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    Suggestions to increase height of my 15 year old boy.

    Want to increase your height? Learn how to increase body height naturally, what are the safe medicines to take for increasing height, asanas and yogas for increasing body height and so on.

    Will you please suggest some way to increase my sons height. At present, he is 5.2" but he is eager to gain more height. His diet is good along with nutritious drink. He is also doing some asanas related to activation of gland.

    Do you suggest the Ayurvedic pills available in the market? Is is safe?

    With regards,
    Sunitha Srivastava
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    This problem is increasing in today's generation for which loss of ecosystem is major cause. Air pollution, food pollution, In every food there is chemical constituent. The nutrition and protein required for all round growth of the child. You did not mention his age. The height of the person can increase up to the age of 20-21 years. Still he can increase for which he can take help of physical exercise. Medicine is must for the treatment. Medicine provide required nutrition and protein for growth of bones.

    I suggest you go for Ayurveda Treatment. Ayurvedic medicine don't have side effects.

    And do not go for any medicine concern expert i.e. doctor for the treatment.

    Well done is better than well said

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    Some times back, I answered to the same query made by a member at this section. Genetic factors play an important role while having certain height, science says it's possible to grow taller naturally. As your son is just 15, height should not be a big issue with him. I would like to offer some suggestions for him:

    1. Exercise: Regular exercises like sit-ups and press-ups release helpful height growth hormones. Even he can go for basketball, swimming or skipping. Encourage him to go for any outdoor game he likes.
    2. Healthy Diet: A nutritious diet- rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids, calories etc. are helpful. So tell him to avoid junk food and instead include milk, fruits, fish and vegetables in his diet.
    3. Sound sleep: Habit of a good and enough sleep helps in adding a few inches to height as hormones, responsible for growth are abundantly supplied during our sleep. So, make him go to bed early.
    4. Strengthen immune system: Always be very careful to get him a routine immunization check-up as he is in growing stage/developing years. It's advisable to boost his immunity by taking natural Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 along with other important nutrients. You can consult your family doctor for him.
    5. Avoid taking drugs/undergoing surgeries: It's always safe and best to try naturally as our health/body is so precious. Having pills to grow taller or undergoing risky surgeries should not be encouraged.

    Ayurvedic treatment is an ancient/traditional medical practice that has been helping millions of people having healthier lives. But, like any other medical system, these therapies/pills have contraindications and every potential for adverse/side effects. So, while consuming it, think twice and consult only qualified practitioners. Don't forget to check practitioners' credentials/training/experience. In any case, user has to be responsible towards own health. Therefore, trying to grow taller naturally is recommended.

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    For a 15 year old child who is still in his growing age, there is no need to worry at all and also it is not advisable to give medicines even Ayurvedic instead let him grow in a natural way. As he is still in his growing age you can suggest him to do the following besides having a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet:
    • Let him involve himself in all kinds of stretching exercises and games as well which help in the stretching of his muscles and thereby help in the increase of height.

    • Ask him to do cycling on a regular basis which is quite effective. If not for the bicycle he can even do it on Exercycle.

    • Let him do pull-ups regularly as these too are very effective ways of stretching the muscles. And for this he can even just hang down by holding the shades of windows or doors and try to pull himself up and down. Make sure that the shades are not outside a big flat.

    • Involve him in the games like volley ball, basket ball as these two are proven to be the best for increasing the height of the teens. Or even kabbadi and kho-kho will serve the purpose.

    • To the maximum possible extent, let your son use the stairs / steps only for climbing and not to use the elevators / escalators. Climbing steps is a good stretching exercise and is effective in increasing the height.

    • Or else he can even simply keep jumping with a particular count like 50 or 100 or he can even do fast skipping at home, if he is not ashamed of doing so leaving the thought that skipping is meant only for girls, aside.

    However, in case of family history of short stature, it would be a bit difficult to increase the height. In any case it is not good to go for medication for such things at such a young age. You can also go through my response in this question for more information on the same issue.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Your son's height is normal for his age. There is no need of hurry in increasing weight. A normal human continue to grow in the life till the age of 21 but some of them vary. But it should be around twenty. The growth ceases when the epiphysis get fused. There is no need of artificial medicines for growth. Since the teenage that is the pubertal period is the active phase of growth one should increase the nutrition in amount excess than before. Growth in general maintained by the human growth hormone secreted in the pituitary gland which is an endocrine gland in the brain in particular during deep sleep. So one should have good sleep to increase its secretion. Proteins and calcium are the essential nutrients for the body growth. Take them in necessary amount to equalizes the growth. Avoid sugar because it reduces the growth hormones. In addition to that exercises and stretching help very much in growing. Fish rich in proteins also helpful for the growth. Keep the balance diet.

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    As you have mentioned that he is only 15 years old so it is not a big problem at all as there are ample time for him for further growth. The ages from 15 to 18 are an important time of life. During this time most of the growth takes place in Human Body.

    The anterior pituitary gland in our brain releases growth hormone which is responsible for growth of human body. The secretion of Hormone is determined automatically and can't be increased manually. There are serious side effects of stimulating the increase of hormone secretion. Doing so may seriously affect human body. However there are natural ways which can be adopted to gain a few inches. Some of them are mentioned below which you can try and help him to improve his height.

    1. Maintain a healthy diet : A healthy diet is essential for growth of body. He should follow a balanced diet which provides everything to your body for its good and timely development. Hence a balanced diet is important to increase your height coupled with good metabolism. Please give him food with high nutrition. The food must be low calorie however rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. You should also give food with high calcium (found in vegetables and dairy products). He can take three nutritious meals per day and fresh fruit juice, milk in between the meal. Advise him to consume a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and low in saturated fat.

    2. Build strong immunity to keep away diseases: He must keep his immune system strong. Weak immune system is a cause for poor health which might become a hindrance in his growth. A good immune system defends body against disease-causing microorganisms. To keep immune system strong he must not indulge in any kind of bad habits (which I am sure he is not) such as smoking etc.
    3. Sleep well: He should get adequate sleep in order to gain additional inches. A 6 to 8 hours sleep helps Human body to distribute the somatotropic hormone effectively in anterior pituitary gland (also sleeping more than 8 hours may have the the negative impact on growth). Somatotropic hormone is responsible for growth of human body.

    4. Exercise regularly: He can get effective result by doing yoga and other free hand exercises. Stretching and yogic exercises may help in increasing the height as yoga exercises influence the body posture in such a way that body operate all the energy well and grow in height. You can advise him to do Surya Namaskara series of asana. He can do some efficient exercises like chakrasana. This 'asana' or posture actually helps to develop spine more flexible. It is very helpful to increase height. Likewise he can practice Bhujangasana/Cobra pose. It is very effective for height increase as it can strengthen spine, reduce the body fat and awaken the kundalini. Cat and Dog pose is a very good exercise because it can make body flexible by providing the suppleness in your shoulder, vertebrae column and the upper joints of the back. The yoga pose Hastapadasana may help to increase height as is very effectual in the body part from head to toe. Other noteworthy exercises are hanging, cycling and rope skipping. These are exercises of stretching. He will get good result if he will practice these exercises regularly.

    5. Avoid too much of antibiotics: Some antibiotics, drugs, alcohol might become a hindrance in the growth of body. So, one should try to avoid such things which obstruct in increase height.

    6. Drink a lot of water and juices: This is related to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. He must consume a lot of water , dairy products and fresh juice daily.

    7. Maintain a regular outdoor play session: Outdoor games like football, volley ball, Kabaddi, badminton ets provides very good exercise in maintaining good growth during the early ages. As these games are also kinds of stretching exercises, they help in maintaining steady growth of height.

    8. Avoid height boosters: Supplements which are available in market, through media and internet is a total no no for in boosting height. As I mentioned, there could be serious irreversible side effects on his body.

    Finally I suggest if his growth is normal, please stop worrying. it is important to have a body free from any kind diseases rather than having a nice physique which is always needs medical attention. Always be happy what God has created and maintain it through regular exercise, healthy food and most importantly by staying happy at heart.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    I owe my thanks to Prasannajit, Priyanka, Kalyani, Pradeepraj & Tulika. It's wonderful to see all of with so many remedies. It is very informative and I'm surely going to follow it. Once again, thanks for the initiative. God bless all of you.

    With regards,
    Sunitha Srivastava

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    Hello, I think the only way to increase height is by doing exercise like 'Pull-ups', 'stretching' and 'Surya Namaskar'. Make habit of these exercises twice a day, morning and evening. This will help you. Second thing is take food with proper nutrition. Do not take healthy drinks which give offer like drink this powder or syrup that will increase you height in few days. This will always helps manufacturer but not person who is using it.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    As your son is still 15 year old, there is no need to worry about his height. He can grow naturally, as it is his growing period.

    First of all I would like to explain how a height of a person increases:
    A height of a person increases by a substance called Human Growth Hormone. It is released deep inside the brain (behind the eyes). This substance is released during the first two hours of sleep. This hormone works from childhood to maturity. Once the person is matured the hormone stops stimulating growth, and therefore he reaches the maximum height. Therefore plenty of sleep is needed for growth of body.

    There are many artificial methods for increasing heights. But they are very dangerous as artificial chemicals are used and can cause allergic reactions. They are also very expensive and painful surgery.

    Here are some natural methods which are safer to become taller:

    a) Nutritious food:
    Give him nutritious food such as, fish, meat, milk, vegetables, and fruits. Nutritious food will help him to increase the height. Food which is rich in vitamin, calcium, iron, protein is very good for growing. Milk contains lot of calcium, & helps in increasing height. Also eat food which is rich in vitamin D. Avoid fast or junk food.

    b) Exercise:
    Exercise helps to increase the height. Tell him to do some general exercise like running, jogging, swimming, cycling, hanging exercise, jumping, walking, stretching, etc. which will help him to become taller. He can also play games like volleyball, high jump, long jump & skipping regularly. Along with exercise he needs enough sleep. He can gain height through sleeping. He has to keep his mind calm and it can be done through yoga. As you have said that he is doing some asana, tell him to continue doing it. As yoga asana are very good.

    Finally, I would like to advice you, not to go for any ayurvedic pills or any medicines. I don't think they are safe.

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    Cycling and swimming is the best exercise to increase height. Even playing basketball increases height. Since he is 15 year old, he would not be much interested in doing yoga or exercises. Sports mentioned above like swimming, cycling, basketball are of his interest too for a child of his age.

    Do not go for pills available in the market. He is just 15 year and he still has scope of natural height growth.
    So far I have not heard or seen anyone increase their height with those pills!!


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    Absolutely wonderful responses. I'm thankful for the responses given by valued members. I will bear all the suggestions in mind. Thanks a lot!

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    Let your son so skipping. Skipping also helps to increase the height of your son. My also faced the same problem during the same age. I have given protinex. It contains protein totally. I have given only for one month. within two months duration he became tall. So you can try this for your son to increase his height.


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