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    Car Service Center - Business guide required

    Want to open own car service centre? Find out what are the requirements for opening car service centre, estimated expense, and profit potentials. Heres all you need to know for opening a car service centre.

    Im so much interested in Car service center business. But I need some ideas about it. So kindly guide me on the following,

    1. What are all the requirements?
    2. How worthy it is?
    3. Will this be succesful in small town?
    4. Investment?
    5. Profit expectation?

    Please note:
    I dont have an own land, Im trying to take a land onlease.

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    Few things you have to keep in mind while opening a car service centre / Garage .

    Business Capital :

    Make sure u have planned your finance correctly.Estimate how much you are going to invest.Since you dont have a land , you should look for a place where the customers can reach you conveniently.Preferably locate a used garage , were the setup will be already be there.
    You have to estimate for the Equipment / Employees salary / Security / Parking space.Always look for a wide space, where you have to adjust for Parking / Service Bay / Water service.

    Some basic requirements are :

    Air Comproser
    Wheel Alignment and Balancing
    Car Washing equipments
    Tyre changer
    Tool Box – Heavy Duty
    2 floor Jacky
    Hydraulic Lifts
    Waiting room with furnitures

    Opening a garage is worthful but should have a good network of people / Customers.Look for a well experienced mechanic for your garage , get suggestions from him .

    Compare to bigger city , the profit will be lesser in small town.But still you will have profit.
    Investment would be approximate 6 to 10 lakh.Again its depends upon your intrest.
    Profit ..Yes its a profitable business..But need to put more effort until you get you own customers.

    All the best.

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    Hi Mr.Karthik,

    Thanks a lot for the valuable tips, Still I have some doubts.Please assist on the following if you can,

    My maximum investment is up to 7 Lakhs,

    1. How much does it costs for a full service of a car?
    2. How can i get price chart for various jobs?
    3. How much floor area minimum required?
    4. Some tips on customer attractions?

    Once again hoping a better tips from you.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    1.Currently we have 2 types of cars on road , Pertol engines / Deisel engines.Battery cars are not much we have.

    Normally customers look for lower cost , best service and value added services.Customers will Look for service centres / Good Mechanic shop / Garage only after the free service.Every car has to be serviced in every 3000 kms.Generally a full service for pertol car the approxmiate cost would be 4K,for diesel cars 5 K to 7 K minimum.Your profit will be 20% to 30% .

    Price chart :

    You have to customize the price chart according to your work and customers.I suggest you dont required a price chart for a services,its not a resturant to fix a price .So go ahead with the customize billing according to the work and customers.In market there are many software developers available for a cheep rates..Get your own software,itemize the list of spares and fix a rate according to the market price.

    Floor area :

    Minimum of 3000 sq ft for a service bay.Should be a closed area .2000 sq ft can be used open for car parking,water wash and delivery sections etc.etc..

    Tips For Customer attraction :

    Ofcourse this is very improtant , here in service industry attraction is by giving a good service.Have a good space for a customer lobby.Should have a TV , water , newspapers.The reception should be neet and tidy.From the entry of cutomer till he leaves the place , he should be comfortable with the service advisors.For travel and cabs , mostly the drivers comes to leave the car for service.Give them a tips and make a good relationship them.So that they will refer others as well.Have driver to pick the car from the home and drop it after the service.You can also have break down services.

    All the best..

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