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    How to increase body size and body weight?

    Want to increase body size and weight? Learn how to increase your body size and weight naturally.

    I am 26 years of old but I am too thin. My weight is about 58 kg and height is about 5 feet and 7 inches. I dont have any disease and normally my health supports me very well. Also there are not physical and mental problems for me due to this. But I am unhappy with my looks and appearance and this reduces my level of confidence when I personally meet someone. I would like to know simple ways to increase weight and size of my body. Please suggest Ayurvedic medicine which has no side effects and which will help me to increase size and weight of my body. Please suggest simple ways, I live single in city and take my food only in mess and hotel, as I am leaving away from my home, for studies. Also I face one problem and that is heat in my body. My bare feet and bare hands always feels warm and sometimes it also create pain during urination. But in summer bare feets and bare hands feels cold due to sweat produced in body. Can you suggest me complete remedy for this?
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    Hello Friend,
    There is nothing wrong with your body size or weight as you are a hostler this a normal case with hostler. As your diet is not very healthy or protein rich and definitely not at proper timings as in hostel life this happens many time you forget or unable to take your breakfast as you were in hurry. After dinner at 9 pm and skipping breakfast you are having lunch at 2 pm this means a gap of 17 hours between your meals this effects your health a lot as digestion never stop even with no food your stomach keeps on secreting HCL. So you don't need to loose confidence over this or to take tension about this. This is really very common in hostel life. But if you still want to gain some weight start taking meals at proper times without skipping any meal. drink lots of water. At evening daily visit to some dairy near you and start drinking milk with bananas everyday. Buy a packet of peanuts, oats and tin of cheese and start eating it regularly every morning. Start eating protein X powder its totally safe I have consulted it from doctor so trust me.
    Hope this advice will help you

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    You haven't mentioned your age, yet I can guess that you are nearly 20 years old. And thinking that you are a male, I can say that your body weight matches the height of your body. 58 Kg is not considered as a thin physique, hence there is no point in worrying. Moreover as you mentioned that you do not have any major health problem, so it is better to stop worrying about your body weight and height and concentrate on your studies. It is not at all advisable to go for unnecessary medication be it Allopathy or Ayurveda. It is always better to follow natural methods of healthy habits for a healthy living.

    However I would advice you to go for some physical exercises like stretching exercises, play volley ball or basket ball which helps in stretching the body parts and thus you can increase the height of your body to some extent in case you are under 21 and if you have crossed the growing age, then it would be difficult for you to increase in your height. In such a case, it is better to stop with 58 Kg body weight and do not go for increasing it unnecessarily which is not at good for the health.

    Finally I would like to suggest you not to brood over unnecessary things instead look at the plus points of yours and try to increase your confidence levels. Do not give way to negative thoughts to crop up in your mind

    Thanks & Regards

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    I too feel that you have apt body weight as per your age. May be you do not look fat, but it may be your bone weight. If you put on too much weight, later on you find it difficult to reduce it. As now you do not have any physical ailments, then why do you have to worry. Being thin is not the factor, you are healthy, that is what is more important.

    Firstly, take out the concept from your mind, that only if you are fat you will have confidence. These days people want to be thin, and you are an exception to it. All fat people will like you and love to be like you, so you do not have to worry. Be smart and have confidence in yourself.

    It is your act and not your look which counts.

    If you seriously want to be fat, try eating non-vegetarian foods, ghee, butter, junk foods and so on. Within days you will gain weight. But too much consumption of these food is not at all healthy. Also do not consume any tonic that advertise to gain weight. These are also not good for your body.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    As per your height your weight should be 66kg. So You need to increase your weight. Under-weight people have problem that when they take proper food, their cells not activated to digest food.

    Can you please tell me your complete food chart so I can help you more according to that.

    Pankil Agrawal

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    u cant get both results height as well as weight. increase ur height first n then u can easily gain weight. do some stretching exercises daily in the morning and also goes for walking to improve the strength of ur legs. Dont join gym bcoz in gym u gain weight more than height. Keep stretching n see improvement in ur body.

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    Hi Friend,

    According to the height mentioned by you, your weight should be around 62 kilograms. So, I think you are not under weighed but just look thin. So to improve your looks, I would suggest you to attend certain gym sessions which not only help you to improve your looks but keep your body fit. If you really want to gain extra weight , there are certain special exercises that work without any side effects. Also, you should follow special diet advised by the instructor during course which helps in speedy results.

    Now, the problem of heat in body may be due to eating spicy food or due to environment. Whatever may be the reason, you need to drink coconut water, butter milk, fruit juices regularly which will help you to overcome this problem. If the problem still persists you should consult a doctor.

    With Regards,
    P Govind Raju

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