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    Is any anti-virus software required to be installed for Samsung Galaxy Tablets?

    Are you planning to buy a new Samsung Galaxy tablet? Find out which antivirus programs you can install in Samsung Galaxy tab to safeguard it against viruses and malware.

    I plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy tab2 10.1 inch tablet with 3g connection. It will be my first time experience of using a tablet. I want to know if I would need to install some anti-virus on the Samsung Galaxy tablet to protect it from any virus, malware, etc. Please let me know.
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    It will be good to install a antivirus software, as it will ensure safety of your device.

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    Most of the Samsung Galaxy tab uses the Open source operating system. Samsung provide internal security from virus to the tab. Samsung taking care of security feature in the tab. Though if want more security to your tab you can install separately. Samsung Galaxy tab2 10.1 has good battery life.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Bhakti Savla

    No i don't think so, because in Samsung Tab, there is security software, which prevent from virus. If you want to install addition antivirus, then Kaspersky is the best antivirus software.


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    There are several anti-virus like avista,avg,avera,poma etc.In my knowledge avista anti virus is good for your tablet, Avista anti-virus is very fast and easy to mean ten.
    Thank You

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    Normally, An Antivirus software is used for to protect the mobile against different virus. So we must install the antivirus in our mobile phones.
    For Samsung galaxy tablet, there are thousands of antivirus software available, some of the antivirus are freeware or other are payable. Freeware antivirus like Netquin, Avast etc. are available at different websites and you can also download them freely. Before installing an any antivirus, you must come to know about the features of that antivirus because different antivirus have different features.

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    Yes. Antivirus is always required if you are exchanging mobile data with PC and other handsets.
    Thank You,
    Ramchandra V Chavan.

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    No. It is based on newest operating system and this operating system not affected by virus normally. If you wish install antivirus is always good to secure your device.

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    Considering the fact that the smartphones and tablets are data driven devices where a lot of information is transferred and received over the internet, it is advisable to install an anti virus.

    A trojan if installed by mistake can transmit your sensitive information to unknown parties which can be easily mis utilized. So it is better to take precaution rather than look for cure later.

    There are lot of free antivirus available which can function well to protect your device. A virus will harm your tablet the same way it does to computers, so it will be highly recommended to download an antivirus today itself and install it on your device.

    There are many antivirus on the "Play Store" of google for android devices. I do not know exactly but i believe that Samsung galaxy tab is an android device. So you can go the "play store" and download an antivirus today for free.

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    Dear Bhakti,

    I have two views:

    1st View:

    It is not really recommended to download any antivirus at this moment of time. Just to give you a small example: When you purchase HP or Dell Laptop, there is already software which is installed separately for anti virus, just we have to run the same instead of downloading it from another site. In the same manner, Samsung Galaxy has a separate antivirus in-build in the application tab.

    2nd View:

    Antivirus is safer to protect any mode of technology in today's market. It will protect your tab for a long run of period and also the system will be very fast to operate.

    Hence, if you really insist on downloading antivirus, then my choice and recommendation are:

    a) AVG 9.0 Free
    b) Avast 5.0 Free
    c) Avira Personal

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    Samsung Galaxy Tablets have android which is based on Linux. And Linux has almost no threat from viruses. So your tablet is also free(almost)from virus.

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    Hi friend,
    Antivirus is always required for the open sourced Android operating system. Otherwise malware applications would start damaging your tablet. Kaspersky anti-virus software would slow down your tablet. You can better go for Norton antivirus software package. It protects the tablet well and it also has other necessary tools like task manager, SD card manager and backup tool that are integrated within itself. And the price is very reasonable and affordable.

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    Though you do not really need an Anti-Virus software on your android tablet. But, if you really want an extra blanket of protection, you may install AVG MOBILATION's app "AntiVirus Free" or "Anti-Virus Pro - Tablet" from the Play Store. The former is a free version whereas the latter being a Paid version specially designed to work on Tablets.
    If you have installed Quick Heal Total Security 2012 on your PC, you may also be able to scan your tablet directly through it.
    I hope this solves your problem!

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    If you are using samsung glaxy tablate,If your want to installed antivirous,most usefull antivirous is AVG antivirous 2013 free edition.This software has one year free validity with license key.
    Use this software for best of you.

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    Normally the software used in Samsung galaxy is very advanced and it is not easily damaged by any viruses. But I recommend you to install an anti virus in your tablet. It has enough processing speed and ram to run antivirus without any lag. Anti virus software will sure the safety of your phone.

    With Regards

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    With Regards


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    Yes, as Samsung galaxy tab is a very popular tablet with lots of offline and online apps which make your tab busy and slow. so either you install an antivirus or i would suggest you to install a software made for mobiles and tablets called netquinn security. it is made for mobiles and tablets to protect them and maintain its functioning up to the mark. so you can do that.

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    As you all know for good there is always a bad. The same is true for Samsung galaxy tabs as they are built on Google's Android platform.

    Android platform may vary from 2.2.3 to ICS 4. But they all are susceptible to viruses as computer viruses are nothing just codes which can come in any form and there is not any active defense in Android inbuilt. And it gets even more open to viruses when you connect it with developer mode 'ON' to your computer using a USB. In this case computer viruses on you computer can access you galaxy tab's software part easily without any restrictions.

    So its my totally personal suggestion get a free antivirus such as avast it will give you protection against viruses as well as additional features such as call privacy and call barring will give you ease from unwanted callers along with there cloud storage. And when you thing its worth it you can bring a foot forward with purchasing the full version antivirus software.

    You can get many other free version antivirus programs both free and paid at Google Play.

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