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    Foodstuff that can pre-pone monthly Menstrual periods for women

    Want to know how to pre-pone menstrual cycle naturally? Find out how you can advance your periods with natural food diets without any medication.

    One of my friends in Netherlands is facing a dilemma with regards to her monthly menstrual cycle. She is getting married on 17th December12 and her current menstrual periods occur around 15th-18th of every month. She wants to make sure that she undergoes her menstrual periods atleast 10 days before her wedding. I understand that by regularly eating some foodstuff like Papaya, a woman can prepone her menstrual cycle. Please suggest some other alternative foodstuff.
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    In order to pre-pone menstrual cycle she can take some foodstuffs which can solve her problem. Otherwise the tension of menstrual period spoils all the fun of marriage. I have mentioned some names of such foodstuffs that she can take regularly. She must intake such food that can generate heat in body thereby causes the cycle to start early.

    (1)You have already mentioned about taking papaya. Yes, consuming large amounts of raw papayas can help her to pre pone menstrual cycle. Papayas produce lot of heat in our body.

    (2)She can intake a glass of carom seeds (also known as or bishop's weed) or fenugreek seeds which can also help in preponing the menstrual cycle.

    (3)Mix half a teaspoon of sesame seeds with hot water and consume it twice daily.

    (4)She may take one table spoon of ginger juice mixed with 2-3 table spoon of jaggery. It acts excellently.

    (5)She can eat buttermilk, curd and rice or bananas. It helps to bring on early menstruation cycles.

    (6)Consuming a good amount of pineapples proves very effective.

    (7) She can eat regularly carotene containing foods like peaches, carrots and spinach etc. It may help preponing your menstrual cycle.

    (8)Mix half spoon turmeric powder with hot water and make the habit of consume the fluid two times on a day. She has to start to drink this daily 15 days before the expected date of periods.

    I suggest not take any pill to pre-pone menstrual cycle as it may have some harmful side effects that hamper the functioning of reproductive cycle. She can take food stuffs which are mentioned above and hope it may be helpful in preponing menstrual cycle.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    There are certain foodstuffs which are quite effective to bring the menstrual cycle earlier. Here is the list of such foodstuffs:
    • As mentioned in your question, papaya is good for women

    • She can even take a handful of sesame seeds directly along with little jaggery (gur) or she can even take the til ka laddu / chikki available in the market

    • Besides these, even taking just a small lemon-size gur a day will serve the purpose

    • Or just peanut laddu (moongphali laddu) is considered effective for getting periods early

    • And the most effective out of all these is taking asafoetida (hing) that too not the powdered one but the solid one which gives out a strong smell. She can use this hing a little more in the curries, or rasam and consume it. This has been proved to be very effective in getting early periods. If she can, hing can be taken directly but it is not that easy thing. Such a method was used in olden days for aborting unwanted fetus, I mean for abortion.

    But be careful such methods will make the body overheat and she might find it difficult to tolerate the body heat. So once she gets her periods, let her immediately consume food stuffs like lassi or butter milk that will cool down the body.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Some foods generate heat in the body and these types help bring early menstruation.
    Raw Papaya, sesame seeds, dates help with that.
    Also, while showering I used to let the hot shower around the waist directly. It makes the temperature around the ovaries go up generating heat.

    As said by Tulika, cross check on banana/curd before you consume it. As far I have heard, they are like cold stuffs which you might want to avoid as you are trying to raise the heat in your body.


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    a) Papaya: Eat papaya for at least 7 days regularly, if you want to induce your period earlier than its due date. Papaya produces lot of heat in the body.
    b) Eat one teaspoon of sesame seeds and jaggery daily.
    c) Eat two or three chapatti during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    d) Drink one glass of pomegranate and sugarcane juice at least three times in a day
    e) Mix jaggery powder with half teaspoon of turmeric powder and consume this mixture regularly. Jaggery and turmeric both produces heat in the body, your periods may prepone few days prior your expected date.
    f) Sitting in a hot bath tub and massage the stomach for half hour regularly for few days.
    g) To eat spicy foods

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    To bring pre poned mensuration, simple ways can be followed:

    1. Fried gram in lot should be consumed daily. It can be directly consumed or mixed with jaggery will be more beneficial. In stores, even fried gram cakes are readily available.

    2. Black Til can be consumed either directly or as a powder mixed with jaggery. Even til ka cake is readily available in markets.

    Papaya and Pine apple though they are heat producing and it is hard to believe fruits can do harm. Actually these are all wrong belief in our custom. These may be one of the causes in abortion not pre poned mensuration.


    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    What I have heard is that consuming Tender coconut or Raagi soup will help for pre-pone monthly Menstrual. You can try it and do not take pills for it, they may affect health.

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