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    How to restore overwritten word document?

    Have you mistakenly overwritten a MS Word document and badly want to restore it now? Find out how to restore an overwritten Microsoft Word Document in Windows 8.

    I am using Microsoft word 2010 in Windows 8 Operating system. By mistake I have overwritten an important word document with another word document and I didnt keep any backup of that file. To restore that document, I searched through google and found no better solution. Is it possible to restore the document file?. If it is possible, please reply with a better solution.
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    Windows 8 is a new operating system so not many recovering software are available. But, I would recommend you to use RECUVA. It is one of the best recovering software you can get!

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    Yes it is possible to restore overwritten word documents in window 8. First open the overwritten word document file. Then right click on it and go to properties. Open the previous version option. Choose your file, that you wants to restore. Choose restore button to overwritten the file.
    If you want to save your file in other word document, then click on copy button. It will ask you to save your file on your desire place.

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    Yes, It is very much possible to recover overwritten files or folders in Windows Operating systems starting from Windows 7 & 8 series. As you are using Windows 8, below is the procedure for recovering the overwritten word file.

    -Navigate to the folder
    -Select the desired file or folder
    -Right click on it
    -Navigate to Previous Versions Tab
    -Now choose the version you wish to restore, to get back the material overwritten
    -If you wish retain overwritten word file along with old restored word file in that case you should choose copy button
    -It will prompt you for desired location for saving the word file

    Note: Refer attached image for better understanding.

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