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    What is difference for Executive MBA, Distance MBA and Full time MBA

    Want to know the difference between Executive MBA, Distance MBA and regular, full time MBA courses? Find out the differences between various MBA courses and their future career prospects.

    What is difference between Distance MBA, Full time MBA or Executive MBA
    Which one have good future in life.
    What are the specialization available for MBA
    If person from Electronic and Communication background then which specialization is benefit for same.

    Company name for Electronic and Communication if you have background for same
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    Distance MBA: This program is held off-campus.The course materials are supplied either to post,e-mails,or through voice calls. the main advantage of this is fees is low compared to executive and full time.

    Executive MBA:This program is developed to provide educational needs of managers and executives,which allow students to earn MBA graduate degree while they are working full time.

    Full time MBA: Full time MBA requires your complete commitment for two years class. This is most preferred by recruiters and organisations.

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    If you have good paid salary ,Then you select the correspondence course. Otherwise best option is full time in good reputed college.You will get good knowledge and skills.

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    If you are concerned about the future after your MBA, then all that depends on your present.

    Scenario 1 -
    If you have just completed your Bachelor's degree, then go for a full time MBA. But, as full time MBA costs a lot, do it keeping in mind your family's financial condition and do it from a reputed institution. In full time MBA, you have to attend regular classes.Companies usually recruit people who have done full time MBA.

    Scenario 2 -
    If you are currently employed, then go for an executive
    or distance MBA. The choice depends on the money you want to spend ( distance MBA is cheaper) ,and whether you have worked at an executive position (then prefer executive MBA).
    In distance MBA , you'll have classes once or twice during the weekends, and you'll have exams twice a year. Whereas, in executive MBA, almost the above same pattern is followed, but you can complete it before the course duration also (course duration for MBA is 2 years).

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    What is difference between Distance MBA, Full time MBA or Executive MBA
    Distance MBA : Distance MBA is a off campus MBA program conducted by many universities. Almost all famous and reputed universities have their off campus centers spread across the globe, so that you can learn MBA through their centers. NO where in your certificate, it will be mentioned that you have completed the course as distance study. This type is actually meant for people wanting to learn outside the university. There are many people who learn under our Indian universities, by residing at USA or any other foreign country. These countries might have Indian universities, off campus centers there. You will have to attend the class regularly.

    Full time MBA : As the name states, it is just a full time course, like your regular college, where you go ever day to college and learn. This can be opted by those who are not working and can commute to college daily.

    Executive MBA : As MBA can be taken up by any person who have secured certain percentage of marks in any of the degree courses, there is an increasing demand for MBA by aspirants and by recruiters. Hence those people who are working presently is opting to learn MBA. There is no age limit to learn a course. So the term executive MBA is given. Those who are working can opt for executive MBA programs.

    MBA by Correspondence study: Correspondence study and distance learning are two different terms. You can study for MBA by sitting at home itself, if you are working. For this you just have to register with any of the universities that provide correspondence courses. This is the cheapest when compared to the above options.

    Which one have good future in life.
    All the above mentioned MBA has equal value, when looking from the point of a recruiter. You will be little more smarter if you attend regular classes and learn directly from the tutor. It is your actual knowledge about the subject, that really matters for an interviewer.

    What are the specialization available for MBA
    The main specializations available for MBA by most of the universities are Human Resource management, finance, Administration, marketing and information technology. But not all universities provide MBA specialization in all the above mentioned subject. You need to check with the university where you prefer to learn and select the course accordingly. Some universities even provide MBA in entrepreneurial management, hospitality management and so on.

    If person from Electronic and Communication background then which specialization is benefit for same.
    If the person has an Electronic and Communication (ECE) background, he/she can either opt for information technology, finance or marketing.

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    Hello Friend,
    I think that the scope of the management studies are getting lower as of now. There was a huge market for the MBA students once but as of now the scope has declined. If you are hoping to do management studies after your UG then I would say that it would be better for you to join some top Business schools that are really doing well. Now let me come to the question
    Full Time or regular MBA program
    This is the management program where the student has to undergo studies with the regular timings that is available in colleges. There are lots of colleges that are offering the MBA programs as of now. But according to me the B schools are doing a good job when compared to the regular colleges affiliated to universities. This course runs for about 4 semesters and two year covering all the major subjects related to management.
    Distance MBA
    Distance learning is the learning process where the students gets the education through electronic modes like Internet. They are also called as E Learning process. I don't think this is the best thing that can attract the students. Though the technology has developed to a major extend and the students can learn things from just sitting at home through Internet it is not that much affective as that of the Regular MBA programs. This is not available here in India mostly but the most advanced countries are having this facilities.
    Executive MBA
    Executive MBA is the course which is targeting the officials of the companies. These are meant for the people who are already employed and are trying to get advanced management programs. These are the programs that are not like the regular ones but the students are asked to gather once in a week or a month and trained. It is one of the most effective MBA courses that makes you understand the things in a better manner.

    Specializations in MBA
    There are many specializations that are available in various colleges that run the management programs. Some of the most important specializations are Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operation Management, Computer applications and many more but Finance, Human resource and marketing are the specializations that are mostly preferred by the students.

    My View
    It would be always better to do the management courses in regular/ Full time rather to do in any other forms and if you are having some experience you can go for EMBA. I would say that now a days there are dual specialization and you can select the computer applications and operation management that would be very useful to the Electrical and communication line.

    With Regards,
    Sudhan A

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    Dear Sudhan

    Can you provide me the website link for EMBA

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