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    How long should a mother be careful after a cesarean?

    Have you recently undergone a cesarean? Wondering what precautions should be taken after a cesarean operation? Find out from experts what all precautions should a new mother take after a cesarean operation.

    How long should a mother be careful after a cesarean? Is it advisable for her to bend over or sit on the floor if she is comfortable? Or should she be careful for certain period of time even if she feels better? My sister had stitches during cesarean. She has pain. So she is really careful about it. But my cousin had some kind of pasting. I don't know about it. But she has no pain. She is very active, running around normally. Is it advisable? If not how long should they be careful about their abdomen?
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    Every human being is different and has a different way of coping up and healing up of wounds. Not all females have similar recovery period after they undergo a major operation like Cesarean. Although now cesarean has become very common but it actually falls in the category of major operations.

    There are females who get up from the bed from 2nd day onwards and there are people who are able to recover only after 4th day.

    There is one major difference in the type of anesthesia that is given for the operation which to a great extent is responsible for the difference in the recovery period of the new mother. If the patient has been given a general anesthesia for whatever reason like complications at the time of labour etc., then that patient takes much longer to recover as compared to those patients who are given spinal anesthesia.

    Another thing is every body is different and everybody's stamina and ability to recover differs.

    So one should not worry too much about the recovery but should also be careful that the stiches should not pain much after about 30 days or so. Usually the outer stiches dry in about 7 - 10 days but the inner stiches on the uterus takes about 30 - 45 days to get completely dried up. So one should be very careful in bending, stretching etc. as this may cause problems with the stiches. Even if a person does not has much pain she should avoid activities like bending etc for about 2 - 3 months after that they can slowly resume their normal activities. However, it is advisable not to bend too much or carry heavy objects(like bucket of water) till 1 yr.

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    How long should a mother be careful after a cesarean?
    In case of normal delivery itself, mothers have to take full rest for 56 days from the date of delivery. In case of cesarean, 3 months of rest is advisable by the doctors.

    Is it advisable for her to bend over or sit on the floor if she is comfortable?
    No, even if she feels comfortable, it is better not to try it. When you are asked to take rest, it is better you take rest rather than suffering latter. In some cases our body won't react suddenly, but if we misuse it then later on it will affect our body. So be very careful.

    Running around normally. Is it advisable?
    Not at all. Never do any hard task or be very active after any operation. cesarean is a major operation and we have to be carefull. Your cousin is lucky that she does not have any pain, but ask her to be very careful and take rest. if she strain a lot now, it might affect her later or she will get various other ailments associated with it. Pastes are better than stitches and will get cured soon but we have to be carefull.

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    Dear Chitra, The duration of rest you have advised is too long for wither situations (normal delivery or C-section). A C-section naturally requires more bed rest than normal delivery. Care is important until one gets the sutures removed (if they are removable).

    It is a big myth to avoid movements and work for long periods after delivery. There is a great risk of blood flow abnormalities like clots in big veins (DVT) that can be dangerous.

    After normal delivery, practicing Pelvic floor exercises are very important.

    Bottom-line: For normal delivery its only few days to resume the normal work and for C-section its around 2 weeks.

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    I believe, 6 six weeks of rest is must for any lady after a Cesarean delivery. It is a major abdominal surgery and recovery takes time. Even Doctors ask for a visit after 6 weeks.

    A Cesarean delivery may be very common these days, but its impact can be felt for a life time.It depends a lot on the type of anesthesia given during surgery. Even after 6 weeks, it is advisable not to lift children or any heavy object.
    Often ladies, suffer from severe back pain almost for a life time. Weight gain is also very much possible in case of lack of physical exercise after a C-section delivery.

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    Cesarean, though common now-a-days, is not a very simple process. It involves cutting of a woman's body wherein a lot of blood is lost and body looses it's stamina and becomes weak.
    In normal delivery, body starts contracting soon but still requires at least 45 days of resting and recovering period.
    After Cesarean operation, major task of the body is not only contraction, but also in healing the wounds and making immune system of the body strong. So in this case, body is doing three times the work.
    The external stitches may heal within 10 to 15 days but internal wounds will take some more time. And during this process, a woman may be consuming pain-killing tablets, so she may not feel pain while walking, stretching and bending but internally, her body is suffering so ask your sister to take rest for at least two month else she may develop some health issues and such health problems are normally for the life-time.

    She need not worry about her figure at present and first her body need to heal her wounds and replenish the nutrients supply to her body which she will need not only for her health but also for the breast feed of her new-born.
    Her body will continue contracting for the next 8 to 9 months. So she can start doing yoga or simple shape-up exercises after three to four months. This will tone up her body and help in making her body organs strong again.
    Wishing her a very happy Motherhood.


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    After one week after cesarean section you can sit on the floor.
    Sitting on the bed of chair etc can be done form the second day of the surgery it self.
    Early ambulation is advisable.
    If you want to pickup anything you can bend at the level of knees and avoid bending at hips.
    Avoid lifting or pulling or pushing the weights for 6 weeks. Abstinence is adviced for 4 weeks.

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    For most new mothers who have had few if any complications and are recuperating well, light travel three to four weeks after a c-section is fine. But it's also important during this time to listen carefully to the signals your body is sending. Thanks

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