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    How do I get my teeth in perfect line without using clip?

    My teeth are not in perfect line. How much it costs to make it in perfect line without using clip?
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    for bringing teeth into a perfect line, you need to go for an orthodontic treatment .... the cost varies on the type of braces you would like to have.In addition to the conventional silver coloured wires now we have white coloured ones that matches with the shade of the tooth and is hardly visible or you can go for lingual one that are applied on tha back side of the teeth and are not visible... visit a dentist and hpope you get beautiful smile.....

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    Hello Annapurna,
    Don't worry with the Teeth alignment problem. Like you, I also had a problem with my teeth alignment. Some Teeth were positioned behind from others. All the Teeths weren't in the same line.
    But, the treatment of this kind of things need to be done in the Childhood; as at that time Teeth holding muscles can be rectified.
    You must contact a Dental Clinic, they won't do any operation. Doctors will give you a Still-Clip, which you need to keep in your mouth for nearly 5-6 months. It was very hard to eat with the clips in mouth. You need to wash the clip twice daily.
    In the year 1990, the cost was around Rs.800-1000/-. Now it could be Rs.1500/-.


    Anindya (Andy)

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    clips can be used only if space problem is not so severe or else go for fixed appliances

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