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    How to increase the blood Haemoglobin.

    Suffering from less Haemoglobin count in blood? Learn how to increase blood haemoglobin (Hb level), how to naturally increase blood Hb level, when should one do a blood transfusion and so on.

    My friend suffering from deficiency of Haemoglobin. In his blood report, he has only 5.6% Haemoglobin in his blood. So I want to know that what should he do to increase his Haemoglobin. What should be his diet. He has 22 years old and he has unmarried. Suggest me the details answers and guidelines in simple way.
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    The first question occur why he has so low haemoglobin? The average percentage of hemoglobin in human (male) should be 12%-16%. You have mentioned that your friend has only 5.6 % haemoglobin. The percentage of haemoglobin is very low and it is either due to any injury and blood flow or any serous disease. I would like to suggest you to contact a physician and try to find out the reason of low amount of haemoglobin. I would like to suggest you blood transfusion to increase percentage of haemoglobin.
    Please contact a good physician as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

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    Dear friend, though nutritional anemia (decreased hemoglobin count) is common in developing countries like India, count less than 7% definitely has a serious sometimes life threatening condition underlying that. Multiple causes can also be expected with such low counts in which one is nutritional.
    Acute blood loss due to heavy accident followed by nutritional deficiency can result in such hemoglobin count. Worm infestation can be one more reason.

    Most important thing one should not miss are hemobglobinopathies (abnormal structure of hemoglobin) that cause the death of RBC easily like sickle cell Hb or Thallesemia, but the thing is they are congenital and present in early child hood.

    If the problem is of recent origin, then it might be due to infection like viral (Parvo virus,liver-hepatitis virus). This is called aplastic anemia. Other characters of this anemia are decreased in other blood cells also called pancytopenia. Aplastic anemia may also be caused by auto-immunity, drugs like cholramphenical, phenytoin, radiation hazards. So any occupational exposure of radiation is to be checked with him.

    There are basically three reasons for the decreased hemobglobin, one decreased production of RBC, decreased amount of Hb per RBC (nutritional), and increased killing of RBC.

    Please get the following tests done and get back.

    CBP (complete blood picture: to see other blood cells)
    LFT (live function test)
    Peripheral smear
    Serum Ferritin,
    TIBC (total Iron binding capacity)

    Optional: Serum B12, Folic acid.

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    Hemoglobin is a protein found in Red Blood cells. It is rich in iron. Therefore less hemoglobin in the blood means, deficiency of iodine. Eat too much of iodine rich food such as bread, red meat, cereals, seafood, eggs, dates, beans, kidney beans and so on. It is better to consume meat as iodine from animal products get absorbed by our body easily.

    A person will feel tired, fatigue when his hemoglobin level is low. His heart beat will raise and his immunity power will be very low.

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    Hemoglobin count of less than 7 % is considered to be dangerous for health. It means that the oxygen carrying capacity of the body has gone down to a very low level.
    Hemoglobin count for a male in average is somewhere between 12 to 16% and for a female it is about 10 to 14%.

    Main symptoms of less hemoglobin in the body:
    1. Feeling lethargic all the time.
    2. become irritated very easily.
    3. fatigue.
    4. Unusual hair loss.
    5. Paleness in skin and in eyes.
    6. Palpitation.
    7. Nails looses their lustrous shine and becomes bluish.
    8. darkness under the eyes.
    9. Lack of concentration.
    10. Frequent headaches.
    11. Numbness in legs and hands.

    To avoid such condition, one need to consume a balanced diet consisting of all the macro and micro nutrients. More attention is to be paid towards iron rich food such as Spinach, Papaya, Pomegranate, egg, raisins, Beans, lentils, chick peas, soybeans, red meat, chicken, liver etc.
    One thing is to be kept in mind, you have to consume Vitamin C enriched food along with iron-rich food to facilitate it's maximum absorption.

    If you want you can ask your friend to start consuming Iron supplement tablets or syrups. Best tablet for women is FEFOL ( a combination of iron and Folic acid), Dexorange is also famous iron syrup.

    Eat healthy and stay fit.


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    Hello friends,
    You have said that your friend is suffering from hemoglobin deficiency. His/Her report said that it is 5-6% in count.
    First of all I said that is really a serious one.
    You must consult a good doctor for better advise on to increase hemoglobin in RBCs blood.
    We just help you at some extent which might increase it to few extent.
    I want to give some tips on how your friend get their Hb level high to some extent.
    Recommend your friend to take iron rich meal every day such as spinach, soybeans, kidney beans, egg yolks, cereals, etc
    Also vitamin B12 such as dairy products, and many more.
    At last he must take iron rich tablets too in diet such as Folic acid tablets.
    All of these he must go to the doctor for his regular check ups.
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    Try to eat lots of good fruits like Pomegranate,Red Meat, Peanut Butter, any type of bean.
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    These are prescribed by a doctor, for my friend who had 5.6 haemoglobin level. Have fig fruit, dates and green leafy vegetables daily. Indian goose berry, pomegranate and beetroot are also good for increasing the haemoglobin level. Take food products with iron content.

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    Hemoglobin is the main content in the blood , that helps in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. SO it is so important for the body. If the person is having less heamoglobin then that person is tend to be anemic. That mean the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood will decrease and this will eventually lead increased pH of the blood and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    So you should have iron rich food if you have less heamoglobin count. Iron rich food include shell fish, chicken, turkey, liver, beef, pork etc.

    Fruit like Gauvas is also helpful.

    If you are a veggie then go for green veg, pulses and cereals.

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    Spinach is the best to increase the hemoglobin in the blood. Other green vegetables are best to increase blood. Apple is also the main source of iron and hemoglobin. Everyone must maintain the HB level to live a good healthy life.

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    Hello friends...
    I whould like to say some importants points about haemoglobin.
    Haemoglobin is the coluring matter of RBC(Red blood cells). Formation of hb occurs in bone marrow. Iron is the main metal of hb. Thyroxine hormone, vitamin B12, folic acid, nicotinic acid, vitamin B2 Have their own role in the formation of Hb.
    Normal Hb contain 12-16gm in male and 10-14gm in female.
    As per your information that your friend's Hb is 6 gm he has suffering an anaemia. He has need to go for checkup to the Physician

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    Haemoglobin is found in Red Blood Cells which carry oxygen from lungs to various parts of our body. Haemoglobin slightly below normal levels in male and female is not a serious issue and level of the same can be increased through medications and dietary changes. Normal haemoglobin level in an adult varies from 12 to 18 gm per deciliter.

    Food rich of Iron like Beef, Pork, Chicken, fish in non veg. items and in Veg. items Beans,leafy vegetables, tomatoes etc. helps to increase the count of haemoglobin in the blood. Food with vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C also helps to increase the count for eg. cereal and strawberries. You may also ask your doctor for supplements for the same.

    In your case your haemoglobin count is well below the normal level and I would suggest you to have a thorough check up with your Doctor and do accordingly as prescribed.

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