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    Bsc-Nursing . As a proffesion and its scope

    Want to know about the scopes and opportunities of B Sc Nursing as a profession in India? Learn more about BSc nursing courses, entrance exams, fees, salary prospects and other details.

    Is Bsc-Nursing a reputed profession in India.

    What are the main duties that has to be performed by a nurse ?

    Is there any specialization after nurse course?

    How is nursing job abroad?

    What are the ways in which one can move abroad after doing nursing?

    Do these ways differ in different countries?

    Is there a entrance course for joining Bsc nursing?
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    It depends on the thinking of person that differs, I think it is as a reputed job. There are two types of nurse in a hospital one is technical and the other is non technical, duties of non technical nurse are:
    1. Maintain the record of patient when he arrived and when discharged.
    2. Providing full assistance to the patient and giving him all necessary instructions.
    3. Proper observations of patients in every two hours and note down any change and inform that to doctor.
    4. Providing all the necessary things to the patients like bed pans, pots etc.
    5. Take care of diets of patients and giving medicine in time.
    6. Preparation of clean, hygienic and healthy diet for each patient according to his prescription.

    Duties of technical nurse:
    1. Maintaining the database of medicines and injections.
    2. Providing assistance to doctor in dressing of wounds. O2 therapy etc.
    3. Maintaining the devices like pulse graph generator.
    4. Maintaining the reports.
    5. Preparation of various test and helping them, preparing injections etc.

    After Bsc. Nursing you can do Msc Nursing and if you want to achieve more and ready to work hard then apply for MBBS, MS or MD.
    For working abroad you have to apply for abroad nursing internship in your college placement cell from there you can apply for jobs in foreign countries.
    Yes there are many entrance examination of nursing it not specific but if want to complete your Nursing degree from any good college then you have to qualify its entrance like Nursing entrance of JIPMER, Nursing entrance of WBUHS(THE WEST BENGAL UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES) etc.

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    After finishing Nursing you have these scope to work

    Clinics and Heath Departments

    Defence Services


    Industrial Houses and Factories

    Nursing Science Schools

    Railways and Public Sector Medical Departments

    Training Institutes

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    There are mainly three types of courses if you are looking for nursing as a profession.

    It is 1) BSc Nursing (4year degree Course)

    2) GNM - General Nursing and Midwifery (3year diploma)

    3) ANM - Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery

    About of the scope of this profession, it is of high as the number of hospitals coning up is also more. And the boom in the Medical Tourism also add to the scope. But the salary package is comparatively low with other profession it is expected to rise in the coming years. The other important factor is that the person has to be updated always as new things come up so fast in this profession.

    The main duties of a nurse include:

    Helping the patient in his activities.

    Assisting the doctor in rounds.

    Providing medication to the patient.

    Helping the doctors in the procedure.

    Assisting the doctor in times of operation.

    Providing assurance to the patients and also to the patients family.

    The duties done by the nurses also depend on their experience and also their to the area of their expertise.

    There are many option after doing Bsc nursing , the person can go for MSc in different field like Obstetrics , Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Medical Surgical and also Midwifery.

    There are also add-on courses on various field like Anesthesia , Perfusion technology, Dialysis and Respiratory therapy.

    There are many opportunities for nurses abroad. Nurses are well paid. And it is the only profession which is recession free.

    But for applying you should follow necessary criteria, for Gulf countries the minimum required varies from 3 - 5 years. And it is necessary to pass exams like HAAD, Prometry and MOH.

    For European countries its important to pass IELTS OR TOEFL which ever the organisation demands.

    There are adaptation course for nurses. The other gateway for foreign entry is through doing higher studies . Even though it is expensive it could help you to achieve a Permanent Residence there.

    There are many colleges in Bangalore where entrance is not necessary. But if you are looking for Government fees, then you should definetly required to attend the common entrance exam conducted by the appropriate Government.

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    Nursing is a very reputed and respected profession. I always consider a nurse as a half doctor. B.Sc. Nursing is a 4 year duration course. In the first 3 years you will mostly dealing with study part of the field but in final year you will be assisting doctors and performing individual duties.
    It is a tough profession and requires all your dedication. In defence hospitals, Nurses are also given Ranks of Leutinent, commander etc and a badge which you will feel so proud to wear on your uniform.

    If you wish to go abroad, then no worries just pay attention to your training part first and in final year, start applying for reputed hospitals and clinics abroad. In gulf countries there are more than 50% nurses from india. You can also join Red cross team in foreign countries if you wish to serve abroad. scopes are endless.

    After nursing, you may work in a big hospital as a staff nurse or in a small clinic. You may also opt for individual care of patient at home. Some big Hotels and clubs keep Nursing staff for emergencies, you may also apply for this.

    After B.Sc. Nursing, you may go for specialisation in any field of your interest like Neo-natal care, Cardio therapist, Osteo etc.


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    Generally B.Sc Nursing would be better after doing GNM. In GNM, the training of the entire duties of a nurse is given as this is directly attached with a hospital. If B.Sc Nursing is done, after became a Nurse would be better in the sense, giving post training for a nurse to do better activities. Also there are special training in B.Sc Nursing. That is, nurse to do hospital administration, counselling, maintenance of computer records of patients. While these are on the adminstration side, professional training in advance is given in specific areas. I just wanted to introduce one special training here. If a nurse is attached to a child health hospital, special training now available is, how the pre-matured baby would be taken care of without the actual incubator but with the mother's heat by keeping child at the mothers stomach. These training were once available in US only, but now it is available now and seems to be a good incubation system for poor who cannot afford to the incubator.


    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Is Bsc-Nursing a reputed profession in India.
    In India, nurses are not paid well when compared to other countries. They have better scope outside India, but we have lot of good nursing colleges in our country. Also the people in India do not consider it to be a very reputed profession.

    What are the main duties that has to be performed by a nurse?
    The main and the most important duty of a nurse is to assist the doctor to serve the patient. She/he has to monitor the patient and have to take various reports. She/he will also have to clean the patient when ever necessary, therefore only a person with broad mind can take up this profession. She/he has to do the basic admin work if necessary, mainly in clinics.

    Is there any specialization after nurse course?
    No, there is no specialization. What they have is basically about which department or section she/he will be serving. Other than that there is no further specialization like doctors. Nurses can work under any doctor.

    How is nursing job abroad?
    If you get a nursing job in American countries, then you had your fortune. Also getting a job in any of the government hospitals in GCC countries will also fetch you a good amount as salary with ample amount of leave. They normally has to work only 15 days in a month.

    What are the ways in which one can move abroad after doing nursing?
    In almost all countries, you need to pass their exam to get a job their. In GCC countries it is MOH and you can write it from India itself. There are coaching given for these test as well.

    Do these ways differ in different countries?
    The basic things will be same everywhere but there will be some changes as different law applies in different countries. There are many agencies in India and by getting touch with them they will let you know the opportunities in different countries. They will also tell you how to apply and what to do. It is not a tedious task.

    Is there a entrance course for joining Bsc nursing?
    Yes, there is like you apply for medicals. Some colleges do not need the back-up of entrance exams.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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