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    White hair : What is the right treatment of it?

    Want to know why hair turns white from black? Learn why ones hair grows white with age.

    We see that our hair turns white as our age increases. When we took birth ,our hair were black that were very beautiful to us. but in my old age they are white. I also see that some young boys also have white hair. They look very strange on their head. They indicate their oldness in their young age. Can you tell me why our hair turns white? And what is the right treatment of it?
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    White hair is common for the aged. This is due to the fall in production of a pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles with age growth.
    But premature whitening of hair is mainly due to faulty diet and sometimes that may be hereditary.
    Also artificial hair colours effect the hair.

    Increasing blood circulation to head by massage is one of the remedy.
    Gooseberries and ribbed gourd are the best naturally available medicines to cure premature white hair. They can be dried and heated in coconut oil and massaged

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    Dear Friend,

    About Hairs

    Hairs are not just to look attractive but it is a symbol of our desirability and when our hairs turn white, many of us resort to coloring them in order to escape the whitening of the hair. This is generally done in order to look better. A person with white hairs can be quite angry and it is important for each one of us to know what causes the white hairs and the precaution to be taken to avoid them.

    White hairs generally mean that a person is getting older. It is a sign of old age, but as per the current scenario, even young people below 30 years of age may have white hairs.

    The reason for coloring of hairs is mainly that the root of the hairs ceases to produce melanin which gives hairs its colour.

    Before you go ahead in coloring hairs as a solution to the issue of hair white, you need to look for the causes in order to avoid any further white hairs.

    Main Causes of White Hair

    Genetics / Heredity

    It is quite natural that if you're Father, Mother or their grandfather's hair started to turn white hair, then there is also a chance that your hair will automatically follow the white hair. Hence the heredity causes the problem of hair white.


    People work in office longer period and get stressed. They also get tensed due to some personal or official task. This is a major cause of white hairs. It is recommended that one need to reduce stress / tension and maintain a healthy life to overcome the growth of white hairs.

    Lack of Vitamin

    The white hairs will result in lack of vitamin B12. Hence it is recommended and advisable to such people to increase the intake of this particular vitamin. Fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, have more vitamin B12. Other Vitamin B12 foods are Egg, Beef, Lamb, Cheese and Milk.


    A person will have more white hairs when he does regular smoking. Hence, recommended to avoid this in order to overcome the growth of white hairs.

    Emotional Reason

    Some causes due to emotional reason or shock. In such cases, the growth of white hairs will automatically stop occurring after some period, and the remedy is to dye their hair black in order to hide the appearance of white hair.

    Excess intake of liquids

    A person will have more white hairs if he / she have increase the intakes of tea, coffee, alcohol, spices, or fried foods. This has to be avoided in order to bring under control.

    Remedies to overcome the White Hairs

    Almond Oil

    Massage your scalp on a daily basis for nearly 30 minutes with Almond oil and apply them in smooth way of your finger gently.

    Carrot Root

    Massage your scalp on a daily basis for nearly 30 minutes with Carrot Root oil and apply them in smooth way of your finger gently.


    Sugar based food stuffs, and soft drinks needs to be avoided for better treatment of white hairs.


    Having sufficient amount of yoghurt daily is very helpful in prevention of white hair.

    Coconut Oil / Lemon Juice

    Mix Lemon Juice with coconut oil and massage them on your scalp daily for 3 to 4 minutes for better treatment and prevention of white hairs.

    Amla / Lemon Juice

    Lemon Juice mixed with Amla Powder applied on the scalp daily for 5 to 6 minutes gives good result in preventing white hairs.


    Apply Mehandi or Henna on the hairs for an hour before bath will give better result for white hair to turn black


    Drinking carrot juice regularly will help in preventing the white hairs.

    Vegetables & Fruits

    Take more intakes of vegetables like carrots, apricots, broccoli and spinach, bananas, tomatoes, etc for better results.

    Vitamin A, B and B12

    Take more intakes of food items of Vitamin A, B and B12 such as Egg, Beef, Lamb, Cheese, Milk, Sea foods, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, yogurt, almonds etc


    If you follow the above few remedies, am 100% sure, that your white hairs will turn to black. All the best!!!!!!!!

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    White hairs may come due to lackage of vitamins,they may come due to genes also.Only general prevention is that use coconut oil twice per a day regularly.

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    Hairs are always the sign of attractive nature. Hairs has the ability to change your entire look and you seems to be a beautiful one. When we are small kids our hair are black or grey. Some has white hairs even at their teen age. Reason for that is genetics if your father, grandfather and mother etc. also faces the white hair problem in their teens then it is gentical issue. Another scientific reason is that when pigment or melanin (responsible for colouring of hairs) stops then this situation our hairs grows with white colour.

    In medical science research their is no medicine that turn white colour hairs in to its original colour that is black. But you can take measures before happening this like use almond oil, include vitamins like vitamin B and B12. Eat health food and diet. At last you can use hair dyes or mehandi to fill the unpigment porous and give it to colour. You can use permanent dye for your hairs they can fill the unpigment porous permanently and your hair looks as normal hair that you had before the white hairs.


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    Main cause of White hair is vitamin insufficient.Second is when we are in acid problem.

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    It is common that when people became old their hairs will gain a white colour. But in some cases we can see those hair in teenage people also. Why this happens? What are the causes for this? Their are a lot of causes for this. In most of the cases it is happened because of some sudden or extreme shock. And in some other cases it is only a temporary phenomenon. If once a hair turned into white colour on permanent basis them we cant reverse this change. The only way to protect your hair is prevent further growth of white hairs. Their are alot of helpful ways to prevent this. The first way you have to do is that start to apply onion juice to the area on and around the white hair. This will prevent the further growth of white hair from the same place. This will take much time for giving a positive result and you must need alot of patience. The next one is an artificial means. In this case you can apply temporary colour to your hair. You can select natural hair colours which you wants to apply. Chemical dyes are also avialable in market but it is not advisable. Growing white hair in the early ages can be total drag but a few hair in the teenager isn't a reason to worry. The other main cause for white hair is genetical means. If you inherited your gray hair, these might not be a way to prevent white hair from growing further. Massaging of your hair with coconut oil other natural oils will help you to slow down the process of hair gray and try to avoid the usage of chemical shampoos and use herbal shampoo or other natural products.
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    Graying of hair is a sign of age and wisdom but when your hairs start turning white at an early age, even before reaching the age of 30 yrs then it becomes an issue of concern. Pre-mature graying of hair can be due to a number of reasons like:

    1. Stress.
    2. Vitamin deficiency.
    3. side effect of strong medicines.
    4. environmental factors.
    5. Hereditary factors.
    6. Emotional trauma.
    7. Smoking and alcoholism.
    8. Use of strong chemicals like peroxide in dyes.
    9. Thyroid disorders.
    10. Some diseases/deficiency disorder also cause graying of hairs such as Anemia.
    11. Vitiligo.
    12. Early Menopause.
    and so on.

    Though it is near to impossible to turn your hair back to black once they have suffered graying but avoiding the above mentioned factors can stop further graying of your hairs.

    Home treatments that can be done at home for gray hairs are as follows:

    1. Boil Amla pieces in coconut oil and massage your hair daily with it.

    2. Add few drops of lavender oil in Almond oil and massage your scalp with it regularly.

    3. Use Henna or mehandi instead of hair Dyes/colors to color your hairs.

    4. regular consumption of 'Curry leaves' have been proved beneficial for stopping the graying of hairs.

    5. Eat a balanced fresh food. Include Vitamin B12 supplements in our diet.

    6. Apply juice of 'Amaranth leaves' on your scalp to treat gray hairs.

    Take action before its too late.
    All the very best.


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    Hairs are generally the beautiful part of our body.Here are some of the remedial solutions for Black hairs.
    1.Take Amla and Curry leaves once in a day.
    2.Avoid Hair from chemical treatments.
    3.Use Natural products.
    4.Apply coconut oil for Hair daily.
    5.Regular sleep
    6.Be stress Free
    7.Take a Balanced Diet and do Exercises Regularly

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    Lack of Vitamin A, B and minerals will cause white hair. So eat food with proper nutritions and apply coconut oil on the head and massage gently will solve the problem.
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    You can Try Some result oriented Ayurvedic remedies to Cure White Hair and make them black.
    1.Take 1 t Spoon caster oil and make them partial take them in hand and massage on Hair roots for 15-20 minutes Daily.Follow these Therapy atleast 3 months.You will able to make your hair within 3-5 months.

    Also you can Use Ayurvedic Shampoo to make black Hair.For this,
    Take Equally Shikkakai,Aritha And Awla Powder.Add Sufficient water in it.Now Boil Them ,when 1/3 left than fill it in water.Take Everyday suffient shampoo for wash your Hair.

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    The main reason of white hair and other common problems among today's generation is lack of nutrients.It's not that Today fruits or vegetables lacks nutrients. But our cooking methods are not appropriate.
    As we use pressure cooker which is made up of aluminum alloy and it has been proved by scientists that aluminum is the worst material for cooking because after cooking in pressure cooker nutrients reduces to 13% from 100%.
    So i will advice u to use Bronze or brass utensils for cooking or soil utensils as these are best
    experimentally it has been proved that after cooking in soil utensils there is no harm to nutrients and they remains 100%.
    Now u can understand that why people of 20th century were more healthier than people of 21st century.

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    White hair is a common problem for teenagers. This is cause by several reasons,

    1. Cause due to washing hair with salty water

    2. Due to using bad quality of shampoo

    3. Due to a lots of stress

    4. Cause due to using steroids

    5. Using any types of chemicals on hairs

    Its treatments is

    1. Do massage your hair with some oil, like mustard oil

    2. Drink a lots of water

    3. Do exercise daily

    4. Take balance diet

    5. Avoid stressing

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