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    Is it possible to prepare for IES without coaching ?

    Want to sit for the IES exam? Learn how to prepare for IES exam yourself, without any coaching and private tuition. Find out whether it is possible to crack IES exam on your own.

    Actually, I am working in a private sector but not much satisfied with my Job. now, I want to prepare for IES but cant leave my job. Is it possible to prepare for IES without coaching?
    As i discussed with my friends or seniors, they all said that it is very tough without coaching. Acc to them, there is only 1-2% chance.
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    @Vishal, according to me if you believe in yourself then yes it is possible to make preparation for IES without any coaching class. Why are you bothered so much about others opinion? I would like to say that if you want to take it on own and if you have confidence in you then go ahead. Here are some tips from my side:
    1. Buy some standard books for IES.
    2. Understand the exam pattern and question paper pattern.
    3. Don't give attention to comments made by others.
    4. Give some definite time daily for your IES study.
    5. Get previous years question papers and try to understand the what can they ask in exam? Practice solving more IES, previous years question papers.
    If you can't leave the job then this is only way you have. But attempt this way with full confidence and winning attitude.

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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    Your thought of self study for the preparation of IES is good. Only a decade or so, these coaching centres have come as mushrooms and make human brains to stop thinking. Before years, as no coaching centres available, people used to prepare on their own. It needs the following

    1. One must be a thorough reader of the subject
    2. One should plan according to the syllabus and pattern of the examination
    3. Consistent practice on all the areas by preparing even the questions on your own
    4. Go to good libraries during holidays and read calmly, because on-line reading leads to different path and time will be wasted in searching, whereas in libraries, librarian and other staff will definitely assist in various books and question papers.

    Try to do it in this way and all the best.


    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Yes, it is possible to prepare for IES without going for coaching provided that you have to put a lot of hardwork. It is one of the toughest competitive exams for engineering. You need to concentrate on the following points if you are not opting for coaching.

    * You need to practice more online exams like it is conducted in coaching classes.

    * You need to be clear on the concepts which you are studying, because you might not get help to clear your doubts

    * You should regularly practice or revise the concepts so that you will not forget until exams.


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    Dear Vishal,

    Yes of course it is possible to prepare for the IES without any coaching. All you need to know is about the pattern of the question paper and the sections involved in it. Once you are confirmed with the pattern of the paper just give a mock test or solve a previous year question paper in the proper time limit just as provided in the examinations. It will diagnosis you that where you are standing right now. Check the solution of the question paper and then observe your level and see where you stand now.

    Steps given above are must. Now you are ready to prepare for the exam select chapters according to your stream like if you belong to mechanical. Pick one subject and prepare it according to the syllabus provided please avoid to study the scrap. Now after a month preparation again go through the test and measure your level.

    If you are preparing in your own you always have to check yourself that where you stands. This is must for the self preparation students. And finally before few months of exam join a good test series online or offline.

    good luck

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    Yes it is possible to pass any examinations with utmost sincerity and dedication without any kind of coaching. However, according to me, any form of coaching from a good institute will make your chances brighter. In your case, as I assume you might be spending most of the time in your job. It is not easy to maintain a regular schedule of preparation for a very competitive examination like IES. Also merely following a regular schedule on a selected books may not be sufficient. Remember,it is just like civil services examination where students, academics and people serving in private and government sectors compete with each other for a limited number of seats. Thus it requires not only regular studies, but also up to date knowledge about the latest trends. By joining a coaching a reputed coaching institute you will not only get a ready made course material but also get good guidance. Various mock tests organised by the couching institutes will also help you to prepare well ahead of the actual examination date.

    Finally it is up to you how you want to prepare for this one of the toughest examination. You can initially start appearing in other related examinations organized by public sector organizations. Clearing these examinations will boost your confidence for IES.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    If you are working in a firm it is better to go coaching in sunday only. Other days study yourself from home.

    Do the following to get a good score in IES.

    1.Prepare old question paperer of IES exam.
    2.Go through the paper you studied in degree.
    3.Dowload different study material from internet.


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    Your have taken a good decision, Friend it is possible to prepare for IES at home but as your friend it is very tough to do without coaching. Still if you believe in yourself you can do it, get yourself some good and trusted books for that concern anyone who has already qualified that exam or any widely trusted book then start reading that books according syllabus. The syllabus of IES is not so hard just concern any book of your field(because there are different papers for different branches like civil, mechanical, electrical etc) for English you must have a good grammar book and for analytical reasoning verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S aggarwal is the best book you just go through them after that manage some previous year question papers and current year sample papers you can download them from this website itself there are plenty of IES previous year question paper available in question papers section. Then try to solve them within the time limit this will help you understand the examination pattern and increase your paper writing speed.
    On the other hand honestly saying coaching can help you qualify the exams with less effort because they are professional they know the exams very well they teach you many tricks that you will not find in any book that will help you in exam all the study material of latest pattern is provided by them all you have to do is follow the instruction but the drawback with coaching classes is you become dependent, if you miss one class then you will be sitting blank in the other lecture and then it will become a habit of yours, therefore coaching are only useful if trust yourself that will sincerely study everyday without an excuse.
    Hope my suggestion will help you. Good luck for your exams.

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    Preparation according to your plan and self confidence is the key to excel in any of the exam even if it is IAS, GATE, CAT etc., You should know that people from older times also used to appear in IES exams when the coaching resources are limited in our country and still students dare to cross the lines. Make a plan and try to stick in to it. I never believed in coaching to be the only option to get rank or passing in examination. Rather self study is the best option which allows you to study as per your comfort and allow you to save some time and money also

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