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    How to reset factory settings in Micromax android phone?

    Want to rest factory settings in your new Micromax A90s mobile phone? Learn how to back up applications and restore factory settings step by step.

    I bought a new Micromax A90s mobile phone 10 days back. Just because of my experiment one of my inbuilt application(Hook Up app) is not working properly. So I want to back up all my applications and want to reset my phone to factory settings. So, can you guide me how to reset factory settings? Is there any harm to my phone, if I reset to factory settings?
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    Hi Mahesh,
    For factory reset setting in Micromax android phone, you should follows these,

    Open the menu, goto setting, then open privacy setting. Then open the factory reset. Enter 0000 code. After this, your phone will reset.


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    Dear Friend,

    Important Note : Once you do the Factory Settings, all your data's will be permanently removed from your phone memory. Hence it is always recommended to save all your personal data in the memory card rather than in phone memory.

    The reset formula is very simple and easy to do it:

    Step 1

    Open the Settings App on your Android phone.

    Step 2

    Go to the Privacy option on your Android phone to scroll down to the Factory Data Reset option.

    Step 3

    Once Factory Data Reset option is opened please use the code as below and the phone will reset within a second after deleting all your data. The number to memorize is 1234 hence use this code to reset your phone.

    Once done, please switch off and on your phone and you will made a new change in your phone.

    All the best!

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    When you do factory reset your mobile, all your contacts, downloaded applications, and other data in your memory card would be lost. So, first of all you should back up your data. You can back up your media files like pictures, music, videos easily by connecting the memory card to the computer. Next thing you should do is to back up your downloaded applications. To do that you should download an application named 'Astro File Manager' from play store and it is totally free of cost.
    1. Open Astro File Manager.
    2. Select Tools.
    3. Select Application Backup.
    4. Select the applications and click backup.
    Now the backup that is the setup files of all your downloaded applications would be in your memory card. These setup files will be in the apk format. You can transfer these files to your computer.
    Now to factory reset, just go to settings and select reset option. And select factory reset and provide your password. Now your mobile will get restarted. After resetting you can transfer the setup files to your memory card and can install the applications.

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