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    Paying LIC insurance premium without having policy number details

    Lost your LIC policy and having trouble in paying the premium? Are you not able to pay the premium online because of losing the policy number? Find out how to pay LIC premium without having policy number and other details.

    One of my friend has an LIC insurance policy for which he pays premium annually. He is travelling at the moment and doesnt have any related documents for that policy. He is supposed to pay the premium in next couple of weeks, but, unfortunately he has lost the policy number and so is not able to pay the premium online.

    Please suggest suitable method by which he can make payment for this LIC insurance premium without knowing relevant details about the policy.
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    Payment of premium without correct policy number may lead to wrong credit of premium to another account. This may cause the policy premium delay and even lapse if such mistake continues. Any other person may get credit of that premium if paid without the correct policy number or the payment may get rejected and again to get refund of the sum may lead to unnecessary hassles. Make sure not to pay premium of policy before finding the policy number. Possible solutions to find the policy number are as follows:

    1. Ask your friend to either contact the agent from whom the policy was taken to know the policy number.
    2. If purchased directly without any agent then check the mail id from which the correspondence was done or any confirmation receipt must have been received in that mail id.
    3. Look for previous receipts of the same policy for which premium must have been paid in earlier years.
    4. If payment is made online then there is a possibility that the bank statement might contain the policy number if while payment it was mentioned in there.

    Look for the above options, they might help.

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    Policy number is must for paying annual premiums of the LIC policies. From below mentioned methods one can know the details of policy number in terms of forget.

    Every individual opens an insurance policy through an agent, the first thing the policy holder has to do is to contact the agent from whom he has made the LIC insurance policy, the agent surely has the details of LIC policy along with the policy number, By contacting the agent the policy number will be known and hence the person who lost the policy number can pay the premium easily.

    Another method is that the policy number will be printed on the Insurance policy bond which was given to the policy holder at the time of taking the policy. The bond will be kept safely at his home; hence he can know the policy number through the bond and can pay the premium.

    Another method is that the person has to visit his nearest policy holder's service centre in a nearby area or the LIC office at where his policy has been attached, he should have provide the policy name for knowing the policy number, hence he can pay the premium.

    Well there will be no harm occurs if the policy holder fails to pay the premium in due date, interest will be collected for late payment. If the policy holder fails to pay the premium in due time he has the opportunity of paying the premium even late too.

    There are some things that money just cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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    You would contact LIC branch on which you have policy and inform the details about you policy and can proceed as they suggest for you . It is the best thing to be done by you before performing any action as to first inform in branch through your agent.

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    LIC Insurance premium is always paid on Policy number. so without policy number not possible.

    But You can contact Lic Branch or Lic Insurance adviser form whom you purchases the Policy. Mostly they keep the track for all policy they(Adviser) sell. so you find the Policy number from them.

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    Dear Friend,

    While paying LIC Premium amount, you have to mention your policy number on back side of your instrument if paid though cheque or DD. If by cash you have to mention your policy number to the cashier or to your agent. If through Net banking or through Credit card, you have to mention your policy Number.

    In your case, there is nothing to worry about if you have no records of your poclicy number. You can contact your agent with whom you have taken the policy, if not you can refer your earlier premium payment receipts of your policy document. If you dont have access to these while travelling, you may login to LIC of India web site and call to the LIC customercare number of your place. Customer care will surely help you to sort out the issue by providing details which is known to you about your policy.

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