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    Required documents for a new passport

    Applying for a new/fresh passport? Check out more about the passport application procedure and documents required to apply for a new passport.


    My name is Vishal and i am 23 years old. I would like to apply for a passport, but my problem is that, my education level is only till 8th std. But i have a pan card, driving license, birth certificate and an active bank account. So, is this enough for me to get a passport or is it not possible since my education is only 8th std. I am a singer and have got many opportunities to go abroad, but due to this issue i cannot proceed. Kindly assist me.

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    You will definitely have a passport with the listed documents. This is enough to have a passport for any citizens of India. Don't worry and just submit the online form and then with the original documents meet the authorities in the stipulated date. I am sure they will provide you with the Passport but one thing is there you need to have a Birth Certificate as in your case the Admit card is not there with you as you attained only Class VIII. So just proceed with your municipality for a birth certificate as that will be quite helpful. Those who are born before 1989 can have a affidavit from a notary for his date of birth and can proceed to make a passport.
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    Hello, Vishal
    You will apply for passport without any hesitation .

    1) Fill the online application form .
    2) then apply for an appointment.
    3)when you get an appointment you will go with the original documents meet the authorities. e.g. M.C. D approved Birth Certificate .If you born before 1989 then affidavit from a notary for his date of birth and can proceed to make a passport.
    4) you can also carry your pan card, driving license and one year bank statement original and photocopy both .

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    For making passport you nee following documents-
    1. An application form for applying to new passport.
    2. Address proof documents.
    3. Education qualification certificate.
    4. Passport size photos.
    5. Date of birth certificate.


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    documents required for fresh passport
    1)Proof of address
    2)Proof of Date of Birth
    for more details please visit the official link below

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    Yea, you can apply for the passport even if you have not passed matriculation. The documents required to apply for the passport is
    1. Proof of date of birth.
    2. Address proof
    And, if you are born in or after 1989, you would have to submit your birth certificate.

    The procedure to apply for fresh passport is:

    1. Download the e-form from the
    2. Fill the correct details and upload it.
    3. Schedule an appointment.
    4. Carry all the necessary documents at the allocated passport seva kendra at scheduled date and time.
    5. Complete all the necessary passport application procedure.

    For more assistance and information, you can contact the customer care number of passport seva kendra i.e. 1800-258-1800


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    Dear friend,
    I think the documents you have available with you are enough to get you your passport clearance in turn the passport at your hand. For better perspective, you should fill the online application form for Passport to receive from Indian Government section, and do the further processes as mentioned in the revised paragraph of the same. You can get all the necessary information from the document itself while submitting the online application form.
    Just remember to keep with you, the acknowledgement copy of your form filling which you will get after filling the form.

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    Yes, the documents you mentioned are enough for applying for a fresh passport. As mainly you need to furnish your documents as proof of your date of birth, residence address wherein you have stayed for more than a year and other documents mentioned by you. You need necessarily hold a 10th certificate for obtaining an Indian passport

    Refer: How to apply for Indian Passport

    Thanks & Regards

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    Mr,Vishal, Those documents you have mentioned are enough to apply for new passport. Education is not considered in the issue of Passport. They require proof of address where you have been living past 1 year, then your proof of date of birth i.e birth certificate is to be submitted and You have give proof of identity i.e those documents you have mentioned.
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    Myself AYUSH I am studying Marine engineering. So passport is necessary to me
    But the problem is that my name in 10th certificate is little bit wrongly spelled.
    Then how I can get a passport. I have all other relevant documents.
    It's urgent.

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