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    Remedy for pain in feet and legs

    Having severe pain in feet and legs and cannot walk? Find out what are the causes of pain in feet and leg and how feet and leg pains can be cured.

    I am 27 yrs old. For past few days I am experiencing severe pain in my feet and legs. The pain is so unbearable that I am afraid of walking these days. I have thrown away my high heels and use flat sandals and even go for warm water therapy at home but of no use.

    Please help!!
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    From your question it is apparent that you wear high heels which could be one of the reasons for the pain. However, this may not be the only reason for foot pain. The pain could be caused due to abnormal movement of the feet, injury, Shin Splints, cartilage damage etc. You may adopt simple ways to get relief from the pain, however I would suggest to go for a medical checkup if the pain is very severe.

    Stop harsh exercises: Regular exercises could be helpful, however, you should avoid harsh exercises which could aggravate the pain. Please consult your doctor to know what type of exercises you can do.

    Get a medical checkup done immediately : Feet pain could be caused by Diabetes, Hugh Blood Pressure, Narrowing of arteries etc. If you are already taking any one of them and you have stopped them on your own, please consult your doctor immediately.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Dear Abhipsa, you have not mentioned what could be the possible cause of pain in your legs and feet or if it had suddenly appeared for which you couldn't find a plausible reason?

    Pain in legs could be the result of:
    1.Sudden trauma experienced by muscles causing unusual stretching in them or due to sudden load or force exerted on cartilages or on bones.

    2. It could also be due to shortage of Potassium in your diet.

    3. due to the constriction of arteries.

    4. due to wrong and unfit sandals and shoes especially high heels.

    5. sudden jerk on joints while doing exercises.

    6. Due to abnormal pressure on nerves near spinal cord in lower back, where main nerve going to the legs originate (Sciatic Nerve).

    What you can do about this pain is refer a Physician if the pain does not recedes within a week; till then

    1. Consume Potassium rich food.

    2. Drink lots of water.

    3. Do not put extra load on your legs.

    4. Apply ice bag to reduce pain and swelling.

    5. Massage with gentle hands with Moov (if the pain feels in muscles) and with Iodex (if pain is felt on bones).

    6. Compression bandage may be useful but consult a doctor before it as we actually do not know the real cause of pain.

    Give rest to your legs as much as possible and consume a balanced diet. Do proper exercises in the presence and guidance of experienced fitness trainer to avoid any injury to your bones and muscles.


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    Dear Abhipsa,

    Already two members have suggested you the possible causes and solutions/home remedies. Hope my suggestions will help you, in case you are having pain due to your high heels. Many podiatrists believe that modern young women have been suffering and complaining of pain in their feet due to wearing high-heels at work everyday. Recently they have been termed as killer heels. I too love them to wear but recently have minimized using them and giving some comfort to my feet.

    Wearing high heels may change the entire structure of the foot and the link between the knee to the ankle. Then, wearing heels higher than 2 inches may cause knee pain; so better to avoid anything that may increase the stress on the knee joint. While choosing shoes, important is to check that they fit. Knowing the right measure of feet is necessary before buying shoes (size may vary considering different brands). The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon/at the end of the day. Go for leather shoes of good brands instead of synthetics. If you can not avoid high heels totally, try to choose shoes of not more than three inch heels in height; prefer those wider heels than (sharp) pointed. You can arrange you pairs of shoes considering the places to wear them (comfortable sneakers/casual shoes for emergencies, heels for party, sandals/platforms for everyday job etc).

    Applying lotion (emollient lotion) to your feet daily at night to get rid of corns and calluses. It's the best way to thank our feet for the whole day's pressure it takes. Go for regular pedicure that helps to relax the shoe pressure. Regular massage helps relaxing/relieving muscle soreness/fatigue from the high heel's stress. Try to stretch your toes after taking off your shoes that will increase the circulation to the tootsies. Mild strengthening exercises will surely decrease the stress from high heeled shoes.

    Best will be to seek help from a doctor/podiatrist if you are having any pain/burning/numbness persistently, which has been lasting more than five to seven days that may point towards having an injury inside.

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    Dear member
    As you mentioned that the pain in your feet and legs is unbearable and you are afraid of walking. And even after you stopped using high heel shoes and taking water water feet therapy at home, you are not relieved of the pain. I guess, the pain might be related to the bones of your feet and it is better if you immediately visit an orthopedic and get the necessary tests done to make sure that nothing is going wrong with the bones of your feet.

    Sometimes even a bone outgrowth in the feet or hand result in unbearable shooting pain and in case it is in the initial stage, the outgrowth can be dissolved into the body fluids by some medication. Or else if the outgrowth becomes too hard and difficult to dissolve through medication, then you need to go for a minor surgery of the feet when the surgeons will simply cut the outgrowth and it is not that painful too.

    If the pain is not related to bone, then sometimes even when the nerves of the feet get crushed / get twisted due to improper walk or due to improper posture of standing, it results in severe pain in the particular region. In case of pain due to nerve crush or twist, you need to use pain relievers like balms / sprays for external application. And before applying the pain balms, you need to do hot fomentation so as to enable the twisted nerves if any to come back to normalcy when these expand on heating. Such a hot fomentation even gives you much relief from the pain. Or else you can just keep a hot water bag on the particular area so that you get relief from the pain. After hot fomentation and external application of pain balm, you need to keep your feet upward so that this will enable the excess fluids to flow down from the feet into the body. Or else you can even use the crepe bandage on consulting with a physician as this supplies sufficient warmth to the effected area and helps in reducing the sprains if any.

    And regarding diet, you need to be careful and avoid taking too much of starchy food particularly potatoes. And in case, the pain is due to bone outgrowth as mentioned above, you need to avoid taking calcium rich food for the time being, till you get rid of the outgrowth. And completely avoid the use of high heels for the health of the legs and feet.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Tips to reduce pain in legs and feet are listed under:
    -Deep your feet in hot water for 2-3 minutes and then keep them dipped in cold water for 2-3 minutes. Try doing this daily for 15-20 minutes.

    -Apply some pain relief balm on your legs after having hot water bath.

    -Do mild stretching exercises of your legs every morning.

    -Learn yoga and start doing yoga poses that will help cure the pain in your legs. One needs to do Yoga regularly over a long period of time to permanently cure any illness or get rid of any pain.

    -Always wear flat chappals, shoes or sandals and avoid wearing high heel shoes.

    -Don't sit in awkward positions at home or in office. Avoid putting pressure on your legs.

    -Walk with a straight posture and avoid running for few days.

    -Eat calcium-rich and iron-rich food like bananas, muesli, cornflakes, milk, etc. during breakfast on a daily basis.

    -Drink plenty of water.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    It is very serious issue that you facing a unbearable pain in your feet and legs. One response I read that deep your feet in hot water. Along with it I would like to suggest the use of hot water containing common salt, which gives you more relief. The pain might be because of excessive stress to ligaments which may be because of excess standing work or by travelling also. For this try to place a medium size pillow below to your feet during night which helps in improve the circulation. But please try to consult a orthopedic doctor for detailed help.

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    Foot pain is very common and has many causes. Foot pain can be due to problem in any part of your foot such as bones, muscles, nerves, heels, toes, joints skin, etc

    Pain may due to too much of walking and sports activity. Sometimes physical weakness & medical condition like diabetes, can also lead foot problems.

    Our foot is composed of 24 bones & there is a fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones. The ankles are formed by the interaction of foot and lower leg. There are dozens of ligaments in the foot. If both of these fail to work together properly, pain develops.

    Causes for Foot pain:

    a) High heels:
    The main cause for foot pain is wearing high heels. Wearing shoes that are too tight or high heels is one of the causes for foot pain. I would like to advice you to avoid high heels. You may wear some comfortable and proper fitting shoes

    b) Trauma diseases:
    This is common causes for foot pain. Trauma is a serious physical injury and includes damage bones/muscles, fractures, broken bones, etc. Twist to the foot also cause injury to the bones or joints.

    c) Plantar fasciitis:
    It is also the cause for foot pain. It is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot, connecting your heel bone to your toes. These can lead to pain and swelling. It is main cause for heel pain.

    d) Corns and calluses:
    A corn is thick skin on the top / side of a toe. A callus is thick skin on the soles of your feet. They are very painful to walk on.

    e) Bunions:
    It is a painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe. They are affected in the inner foot and then the outer foot. It is most commonly affected for women.


    a) Overweight:
    If you're suffering from foot pain try not to pressurize your legs. Sometime overweight also puts additional pressure on your legs. Try to minimize your weight.

    b) Apply ice:
    You can apply ice on affected area for at least 15 minutes. It will help to reduce pain and swelling.

    c) Massage with oil or balm:
    You can go for oil massage. Apply oil /balm on the affected area of your leg, and gently rub it. You will feel better by doing massage.

    d) Warm Water Treatment:
    You can soak your leg in warm water for 15 minutes. It helps to relax your leg muscles. You may also add Epsom salt in the water. You may even add mustard seeds in that warm water, as it helps to improve blood circulation.

    e) Asparagus:
    It is recommended to eat asparagus, as it reduces foot pain. It helps to remove all excess fluid from the system.

    f) Exercise:
    You can also reduce of foot pain by regular yoga and exercises. It helps to strengthen your feet and avoid pain. There are many types of yoga's for leg pain.

    g) Rest:
    Take rest until u feel better. Stop doing activities that stress your legs. Don't walk too much and strain your legs.

    h) Medical Treatment:
    Before going to doctor, make sure where exactly do you have pain. So that treatment can be done on the affected area. X-rays may be done to diagnose the cause for your foot.

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    Your sandals can be the reason. If you are a high heel user and even after you stop using it, it may take some days for the pain to leave. If pain remains, consult an orthopedic. Vitamin D deficiency (sunlight) can be the reason too. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. If it is deficient, it makes your bones brittle. Therefore, if you strain your hands or leg too much, it will start paining, making it difficult for you to walk or lift anything, because your bones would have lost its strength. And the pain won't go easily. If left unattended, it can take things to any extent. If you are a heel user, it is a strain to your legs. It can be a reason. I am not concluding anything regarding your pain. I just told you the chances. If your pain remains, it is wise to consult an orthopedic personally instead of assuming anything.

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