from Money you earn during your Job.

    But If you are really looking for MBA, you should go for Job at least 2 years, and M.Tech. you can opt jst after completion of B.Tech.

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    What to do MBA or M.Tech after B.Tech ?

    It all depends on your interest

    1.) if you want to become a lecturer or wants to do research in your respective field or wants to expertise in your field then you should do M.Tech

    2.) if you want to do a high profile job in an MNC then you should do MBA from a good college or if you want to do your own buisness.

    I am also a 3rd year B.Tech student and wants a good job in an MNC, so firstly I will do job for one year after B.Tech then will do MBA.

    I hope this answer will help you.

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    Hello Or MBA is tough question for any Student of engineering. According to me if you are not good in Engineering then You should go with MBA. If you have good skills in engineering and you are enjoying the engineering then Go with

    Pankil Agrawal

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    it depends on you.
    I am assuming that you are interested in engineering and thats why you are doing btech. If thats the case you should go for mtech. Its the field thats better suited for an engineer.

    And one thing i have heard is that mtech is a tougher course than mba. (Dont know for sure)

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    Hello Namita

    This question is the mostly asked by the B Tech professionals because they are not able to take decision about his carrier. You not mention your engineering branch if I know I will suggest you some more accurately for choosing in MBA and M Tech but one thing I would like to say it is fully depend on you. You choose any one depending on your field of interest. For more answers and please visit at following URL.

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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    I will suggest you that you can do anything according to your interest and the demands of the present scenario.
    M.Tech and MBA can be distinguisged on the following basis:
    i) Job opportunities: More job opportunities for an M.Tech student as he can join private as well as government sector. I am not saying that MBA has less opportunities but the fields are of diferent type in M. Tech.
    ii) Government jobs: Public sector has a better scope for M.Tech students.
    iii) If you like teaching and want to be lecturer or professor, you should do M.Tech.
    iv) Salary package in MBA is higher than that of M.Tech as it has good opportunity in private companies.
    v) M.Tech is more flexible masters degree than MBA. It means that you can switch from one field to another without difficulty.
    vi) Fees for M.Tech is lower than MBA colleges.
    vii) Research field is open with M.Tech

    So I will suggest you to do M.Tech and not MBA. But the final decision is yours.
    Good Luck.

    If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

  • #92946 is better after because many many multinational companies has a demand of students.
    From you can get any job in the engineering field of your interest.
    but the last decision is yours
    but if you want MBA after so you get some obstacles in starting
    it depends on your interest

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    Hi friend,

    MBA stands for Master of Bisuness Administrative. And stands for Master of Technology. You are eligible for both the course, but since you are in then the better option for you is taking admission in course. But if you have persuing graduation in any other stream then the better option would be MBA.
    Best of luck

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    Hi friends,
    I know a lot of peoples are not sure what to do after
    either or m.b.a
    both are totally different kind of courses. are for those student who are interested in research and other study related projects.


    it is related to basically knowledge , English,aptitude and confidence.
    it is the way how you represent your self in front of many peoples in such a way that no one can find some flaw in our thoughts.

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    hello friends
    all of us are confused about the discussion that which is better MBA or M.Tech after doing grduation but basically it depends on the person to person .
    if you are interested in business type jobs and you want that many of the people shoul know you then you should opt for MBA .
    But for MBA you need to be very outspoken you shoul not be shy in frontof anyone . you must know how to convince others by yourself .
    And if you are ahving interest in teaching , research than you should go for M.Tech because its the only platform that leads you to the teaching , research work .
    Both M.Tech and MBA are good these both courses are equal but it depend on your choice .

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