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    How to get rid of piles?


    What is proper medicine for piles?

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    Piles is not cured by medicines. Minor degree of piles are usually relieved by using laxatives and some local anaesthetic and astringent ointments. In case of severe degree of piles and those not relieved with local treatment need to be operated. The operation is simple and total cure is possible.
    Dr. Sparsha

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    Now a days there are even medical treatment for piles, many medicines are available if it is of first degree or early second degree. In medicine fails still there are some non operative treatment like sclerotherapy, baron banding, cryosurgery or photocoagulation. You can see the details at Treatment of piles

    Before that get it confirmed whether the problem is piles or something else. To know about features of piles you may see Features of piles

    Dr. Sanjeev

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    First thing is we have to take precaution against pile.we have to drink more water everyday.There are number of treatements to cure pile problem. To drinking a much amount of water everyday is best way to cure on pile.

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    1. Drink lot and lot of water, if possible after you get up in the morning have atleast a litre.
    2. "Madifala" an ayurvedic product that will take out the impure blood and cool your body.
    3. Eat lot of fruits
    4. "Trifala" to give proper digestive system.

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    Some tips or remidies that can easily be followed are
    a) Don't sit for a long time. Get out of your seat once every hour. Move atleast for 20 steps before sitting again.
    b) Drink lot of water. It should be atleast 3-4litres of water per day. Out of which 0.5 to 1 litre should be had early in the morning after you get up from teh bed.
    c) Include fresh and raw vegetables in your diet and also good fibre food.
    d) Have "Tripahala churnam" at night with a cup of water before going to bed. It will be available in any ayurvedic shop. Baidyanath is a standard company for this.

    To say, fibre rich diet with proper intake of water is the proper medicin for piles.

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    If you don't have piles now, avoid chicken and alcohol to keep away from piles. Make Curd a regular dish.

    There are many simple remedies if you are at present suffering from piles.

    If interested, please respond

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    piles are caused mostly due to prolonged constipation
    and if it is not treated and when patient attempts to
    defaecate the anus protrudes out and ruptured and due to tightness in the annular ring blood supply sleazes
    and as a result anal-piles occurs
    prevention of constipation is important and it is attained
    by providing popper diet which include:
    1] high fiber diet
    2] low oil content
    3] avoid rich proteins and non-veg like chicken
    4] use of enema
    5] heavy intake of water

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    Follow this precautions to get rid of Piles

    1) Take Hi-Fiber/Pulses Diet
    2) Regular bowels habbit
    3) Drink plenty of water
    4) Have more salads in daily diet
    5) Prevent Constipated bowels
    6) Use Laxatives
    7) Prevent Spicy and Jing Food and try to avoid eating out
    8) Prevent pain with local anasthic ointment


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    Take lot of fibre content food.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Drink tender coconut.

    Piles treatment using Mango Seeds
    Mango seeds are an effective remedy for bleeding piles. The seeds should be collected during the mango season, dried in the shade, powdered, and kept stored for use as medicine. This powder should be given in doses of about one and a half to two grams with or without honey, twice daily

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    Piles are also known as hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids or emeralds. They are varsities or swelling and inflammation of the veins that are found in the rectum and anus.
    In a lot of cases milder cases of piles clear up on their own without any treatment.

    There are various treatments for piles which differ in terms of cost, risk, and effectiveness.
    Treatment for the same includes avoiding constipation and reducing regional pressure; herbs and dietary supplements; applying certain natural astringents and soothing agents; consuming fiber-rich bulking agents; and using the squatting position in the toilet.

    There are even various ointments, creams and suppositories available in the market which can prove effective. Warm sit baths, ice packs, use of bidet, soothing creams or a topical analgesic can provide temporary relief. Hospitals even provide some non- surgical treatment options like banding..and light coagulation.

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    They are varsities or swelling and inflammation of the veins that are found in the rectum and anus.
    In a lot of cases milder cases of piles clear up on their own without any treatment
    a)Get out of your seat once every hour. Move atleast for 20 steps before sitting again.
    b) Drink lot of water. It should be atleast 3-4litres of water per day. Out of which 0.5 to 1 litre should be had early in the morning after you get up from teh bed.
    c) Include fresh and raw vegetables in your diet and also good fibre food.
    d) Have "Tripahala churnam" at night with a cup of water before going to bed. It will be available in any ayurvedic shop. Baidyanath is a standard company for this.

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    the best medicine for piles is:
    1) Eat banana with camphor in it, daily in the morning.( it must be swallowed and not chewed)
    2) and also have aloe vera juice.

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    simply u use to eat papaya it will give rid from piles

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    I was suffering from piles very badly and now I for last one year I am free from it. Few tips which I used:

    -control diet, eat-less spicy, lots of fibrous food, curd or buttermilk, salads
    -drink as much water as you can
    -Avoid long hours of sitting
    -Take proper sleep
    plus there are lots of medicines available which will give you releif such as pilex, pilon.

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    You should first change your diet. Include various types of fruits and vegetables which give more fiber. Do not seat for long durations. Avoid anything that causes constipation.
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    Mechanical Engineer.
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    Drink enough water everyday. Once the constipating stops, after a few days, Piles automatically goes off. There are few steps which easily can be followed at home with no side effects.

    1. Drink plenty of water. This helps in cleaning and smoothing digestive system.

    2. Take enough fibre content in food. Include green leafy vegetables and guava fruit mostly.

    3. Before sleeping, at night drink a glass of buttermilk mixed with hing ( a pinch or more). This loosens the stools in the morning and helps in reducing inflammation.

    4. Apply coconut oil to the effected area everytime.

    5. Sit in luke warm water for ten mins before releasing stools. This relaxes the nerves .

    Follow these steps regularly for a good change in piles.

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    You may make slight changes in daily routine ,food and take medicines. The following can be very effective in piles

    1. At the very first discontinue or very much reduce spices and chillies in your food. Avoid garam masala and dishes with spices, chllies, pepper and fried items. This may be strictly followed for first few days at least to have immediate effect of reduction in burning , pain and constipation. Use butter milk more.

    2. Start taking lunch with a handful of cooked rice added with ghee(homemade ghee preferable). You may even swallow a teaspoon of pure ghee at star and the take food.

    3. In acute cases, fry small onions(finely cut a tablespoon ful) in two table spoon ghee and mix the same with rice and take at start of taking food. You may take it whenever convenient(breakfast, lunch or dinner)

    4.At night in a glass take two or three spoonfuls of finely chopped small onion(shallot), add two spoonful of candy suagar)kadi shakkar). Keep it overnight. Drink the oozed liquid early next morning and eat the onions. You may also use same onions for frying in ghee.

    5.From a popular Ayurvedic medicine shop buy 'Abhayarisht" and ' Sooranaadi Lehyam". Take one ounce of Abhayarisht and one spoon of Sooranaadi lehayam after breakfast and after dinner till fully relieved of problems. In place of Sooranaadi Lehyam "Kankayana lehyam ' also may be used.

    6. If you are a person prone to sit at a place for long time either in office or travel, keep small breaks and take walk or stand to reduce pressure on your posture.

    For mild cases points 1 5 and 6 are sufficient.

    (Note: What is suggested here is for a normal person who does not suffer from any other health issues. Those who have other health issues must consult doctor who is treating them. The Arisht and Leh contain sugar or jiggery and hence those with diabetes should take only after consulting their doctor.)

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    Pile is the result of chronic constipation and is often marked as excessive bleeding while passing stool. The pain may persist even after the motion is over. There are a few home remedies which if followed religiously can give you permanent relief. The tips are as follows-
    1) Dry Figs - The seeds of the Figs help in the peristaltic movement of the bowel creating a favourable condition for the release of faces. Hence regular consumption of dry Figs would help in the alleviation of the problem.
    2) Jamun Fruits - You may consume 20 ml of Jamun - juice twice to ease your bleeding condition. This juice should be taken three times daily till your problem is addressed. This fruits contains abundant amount of Vitamin - c apart from other valuable nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and fibre to ease out the chronic problem.
    3) Radish or Mooli- White Radish contains high amount of fibre and by regular consuming a few pieces of Radish in empty stomach in the morning and evening, this condition can be tackled successfully on its regular usage for a month.
    4) Bitter gourd - Bitter - gourd has antibacterial effect apart from cleansing the stomach thereby improving the digestion. Hence 20 ml of Bitter - juice followed by addition of Butter - milk if taken twice for a few days can give you relief considerably.
    5) Ginger - Ginger contains Carminative property and hence on combination with Lime and Mint, this concoction can offer substantial relief since the mixture is antibacterial and astringent in nature.
    6) Onion - Onion is a great reliever in combating the the pain and is a great reliever to heal the pile. Cut an Onion into several pieces and the same is to be boiled in 100 ml of water till the volume recedes to half. Now by filtering this mixture, add one table - spoon of honey in the filtered liquid and such concoction should be consumed twice daily.
    Care has to be taken to avoid the spicy and excess oily food. Enough water should be consumed regularly in order to avoid the constipation.

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    I have made this suggestion in a similar thread in the forum section but for the benefit of all I am producing the same here -
    This is based on the science of exercises. When we exercise, the different parts of body get good blood circulation and movement and in this process they are rejuvenated. In Yoga and Pranayam also this benefit is derived. The advantage of Inhaling and exhaling of long breaths is already known to us.
    Now for piles one can try an exercise in which one has to voluntarily shrink in the anus area to inside with muscular activity only ( not with hands or any external device) and after 4-5 seconds release it to its normal condition. Initially it may look difficult but with a few attempts one can perform it easily. This is to be done 4-5 times initially and afterward 10-15 times daily preferably in morning time when usually many people are exercising. Avoid this in full stomach or before going to toilets.
    In my personal case it helped a lot though I had a mild piles.
    I have gained this knowledge from some people who have used the technique. I do not know whether it is documented somewhere or not.
    If in doubt one can also ascertain it from other sources before practicing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All natural remedy to control piles:

    Take a small cup of finely chopped radish. Mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of curd. add salt as per your taste. Eat this daily before going to bed. Remember to chew the radish nicely before swallowing it. Do it daily. Within a few days you will see the difference. My friend's mother had this problem and she was following it.

    Note: Try to avoid food that is heat in nature. Heat causing food will worsens the piles.

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    Piles are common infection of men and women. It will 30 to 40 age group peoples are affected. A pile is the medical name of hemorrhoids. This infection was affect by venis and also affect inside anus and outside anus. In men's are inflamed by body heat to way-out of large intestine to anus it will rashes the heat to develop the piles in anus. In women during pregnancy time they have many problems are pressure effect of baby lying above the rectum and anus will be piles are affected. Piles are affected internal and external anus. External piles are painless but internal piles are very pain it will blood come to out in motion. It will cure some difficult of internal piles. It will be Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment and Home remedies.


    1. It will stand or sitting a very long periods of working office and home.
    2. You can lift the heavy weight in home to breathing improperly while pushing against weight.
    3. In pregnancy time, the pelvic area to be increased the blood flow in results.
    4. Due to pregnancy time, a baby is natural birth for pushing and pressure will be high with flow blood.
    5. Strain the long term diarrhea of motion will be caused.
    6. Cough, sneeze and nausea will be the inherited factors to be caused.
    7. Alcohol drinks to be caused by piles.
    8. Long journey will going to sit long time, uncooked foods eating, non vegetarian food heavy eat.
    9. In antibiotics medicine heavily take it will caused internal piles.


    The symptoms of piles will be pain in the rectal area and accompanied by irritation. If you go toilet in motion way out and using tissue papers of bleeding blood in internal piles. Discomfort around the anus will be caused by piles. Itching that place to hand not touch the place it will irritation of the hemorrhoids.

    External Piles Treatment

    1. In external hemorrhoids is the place of venis near the anus and it will slight swelling the extra skin you can feel around the anus.
    2. It will inflame and itching the skin to keep the area clean with make it.
    3. Aloe vera gel applied the piles it will cure day by day.
    4. Turmeric powder will be apply
    5. Coconut oil also apply

    Internal Piles Treatment

    1. Kadukkai powder will be curing the internal piles. Take a half tablespoon of powder will mix with butter milk, drink after foods.
    2. Triphala churnam is also cure the piles. Take a tablespoon of powder well mixed in hot water to drink after foods.
    3. Arshoghnivati medicine mix with water or butter milk drink the before and after foods.
    4. This treatment are taken you will cure from piles and also not cure you will check the doctors are advice as follows.

    Home remedies

    1. You can change the life style of the treatment all stages of piles diseases
    2. Avoid alcohol and smoking
    3. Don't sit for a long time and take some rest of break regularly.
    4. Keep good clothes are wearing.
    5. Guava leaf grind apply the piles top place
    6. Drink pomegranate juice daily.
    7. Drink villa leaf powder mix with hot water before food

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