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    What can I do after completing my Engineering?

    Confused about your career plans after engineering? Get lucrative career plans after your engineering. Find out how to build up a good career after an engineering degree.

    Dear Friends,
    I am an engineering student who is in the final year. I am doing my engineering in Mechanical domain. I am very much confused about the future. Should I continue my studies after B.E. or I must find a job. I come from a poor family, so it is very important for me to support my family. Please help me out.

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    Dear Ganesh,

    Presently you are in final year of B-Tech so attend the campus interview and grab the opportunity to work with reputed companies. Currently many companies provide good package for GET (graduate engineer trainee).

    In that way you can support your family and also there is a very good growth of your carrier in the reputed company.

    And also you can do M-Tech or ME after completion of B-Tech but to get admission into M-Tech or ME you have clear GATE exam.

    Gate exam notification comes into mid August to September month of every year and generally examination held in month of February.

    During M-Tech government will give stipend near about 8000 rs per month. By this amount you cannot support your family but this is enough for your pocket money. In this way you can go for further degree.

    Best of Luck for your future.


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    Hi Ganesh
    You are in the last year of the B E, which is best year for cashing the your degree.If you want to continue your education then you should fill the GATE form and start preparation for it. Tommorow 30 sep. is last date you can apply online mode easily. After gatting good percentile in GATE exam and in B E, you can apply for M Tech in IITs where less fees is taken and they provide various scholarships which is sufficient for your study.
    But if you not want to continue or unble to do your education then you must go for jobs and prepare for interviews, group discussions etc. and try to find out suitable companies for you and find out links in that companies which are helpful in getting jobs in that company. Mechanical engineers get job easily so don't take much tension about it.
    Third option you can start preparation for government jobs, like civil services, railways, government engineering exams etc. If you pass out any exam you life is fully set. So best of luck for your bright future.

    Rajendra Singh
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    As you mentioned that you came from poor famely so I think you should join some service in reputed company and then you can do further education simultaneously. You can also apply for Armed services which provides very good opportunity.

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    Dear Ganesh,

    Let me congratulate you first for your career in Mechanical Engineering stream. It is a very interesting subject having a very large scope in various engineering applications.

    Before I write what best suits you viz a job or further studies (higher studies), I need to know something more about you like which Engineering college you are currently studying, is it a government college or a private college, what is your overall percentage of marks in all semesters combined how job placement takes place in your college and most importantly how much your family is ready to support you for your higher education.

    As per my opinion starting a job early will help you to settle down in your life though it depends on many factors such as what type of company you are getting into and most importantly the profile your are taking up. As per my opinion, if you are offered a job then select carefully the profile that is of your interest. It may be possible that you are good at engineering analysis and if you are offered a marketing job then later on you will be again double minded as to what to do.Remember, if you take up a job then it should not be for a very short time period. According to me anything less than two years will not add up significantly in your professional career as well as your financial growth.

    Secondly, if your family can support for another two years it will be great that you continue with ME or M.Tech. Specialization in subjects like Petroleum Technology or any other fields which offers good job opportunities will help you to get a well paid job easily.

    Another important point I want to mention that there are many public sector companies such as ONGC, IOC conducts examinations for recruitment of GETs which is a very attractive career to start with. Specially there are a lot of scope for Mechanical Engineers in these companies. As per my knowledge there will be lot of vacancies in these companies in the coming years. So keep your eyes open for all such advertisements in leading News papers and take note of the key dates.

    So in both the cases, whether you apply for a job or prepare for your higher studies it is important that you study really hard at this point in time and prepare yourself very well. It may be very early to conclude on your career options. It is just the beginning and keep your options open.

    Best of Luck.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    After completion your Engineering in Mechanical Stream, you can avail this golden opportunity of campus placements.

    1. Prepare very well and attend all the Campus Placement Interviews confidently. Try to grab a good placement. You can start working and earning money soon after the completion of your course.

    2. You can also try to apply job application to Top recruitment agencies of India. They usually take 1 moth's salary as their commission once the candidate gets selected.

    3. You can appear PSU Exams for Jobs in the Public sector companies or any other Large Scale private company which conducts its own qualifying exam like BHEL, NTPC, ONGC, IOC, TATA MOTORS,ISRO, TATA STEEL etc

    4. You can enroll for Autocad courses which are supported by many industries and suits Mechanical Engineering students.

    5. If you wish to continue your higher studies after few years of working, you can appear GATE [Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering] and aim for a good score. Good subject knowledge is a must. With a good score in GATE, you can join for M. Tech. in Top IT Institutions.

    6. You can even consider doing MBA. Combination of B.Tech. and MBA can help any candidate in the job market and prosper in their career.All the Best.

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    Dear ganesh,

    If you are in final year of mechanical engineering then you should start applying to various companies by looking the advt. in various news papers and on websites along with your study.

    Second thing is if you you want to pursue master degree then you must decide the field of your interest whether you will prefer to go in management side or technical side. According to that you should start preparing for the entrance exam of MBA or M.Tech. For admission it necessary to clear GATE because of tough competition. while doing M.Tech you can get stipend of Rs. 8000/- per month.

    If your economical condition is so poor and you feel that you will not afford any higher education just after completion of your B.E. then first of all you should start a job in any company wherever you get opportunities which can satisfy your money requirement .Many companies also offer to pursue higher education for their employees so accordingly you can also look in that direction or either you can go for distance learning program in management side.

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    There are plenty of options after your B.E degree if you want to study more then if you are interested in research you should do M.S after M.S there are plenty of good jobs available. If you are not interested in engineering then you should do MBA but first you have to qualify for it Through IIM or there are many other good colleges like narsee munji, XLR etc. You can also appear for GATE for doing from IIT. You can also be an pilot just practice your speaking skills and physical strength and then go for SSB. And if your looking for simple job just qualify the exams of Bank P.O if you were able to qualify that then you will become an bank officer and provided with many facilities with handsome salary.

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    It would be good, as mentioned by you that your family financial situation is not good, you can join a private sector company and earn money. After some time you can go ahead with higher level studies like MBA/MCA, through distance learning education.

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    I think you should first concentrate for the campus drives in your collage. As you and and your family needs financial support,I think you should go for the job first. If you are interested for further education, then it is also not impossible, keeping your financial problem in mind.
    Various IIT's and NIT's gives stipend and I think this will be very beneficial for you. You can go for your studies along with your stipend. You could also look for some part time jobs, which will provide you double benefit of of education as well as income.

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    As you mentioned you are from poor family and need to support your family as well it would be better to look out for job. Since you are from mechanical stream which is regarded as evergreen field in engineering the chance of getting job after your course is more. Mechanical graduates are needed by almost every sectors. Even govt PSUs like BHEL, NTPC etc recruits every year. If you are interested for PG studies then you can look for GATE exams conducted by IITs for their M.Tech programs. You can also also write CAT exams and get admitted into top B schools. Don't get confused about your future rather look to excel in academics and try to make a brighter future.

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