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    Can I earn money from youtube?

    Want to know about earning from YouTube? Find out how to earn money from YouTube and copyright issues with uploading videos in YouTube.


    I have a question about earning money through YouTube. Can I really earn money through youtube by up loading the videos which I don't have copy righs like old film songs? If I upload them is there any problem because i dont have copy rights. can any give me a detaliled explanation.
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    You cannot earn from youtube just by uploading videos. Youtube lets you earn through adsense. So if you have adsense account, then you can earn from youtube.

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    There is no problem in uploading videos in you tube, of which you have no copyrights. But as Sam said, you will not get money from You tube simple because you are uploading videos. You need to have an adsense account and people should be interested in your posts and you should be active in You Tube.
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    good information about earning money online.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes, you can earn money from YouTube but there is some terms and condition for it. How to earn money from YouTube, if you have genuine and legal video clips of your own, then you can upload it via your gmail account.

    Old movies or TV serials are not allowed to upload since they are already copyrights part. Some of them used to upload copyrights videos but Google will not approve their adsense account if they would like to apply for adsense in the future.

    If someone have already adsense account and if that person would like to upload copyrights video - after few days or when Google traced it - adsense account will be banned.

    It is always safer side to use original video clips if you have, possible for traffic (due to genuine) and earning money opportunities.

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    Yes, you can earn money on youtube.

    By posting copied content or ignoring copyright ,wrong.

    To earn from youtube you need :

    1. Youtube account.

    2. Google adsense.

    3. A lot of viewers because they pay 0.001 $ or so per view so you need 10,000 views to make it 10 dollars.

    4. If content is not yours i.e. copied content and they get to know you will be banned from Google adsense. They are very strict in all terms.

    5. Its not so easy to get views.

    All the best. Happy money making!

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    Yes you can. You can earn money from youtube. You want to become partner of Youtube to do it. After you became partner you will get money per view of your video, per like, per comment etc.

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    As per my knowledge yes you can , but your videos should be made by you and not the copied one .
    For earning just do following things:-
    1)Make gmail account.
    2)Then upload your video on youtube with the login id and password of gmail.
    3)Then youtube you will find options for addsense account
    4)login there and submit your proposal
    5)If they accept then you can make lot of money.

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    No you can not earn money simply by uploading videos. First of all you have to full fill following requirements
    1. Google Ad-sense Account
    2. Your own recorder videos or the videos for which you have permission to upload
    3. YouTube Account
    4. The uploaded videos must have more than 10000 visits
    5. The last and final step accept the email received by you from YouTube and monetize your videos

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    Yes you can but firs of all that video must have the copyright by you and need massive view by unique IPs then youtube will send you a confirmation E-mail then you can earn by displaying ads on your videos

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    yes,you can absolutely earn from youtube but there are terms and conditions applied on it.You cannot earn money just by uploading video via you valid e-mail account,but,that video must get some certain minimum popularity on youtube.
    If you have an ad-sense account then it becomes even more easier task to earn from youtube.You can then easily earn by displaying ads on videos.

    If the content is copied from somewhere and they get to know that then you will be banned from Google adsense. They are very strict in all terms.

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    Yes you can earn money from youtube. It is very use ful. When we uplode a vedio in to youtube and many people like that. Youtube ask us to join in an adsence accound and they give money for us .

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    I don't know anything about getting paid by just uploading videos but there are other methods that can help you in earning money from youtube like:
  • You can join google adsense to get paid for clicks on your youtube page.

  • You can also make money by referring friends through your account.

  • The easiest way is to post ads on your page of different products, websites, brand etc.
    This pays you like this for example you can download a product key generator from and post that on your page. So if anyone buys that from your referral you will get paid by 8% of its price. Like someone buys an Ipod of $500 from your referral you will get paid $40.

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