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    Best food for knee or joint strength

    Want to know how to increase your knee or joint strength with proper diet? Find out which foods increase knee and joint strength and how to have a nutritious diet for improved knee and joint functioning.

    What is the best food for knee or joint strength?
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    To improve the strength in knees and joints, it is necessary to have a diet rich in calcium, proteins and iron. To get rid of knee pain and joint pain as well as to improve their functioning, one can follow the below food diet:
    -Eat bananas on a daily basis as they are rich in calcium.

    -Have dairy products like Cheese (1 slice or cube daily), Milk (2 glasses daily) , Yogurt, etc. regularly.

    -Consume vegetables like Brocolli, Spinach, Asparagus, Okra, etc.

    -Have salad in the form of carrots, cucumbers, chopped onions and lettuce on a frequent basis.

    -Have cereals, baked beans, oats, muesli, dates, etc. in breakfast every day.

    -Drink plenty of water (atleast 14-15 glasses daily).

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    For making your knee or joint strong, you should do this,

    1. Drink milk 3 glass in a day.

    2. Always do exercise.

    3. Drink more water as can as you possible.

    4. Eat banana daily.


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    As we get older it is important that we should focus on our health more. The older we get the more strain we put on our joints and that will be a pain of a lifetime.Women are more prone towards getting bad bone health and eventually leading to joint pains. Osteoporosis, arthritis and other joint pains are caused mainly due to not consuming proper nutrition and lack of exercise. Therefore proper nutrition along with exercise can really help with stronger bones and healthier joints. Here is a list of foods that really helps to improve bones and joints.

    1.Egg whites, salmon, legumes, lean meat, tuna, soy,

    Main source- protein
    Positive effect- maintains muscle which indeed protects bones and joints

    2.Fruits, dry fruits, vegetables

    Main source- complex carbohydrates
    Positive effect- improves bone mass density and better calcium absorption

    3.Cheese, yogurt, milk, orange juice, leafy veggies

    Main source- calcium
    Positive effect- maintains good bone health

    4.Cereals, egg yolks, fish oil, cheese, orange juice

    Main source- vitamin D
    Positive effect- better absorption of calcium by bones

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    Eat Fish, It contains Omega-3 fatty acid, which helps to reduce the knee pain. You can choose Orange Juice, which is rich in Vitamin C, rather than eating raw orange prefer juice. Or you can add Spinach, Ginger and Onions in your daily food. Avoid using carbohydrate food.

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    You have asked for best food for knee joint. The following are bad food for knee joint if there is a pain or swelling. Food should be avoided are animal fat, fried food like snacks, milk products, frozen food, sugar, alcohol, pepper and chilley, potato, tomato, and tobacco. Try to reduce the use of salt.

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    Consume food containing Calcium.
    Consume Lady's finger, leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, food grains. It increases the fluid in bones and helps in growth of bones.

    Uma Peri

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    I have the best scientific answers for you. Science proves that Calcium and proteins are vital in making our bones and joints very strong. Again, the amount of iron in our body helps to create blood and stamina to the optimum. So, my authentic recomendation for you is:

    (1) Do eat foods like banana, green leafy vegetables because these foods contain a big amount of iron that help create blood and stamina in us.

    (2) Do take milk and animal protein foods because they help us in repairing bones in our body and thereby strengthening our joints.

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    As age is growing our joints become weak. In order to increase the strength of knee joint we have to increase intake of foods which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin c . Food such as Onions, Green leafy vegetables also help in increasing the strength of joints. In addition you have to do little yoga for better strength to knee joints.

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    Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.For example: Fish.You can also take supplements.

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