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    How to start poultry business?

    Want to start your own poultry business? Learn how to begin a poultry business, capital requirements, space, returns on investments and other details.

    One of my friend is interested to start poultry business in Maharashtra. Hence I would like to know some details from ISC members.

    If you have any knowledge about this business then share your information with me. How much capital we need to use in this?
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    Starting up a poultry business is a little expensive business, as the initial capital required is high.
    You need to have farm land to put the poultry chickens and need to buy at-least 100 chickens. Money has to be spend on construction expenditures too. As chickens make the place dirty quickly, cleaning services has to be implemented. Feed for all these chicken has to be purchased as you need to take care of them until they are been purchased. Waste management plant or a place to dump waste has to be set-up.

    You should also ensure that the operations and facilities in your poultry farm complies with that as per the laws and regulations in your city. Also these chickens are to be given proper medical coverage/insurance for your business as you never know when anything will happen to these animals.

    On a whole, poultry is a good business now as more people consume chicken. Try to start up your business near to an area where there is high Muslim or Christian population as they consume meat more when compared to other religions.

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    My uncle is having a poultry farm. So, I have little knowledge about it.

    Following things you should know before starting a poultry farm:
    1) Open Land, it should be little far from city area.
    2) According to the land and your budget, you should decide how many chickens you can afford and can take good care of them.
    3) According to your land and required chicken, your poultry farm should be build (small/big). So estimate your cost.
    4) You should have to know the supplier of chicken food.
    5) What medicines are necessary for chickens.
    6) Almost 95% chicken gives eggs every day, so egg distributor you should contact.

    Advantages of Poultry farm:-

    1.You will get 95% of chicken eggs and egg prices are high.
    2.Chicken shit is good fertilizer, so that you will get good money by selling them.

    Disadvantages of Poultry farm:

    1.Chicken death, due to illness causes low production (1-2%).
    2.If you are buying young chickens who are not giving eggs at that point, then you need to wait for one or half month and till now you have to give them medicines and food.
    3.Chicken food is costly.
    4.Need to keep poultry farm clean regularly, so that chicken should not get ill.
    5.Proper water supply should be checked regularly.
    6.Need to feed chicken at least twice in a day/ when food container gets empty.
    7.Chickens are needed to be changed, when your production becomes poor or not according to your plan.

    For best knowledge, visit a poultry farm and have a look and gather some information from the owner.

    All the Best.

    Mahesh Gaikwad.
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