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    What is Creamy Layer

    Want to know what is creamy layer in recruitment notifications? Learn the meaning of creamy layer term in government job notices.

    What is Creamy Layer? I have found this in some of the Government recruitment and would like to know about Creamy Layer from expert.
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    There is a specific criteria for 'creamy layer'.
    The children of the persons who are / were in the Civil Services both Central as well as State. The criteria is:
    • When both or one of the parents are directly recruited officers in the Class I or Group A services

    • When both the parents or either of the parents are directly recruited Class I / Group A officer and sudden dies while in service.

    • Even when both or either of the parents are directly recruited officers in Class II / Group B servcies

    Children of these parents are treated as the 'creamy layer' by the Indian Govt.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Creamy layer word is used to describe comparatively rich people of other backward category(OBC). We all know that there are reservation quota in state and central government for OBC's. In 1971, the word "creamy layer" was coined in to specify those people belonging to OBC category but are quite wealthy and do not need any professional or educational support from government. Wards of such class I citizens are included in this category.
    This was fine step taken by the government to let benefits reach to the people of OBC who really need help.


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    Creamy layer signifies the wealthier and well educated people of other backward classes (OBC) who are not eligible to enjoy any facilities which are facilitated by government for OBC people. As they are wealthy and educated people so there is no need of any support for them from Government. Government keeps some special reservation or quotas of civil posts and services for those OBC people. But people(OBC) who are rich and educated they are included in the creamy layer criteria and not able to obtain these benefits of reservation. They are excluded from all these benefits which are granted by government.

    This term "creamy layer" was first introduced by the Sattanathan Commission in 1971, in Indian Government. But it is notable that this term is not applicable in case of scheduled castes (SC) and scheduled tribes (ST) people.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Creamy layer refers to those people who are from other backward classes (OBC) and doesn't enjoy the goverment educational programs. These people are educated and wealthy. These people are not enjoy the reservation and other goverment policies that are for OBC those possess the annual income according to rule. People belongs to OBC but have income more than 4,50,000 are not eligible for reservation and other benefits introduced to OBC category.

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    The word creamy layer refers to the wealthier and educated members of the Other Backward Classes (OBC'S) community of India who are not eligible for educational and professional benefit programs which is sponsored by the government. Creamy layer was introduced by the Sattanathan Commission in 1971, which directs creamy layer should be excluded from the reservation quotas of civil services granted to the OBCs.

    Creamy layer also restricts reservation benefits to children of those who work under Indian constitution such as the president, judges of the Supreme Court and high courts, employees of central and state bureaucracies, members of paramilitary and armed forces above the rank of colonel.

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    The tem Creamy layer referred as follows:

    Those set of luxury people who has everything in their life [i.e. money, good education etc], are excluded from the benefits which shall be offered to other backward classes, that is poor people in the country.

    This is one of the best masterpiece work of the Government of India which has given a better option to those needy people who are in need of education and work. This work constitutes special reservation and some portion of civil posts and services to other backward classes.

    This was established in the year 1971 and is not relevant to those backward classes of people which consist of following castes:

    a) Scheduled Caste; and
    b) Scheduled Tribe

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