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    Is the fruit "Persimmon" or "Kaki" really beneficial to prevent heart attacks?

    Want to know whether the persimmon fruit is good for health. Find out the health benefits of persimmon and whether it can prevent heart attacks.

    I have recently started eating the fruit "Persimmon" or "Kaki" as it is known in Netherlands. I came to know that we even get this fruit in India as it is produced in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. I heard from a friend that this fruit has high nutritional value and can also help to prevent heart attacks.
    Does anyone have more information about related benefits of persimmon fruit?
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    Though I haven't tasted 'persimmon' fruit yet I know something about the fruit which I came to know from few of my friends in the Europe.

    These fruits looks like a tomato and the ripe ones are slightly orange in color with a transparent look. These fruits are of different sizes and varieties as well. The fruits have good medicinal value which are rich in glucose and high level of fiber as well. These fruits are also rich in other minerals like potassium, calcium and iron and these fruits has less of protein and much of Vitamin C and beta carotene as well. And yes, it is believed that consumption of ripe fruits is good for the heart and reduces the risks of heart attacks. But I think there is no proven facts for the same and it is only a belief.

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    "Persimmon" or "Kaki" contains some nutrient elements which are very good for our health. This fruit is packed with antioxidant properties, vitamin A, vitamin c and vitamin E etc. This fruit helps to strengthen the immune system of human body. A body with a good immune system can combat with any disease.

    It is noteworthy that this fruit contains good amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese and dietary fiber. Due to presence of excessive cholesterol in blood causes heart diseases. Since the arteries become narrowed and blood flow to the heart muscle is slowed down or blocked only for the large accumulation of cholesterol in blood. Kaki has such medicinal properties which can lower cholesterol in blood and it helps to eliminate extra fluids from our body as well prevents higher blood pressure. Because of high blood pressure people suffer from heart problems. It is not proven fact but a believe that regular consumption of this fruit may lessen the risk of heart attacks as well it can improve lipid metabolism of human body.

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    The persimmon fruits are full of many health giving nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They contain anti-oxidants which quite fundamental to the maintenance of healthy conditions of the human body. The fruit is very good to keep our body weight under control because it is very low in its calorific value. It can be easily digested due to its rich dietary fiber. The fruit as you said is very good to prevent heart attacks. Otherwise also it is quite sweet to eat but not as sweet like mangoes and some other sweet fruits. The shape of the fruit varies with its various variants. But important variant of the fruit is Sharon which I bought and ate last week though it is quite costly. It has started arriving in the Hyderabad fruit market very recently. The fruit is grown in the Sharon plains of Israel and hence the name Sharon. The tomato shaped fruit is quite tasty. I photographed the fruit keeping it on my table and the image is attached herewith. Whatever the variant of persimmon fruit you eat, it has properties and ingredients like anti-tumor compound known as betulinic acid. Anti-oxidant compounds lime vitamin A, beta carotene, cryptoxanthi, zea-xanthi, lutein and lycopene are very good for heart related and other problems. The fruit is also a great source of vitamin C which help to make the body to act as guard against infectious agents. The fruit is a good source of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper and phosphorus.
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    Research and studies indicate that Persimmon, the red colour fruit which looks like tomato is effective for reducing the risk of heart disease. It was found that persimmon has more medicinal value than an apple. It is also called Sharon fruit. The persimmon fruit contains fibre, minerals and phenolic compounds in high quantity which are important for the body in fighting against the cause of heart diseases mainly attacks and stroke. It also controls the accumulation of fat in the body there by controlling formation of cholestrol .This fruit is also rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

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    Persimmon fruits are rich nutrients such as vitamins, minerals. Persimmon trees are a multi-trunked tree, which grows up to 25 feet. These are grown in moderate winters and relatively mild summers areas. The fruit contain anti-oxidant compounds like vitamin-A, catechins, lutein, beta-carotene, and gallocatechins which helps the body to develop and fight against infectious and harmful diseases. It also contains minerals like potassium, manganese and phosphorus. It contains low calorie and fat.

    It is not only has nutritional benefits, but also has medicinal benefits. It prevents bleeding from small blood vessels. Persimmons help prevent a variety of diseases like cancer – as it contains vitamin A, it is good for skin, it is believed that this fruit reduces the risk of atherosclerosis heart attacks if consumed daily. The fruit is sweet can be eaten raw or cooked like deserts, salads, etc. It provides fiber for the diet and this helps to promote cardiovascular health and prevents from of heart disease.

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