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    Convert borewell water to drinking water

    Want to buy a good water purifier to convert borewell water to drinking water? Find out the best water purifier brands in market now.

    Suggest branded purifier for my flat to convert borewell water to drinking water for daily requirement.

    Totally five families are residing in our apartment. Is it possible to have centralized purifier for the same purpose. If yes, then share the purifier name and installation cost details.
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    you can convert borewell water into drinking water by two methods:


    Basically impurities particle are larger than water molecules.Reverse osmosis prevents movement of larger particle from one side of membrane to other by applying pressure.Hence water molecules pass through it and we get drinking water.


    In this process uv rays are used to kill germs present in water.

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    Now a days lots of companies are available in the market.One of the best products is from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. Please call the respective marketing person and ask them to do a demo on your house.With out demo dont never ever try any products,as bore well water is normally hard in nature
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    It is a great thought to use a centralized purification system for all the five families residing in your area. This will not only reduce the individual cost but also will be more convenient.
    You can ask for any government subsidies for water treatment in your locality. For this you may need to approach municipality office in your area. they will guide and give you a list of companies who have pact with the government for such subsidies.
    In the mean time, you can also contact various purifier manufacturing companies on their official website or approach their near-by agency.
    Eureka Forbes is a big name in this field who claims to test the available water and accordingly suggest the type of purification system which you will need.
    RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra Violet rays used to kill germs), RF (Radio frequency used for purification)are the major techniques used.

    Till then, to remove hardness and salty taste of water, boil it and filter it in normal candle-type water filters. Boiling is still the most effective method to kill the germs.

    Drink clean water and stay fit.


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    I was facing the same problem a year back when I shifted my residence to new place. My main issue was impure water both provided the Water Authority and through Borewell, which our tenant had to use in case of emergeny. First we started using it directly by boiling it but everybody started getting sick one way or other frequently and by consulting the Doctor, he advised to use water purifier for drinking and cooking purpose. Immediately I fixed Eureka Forbes water purifier at home which cost me around Rs 1700/-. Soon every thing become normal and fine.

    I would suggest you to fix any companies water purifier at your home rather than a common one. I hope my experience will help you.

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    First of all you need to know about TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) level in the water. One needs to install RO (Reverse Osmosis) system with TDS adjuster and UV (ultraviolet) purifier. One needs to change the carbon filter every three months and while leaving home for vacations - it will be better to refill the RO chamber by emptying it. TDS level must not be made zero so as to retain minerals in the water which are essential for every one especially the pregnant ladies.
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