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    How you can reset the password if you cannot able to reset online for yahoo

    Cannot rest Yahoo mail password online? Learn how to troubleshoot or fix Yahoo mail password rest error.

    Some of the greatest issue in Yahoo mail are mentioned below

    Is there any solution for this error

    Your password cant be reset online.
    For security reasons, you need contact Yahoo! Customer Care to help you reset your password.
    If you used an alias or profile name, we recommend that you try again with the Yahoo! ID associated with the alias. If not, you can contact Customer Care to help reset your Yahoo! password.

    Why do I have to wait?

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    There are mainly three things due to which this problem arised
    1.You have attempted wrong password continuously
    2.Your yahoo ID may be wrong
    3.Your security question's answer is not matching (though you know it defiantly then you should have to type accordingly because these answers are case sensitive).
    So verification of your identity whether you are right person or not you have to call yahoo customer care on toll free no. 1800 266 0010
    Before calling customer care for password resetting you should be prepared with correct answer about your birth date which was used at the time of registration, answer for security question & alternate email ID (if provided) & if you had registered mobile no with yahoo services then customer care executive may ask for it to reset it.
    This initiative is taken by yahoo for security reasons & to reduce junk/fake email users who creates email id and doesn't use it mostly.

    BhUsHaN SuRyAvAnShI.

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    Dear Bhushan Suryavanshi,

    I think you are not cleared with the post. The number given is for Small business for yahoo.
    With the help of this number i cannot able to resolve my issues.

    would like to inform you that i am entering the correct Password and Username then also it is showing error message as invalid user and password.This is the cases that is happen to many of people. If you have any alternative solution then please let me know

    Thank you

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    Dear Mr. Jacky;

    I apologize for my mistake. I am yahoo mail user since 9 years & also faced some password related issue few months before due to such issue I have to restore my Yahoo User ID one time. If you are entering correct username & password and still not accessing your yahoo mail then try following things once again
    1.Use another browser and check that it's working or not if yes then it was your browser issue & if not then something gone wrong. I faced same problem few months before but after using Firefox or Google Chrome it get solved.
    2.Try to log on different yahoo products like contacts, answers etc.
    3.If not works then finally go to help link in Yahoo Mail & send mail to customer care of Yahoo.
    4.If you face this problem just few hours before or today then try to attempt login after 24 Hrs.
    5.If you have registered your mobile no. with yahoo services (like registering Naukri or Facebook on mobile) then you can reset your password by using Mobile No. Actually yahoo will not send to password by SMS, it will set you OTP (one Time Password) to proceed further.
    Other than this try reset password, forgot password features.

    B H Suryavanshi

    BhUsHaN SuRyAvAnShI.

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    I am also facing this kind of problem last month. I have entered right username and password but yahoo did not receive it. I was sure about that My user-name and password is right because I am using Bio-matrix method. I was facing this problem in google chrome.

    I switch to IE9 and then I went to Yahoo Answers and try to login. This time I got success. Please try this method.

    If you have entered wrong password more than a limit then your account is not accessible for some time, Keep in mind this

    Pankil Agrawal

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    Yahoo have many options to retrieve the forgotten password. People are careless while creating an account and then suffer later. Some of the options available at yahoo are :

    (a) Give your mobile number, so that when you forget they will text you.
    (b) Give an alternative e-mail ID, so that whenever you forget your password, a mail will be send to that other mail ID given by you.
    (c) Security questions. Yahoo normally asks you to answer two different security questions. You have the freedom to chose or to create your own security question. Always give a remember-able question and answer.

    Normally this message is shown when you do not remember your password, have crossed the maximum number of login attempts a day, forgot the security question or answer and you have not given the option of alternative mail ID an d phone number. Therefore be careful and write it down anywhere as soon as you create an account or change your settings.

    As you have already received such a message, either you can re-think about your password and try attempting it after 24 hours or try to recollect the security questions and answers. If nothing works, you will have to contact yahoo customer service or give up the account. As you are insisting that you have been using the correct username and password, then try clicking on forgot password link and enter the security answers for the security questions. If you have given your alternative mail ID or Phone number, chose the option to send you a password recovery information.

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