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    Male teacher or a female teacher : who is better ?

    Want to know whether a male teacher or a female teacher is better for students? Learn more about the impacts of male and female teachers on students.

    We see that there are a lot of schools in our India and there are are a lot of teachers. Some teachers are male and some teachers are female. Both teach with their full capacity.Both are intelligent and performs their duties very well. No one can rise a question on their honesty and their faithfullness.

    But I want to know that "Male teacher or a female teacher : who is better ?"
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    You have already answered you question half way when you mentioned "Both are intelligent and performs their duties very well. No one can rise a question on their honesty and their faithfulness." Still, I don't understand why do you want to distinguish between the two. One need to understand the key aspect which you are looking at while raising this type of question. I would like to answer your query considering that you are asking this as a general query without pointing towards any particular trait.

    A teacher is someone who respects the most next to your parents. They are the people who equips you to deal with the outside world. Do you really distinguish between your parents? I hope none of us do that. Hence we should never distinguish between a male or a female teacher. Your should place them equally and show equal respect to them. If you create this kind of difference between them , you will never be able to learn what they teach you.

    As far as teaching is concerned, it depends on many factors which depends on individual traits and knowledge that how effectively a teacher delivers his or her lessons to the students. It generally depend on the knowledge, preparation of the topics which one decides to teach, teaching methods and notes. A person whether male or female can equally be effective in teaching if they he or she has the proper knowledge and preparation for the topic.

    There is only one factor which possibly differentiates between a male and a female teacher. It is only the physical stamina. However this has no direct relation on how a person teaches in a class room. Normally a male person is built with more energy and strength due to which he can handle extra bit of stress or can teach for a few extended hours. However this has nothing to do with the effectiveness of teaching. Also how much you can learn form your teacher also depends on how much attention you pay in the class room. May it be a male teacher or a female teacher.

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    Teachers are those that influence a student's life the most after their own parents. It is very difficult to measure teaching and impossible to judge the quality of teaching based on gender. A male or a female teacher can be equally good. The gender has nothing to do with teaching. Asking who is better between a male and female teacher is like asking who is a better parent amongst mother and father?
    A teacher can be judged based on the following factors:
    -Knowledge and Understanding of the subject.
    -Ability to explain stuff to novices in the simplest of languages.
    -Ability to resolve any doubts/queries of students.
    -Being able to guide and mentor the students in suitable ways.
    -Understanding of the psychology of children.

    There are many other factors as well, but none of them is gender. A male teacher as well as a female teacher is able to fulfill all of the above requirements to be a very good teacher. So, both are equal and can guide several students to a bright future.

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    Teachers and parents, both are so important for us. Parent gives birth to child and teachers teaches us how to live and behave with others.
    Male and female teachers both are so good, but I think so, for adult and teenager boys, there should be male teachers, because if there will be a female teacher, then students will make fun of them and will not listen to teacher. As a result, their result will be so bad, and it become so worst for teacher's performance. Male teachers can deal with them very good.
    For girls, it does not matter, whether there is a male teacher or female.

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    Teaching is a quality that knows no gender bias. Both a male and a female teacher can teach with equal dedication and sincerity. It depends on individual nature as to how good a teacher could be not on gender. I think this is more of a discussion topic than putting it up for the experts to answer it.

    Nursery, Pre-school and KG:

    To teach very young kids of nursery, pre-school and KG schools, I think female teachers are more suited. This age group usually have the habit of being around their mothers more and requires very gentle and delicate handling. A women by nature is considered more appropriate in doing so. That is why we observe maximum teachers in these schools are females.

    Primary Classes:

    In primary classes, we observe about 40:60 ration of males Vs. females teachers. This is because the children are still very young and the tenderness of a female teacher develops and environment of ease within them. They do not feel shy to share anything with their madam as they do it all the time with their mothers. Though male teachers are also doing great job in this age group but are mostly concentrated in the upper segment of the group i.e from above 3 std and especially teaching maths, P.T., Music, and Arts.

    Secondary and senior secondary classes:

    Here we usually observes subject wise division. Science (Biology and Chemistry), social and language subjects are usually handled by female teachers whereas Mathematics, computers and Science (physics) subjects are dealt with male teachers.

    For higher college and university education more and more of male teachers are observed as now the students are more mature and do not need tender care and softness from a teacher; just an intelligent, communicative and sincere teacher.


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    A teacher is a guide to you and the filtering of the best teacher has some criteria.They are mainly:

    1.Intellectuality of the teacher should be higher.
    2.Understanding the mentality of the students should be the best when compared to other teachers.
    3.Practical oriented knowledge stuffed teachers are the best of all.
    4.A good teacher should be a best motivator and a good friend.
    5.Caring on students and non-forcing study capability should be bestowed with the teacher.

    These qualifications can be found in male teachers because female teacher generally desire for the peak progression which is not ever possible in all students.

    This condition mostly occurs in the primary classes.The main aim of some female teachers will be to make the students to set out good rank rather than the knowledge of the student.

    A male teacher generally will desire to inculcate the concepts of the target subject and will try to make the students think in practical applications rather than the theoretical way of answering the question and scoring rank.

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    All the teachers are same except in their appearance. one has to change their mind set for better understanding of subject.

    There is no difference.

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    Every student has their best teacher in mind, which is referred as memorable teacher. Students gain more knowledge from some teachers than others, let it be a female or male teachers. There should be no difference in between female and male teacher. Both these teachers have the sufficient knowledge, interest to make every student the No.1 student of the school/college. It is only the student who needs to be attentive and to gain more from respective teachers. A student will always suffer when he don't pay much attention while teachers are teaching important lesson. Hence teachers (Male or Female) should not be blamed for any reason, as they give full attention to their students in order to be successful student of the school/college.

    Any teachers possess three important qualities such as knowledge, ability to convey to every student about the subject, and also ability to make the subject very interesting and relevant to every student. Hence, students need to learn to give more priority to the teachers and respect them in all means. As we don't differentiate between our parents, the same way we shouldn't make any difference between male and female, as each of them has they teaching qualities and they put their best way to perform it in the classroom in order to give more information and knowledge about the subject matter.

    As you have raised the question for difference in male and female, I would not insist on giving them, but still some points I would like to mention.

    Many students have experience having guided by a Male or a Female teacher. It is rightly said that more than 65% of students have been guided by Female teacher for pre-school and elementary school children rather than Male teachers. There are only 40% of students which are guided by Male teachers for high school and college levels.

    It has been observed that male students learn better with male teachers rather than female teachers as they feel different and many other reasons. Further, a female student learns better with female teachers rather than male teachers.

    Last but not the least, as both male and female teachers have different approach to train students, it is advised that students need to learn fast and pay attention to get the information and also do well in examination rather than having different view on male and female teachers.

    All male and female teachers are the best, and they give more fruitful knowledge and training without any differences between students to students. In their view, all students are same hence equal teaching is being given by them.

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    A teacher is one who can convey his knowledge to his disciples. It does not matter whether it is a male or a female teacher. Now a days if you just make a survey about the number of teachers in schools, you will see it is females who are more in number, at least in Kerala as far as I know.
    Teaching is a profession to be handled systematically and tactfully. It is lady teachers who are very often perfect in both. At the same time there are several male teachers too who do this job very neatly.
    Teachers are having several other jobs attached with the teaching which are known as extra curricular activities. This activities are taken up very often outside the regular school hours. Lady teachers generally find difficult to remain in the school after the scheduled time. This is because they have to attend to their job as housewife also. Thus it becomes the duty of male teachers to attend to such extra curricular works.
    Both male and female teachers have both positive and negative qualities in the above sense.Hence I feel that there is no meaning in differentiating between them.

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    Teaching is an art and there is no need of gender so any one can teach.

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    Male or female does not matters, how they teach and how much they know only matters.

    Teaching is a good profession. There are many male and female teachers who use different approaches for their teaching.
    The responsibility of teacher is to fill the knowledge for their students. Apart from teaching prescribed syllabus they should also teach morals, social responsibilities etc. Good teacher should not do partiality. They should treat all students as equal.

    Teaching is not the one way. The student should also plays vital role.
    Student should obey the teachers.
    Students should respect the teachers.

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    When you think about the teaching profession you will realize that a teacher is supposed to serve both boys and girls equally. There are schools which only accept one sex of students but most of the schools are mixed in nature. In such cases if all the teachers are of a single sex then students of the other sex would not feel free because their social problems would remain unsolved.

    Male teachers are important in a school in case there is a discipline problem involving the students which needs to be solved. Female teachers usually keep off when the students turn violent especially during riots. On the other hand female teachers tend to be more patient with the students and parents when trying to solve any discipline cases amongst the students.

    In secondary schools, during physical education classes, the students prefer a teacher of their own sex to take them through the lesson. Counselling classes also can be tricky if a teacher of the opposite sex takes it up. Some questions from the students would remain unasked. It should be noted that teachers are trained to teach students from both sexes and therefore it would be hard to compare the two. Again students are a very unpredictable group of people in that they keep changing their preferences of nearly everything with time. One time they will prefer female teachers only to prefer male teachers latter.

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