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    What is the diet of a patient suffering from jaundice?

    My sister is 13 years old and suffering from jaundice from 3 days. I want to know the diet she should take to take care of her health and also want to know what type of food she should eat? Please suggest me the diet that will make my sister fit early.
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    Foods that are to be included :
    Include more fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably in juice form in her daily diet. It is advisable to make fresh fruit/vegetable juices rather than purchasing the tinned one from supermarkets. Include more of juicy fruits and vegetables. Sugarcane and lime is considered very good at this time, hence you can make a juice mixing both sugarcane and lime and give to her at least once a day. It is preferable to give liquid food for the first few days as solid foods will be hard to be digested by them.

    Foods that are to be avoided :
    Avoid junk foods, fried items, non-vegetarian foods, cream of milk, ghee and other fatty products. I have heard coconut or foods made of coconut also should be avoided. The main concept here is the food given to the patient should be easily digestible by them.

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    In short, patient will loose Blood and Salt from thier body, thus patient become weak, lazy and unfit upon Jaundice.

    Blood burnt from red cell and changed it to yellow in color, thus it passing through urine and stool.

    Patient needs once again blood and salt in their body to replace the lost one.

    During this moment, liver cell affects thus digestion get affects too for metabolism. So, patient needs blood and salt replacement in their body, in such case, patient can have less spicy normal veg food with normal salt quantity (some patient being wrongly adviced to avoid salt) in their food intake. To produce blood in our body - salt plays important role.

    Patient can avoid non-veg food due to liver weak function and metabolism affects.

    Patient has to take normal veg food (with less oily and spicy), plenty of water often and sleep on-time during this period to bring back their physical to normal temperature.

    Almost all fruit juices can be consumed, specially Mosambi or Orange juices to be consumed.

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    Dear Himanshu.

    Jaundice may be caused by overburden on liver, liver damage per-se (due to infections etc) or the obstruction to gall bladder resulting in non-release of bile.

    Food management can differ based on these causes. But of the three types, in two types. body loses the capacity to digest fats and fat soluble vitamins due to loss of emulsification of fats by bile juice.

    *So avoid fatty food or can continue to take little fats by taking artificial bile supplements available.

    *In liver damage per-se, body loses (most of ) the ability to excrete nitrogen from proteins, hence do not take high protein diet. In contrast if it is other type of jaundice or minimal liver damage, you should take high protein diet otherwise it will lead to swelling of limbs.

    *Soft, non-fatty diet like Idly, fruit juices, vitamin supplements. One can take enough water if there is no edema (swellings).

    *Do not let the patient constipate, as it may create accumulation of toxins and in severe cases of liver damage it causes something called hepatic encephalopathy.

    @Hafeezur, there is no loss of salt in the body due to liver pathology. It is the loss of bile salts secreted into intestine and excreted in urine. Bile salts have nothing to do with normal salt. There is no need to take extra normal salt, infact you should not if you have fluid collection in the body.

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    Jaundice diet should include no oil or oil related foods. All food with fat contents is not allowed too. One should eat only boiled food with water without any spices or any thing. Slight salt you can put for taste. Juices for fresh fruits should be given to the patient and even some cooked food through the foods from Pappaya, Beet Root, apple, Orange juice, lime juice and sugarcane juice should be given to the patient in addition to the regular medication and rest. One should avoid any normal food which is we are habituated of eating except cooked rice and even this one should be changed to rice with excessive amount of water to make it liquidated for easy to digest by the body.
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    ok i suffered from jaundice two times.
    So please follow these steps:-

    1) No oily food.
    2) No non-veg
    3) Avoid foods with red pepper and hot spices.
    4) Give boiled vegetables if having more problem in digestion or eating.
    5) I had "Daliya" two times in a day. You can give that, it is healthy.
    6) Give water which is boiled for at least 20 min.
    7) Don't give high protein diet.
    8) Don't give milk, ghee, butter or any fatty food.
    9) Give more juices, don't buy juices from open juice stalls. You can give Real fruit juice or best would be give home prepared juices.

    In jaundice don't force her to eat, as the person can't eat much.
    Also i would advice you for the blood test SGPT regularly.

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    The patient should not be given any solid foods for the first few days after the treatment. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice should be given for a couple of weeks. The reason behind giving fluid instead of solid food is to minimize further strain on the liver. Diets high in proteins, vitamin B, C and E should be taken.

    After the recovery from the disease the fruit diet can be stopped and can be resumed to normal food upon the recommendation from your doctor. The patient can now start to take small well balanced meals at regular intervals. Avoid eating heavy meals which is hard to digest. Make sure that you eat home made food which is prepared in a hygienic manner.

    The diet:
    Rising- a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of honey

    Breakfast- orange juice or skimmed milk

    Pre lunch -lemon juice, jaggery

    Lunch- boiled vegetables

    Evening -carrrot juice or coconut water

    Dinner- sugarcane juice

    Befor bed- skimmed milk


    Fat foods
    Fries food stuffs
    Whole milk
    Tea and coffee

    Note: sugarcane juice mixed with lime juice can improve recovery from jaundice

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    For Jaundice, food with high calorie and low fat are suggested.

    Idly fits in here well. Idli with some sugar is the best. Well cooked rice without any spicy curries, but only boiled vegetables is good. Fruits and fruit juices are good. Coconut water is an ideal one.
    Food needing more time for digestion and metabolism to be avoided.

    With that food diet, complete rest is a must for speedy recovery.

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    As far as I have heard, jaundice patients should not be given solid food. They should mostly take liquid diet such as fresh fruit juices. Sugarcane and Radish juice is very helpful for the recovery of Jaundice patients. They should also avoid fatty food which contains lot of oil and ghee. focus more on intake of green leafy vegetables, water and also avoid non veg food.

    Also, I have heard that Jaundice patients should not be given food which is yellow in color such as mango, papaya and turmeric should not be added to their food.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Dear member,
    Jaundice is cause due to increased amount of bilirubin in the blood. It is the term used to describe a yellowish thing to the skin and scleare. Bilirubin is yellow colored substances that is responsible for the yellow colored of the skin and scleare. It is related to the function of the liver, so it is essential to maintain the vital organ. The following diet should given to the patient who is suffering from jaundice:
    (i) Make juice of grapes, lemon, tomato, carrots, sugarcane.

    (ii) Prefer sugarcane to make juice. Mix with lime juice and give it to the patient twice daily. This will help to remove jaundice.

    (iii) The patient should give simple balanced diet.

    (iv) Give fresh fruits and a cup of skimmed milk.

    (v) Drink plenty of water.

    (vi) Patient should take rest.

    (vii) Digestive disturbance must be avoided.

    (viii) Jaundice patient should avoid salt, spicy food, pickles and fried items.

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