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    How to form a political party in India?

    Want to know about political party formations, rules and structures in India? Learn how a political party is formed in India.

    What are the procedure to follow to form a political party in India. Do we have to pay any fees for registration? what are the minimum strength and what other requirements please let me know.Is there any age limit to form a political party? Is there any minimum qualification needed?
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    to form politiucal party in india is very easy if you have criminal record.
    If you are very much popular in your state you can join the party for some time.
    After some time you can make a new party when you are known as an individual in a state.
    This will help you in building new party.
    The newest formula is to start an andolan and after known by the people you can start your own party.

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    There is a specified procedure to form a political party in India. these rules and regulations are framed by Election Commission of India. You can find the procedure to apply for a political party in the website of election commission. You have to submit a demand draft of Rs 10000 during the registration of the political party. You must have 18 years of age. The qualification is you must be an Indian citizen.
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    If anyone want to form political party, he has to apply as per the profarma given in the section 29 0f the Represention of peoples act. The applicant ha sto mention the name of the party.

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