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    Are smart classes beneficial for students ?

    Want to know whether smart classes are beneficial for students? Learn what are smart classes and how smart classes can help students for effective studies.

    In this age computers play a big role in our education. We hear about smart classes every day. We all know that if a topic is understood by a visual method, it becomes more beneficial to understand to students. So the demand of using smart classes are being forcefully raised.

    In this situation, I want to know that "Are smart classes beneficial for students ?"
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    Yes up-to a great extent it is helpful. As being interactive it helps student to understand and remember things easily. If you think we remember lot of of things in life which we have experienced or seen rather than just reading. So these classes re good innovation for study.

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    "Smart Classes", providing education better through presentations and videos. I think a student can learn better through visualization. All the students may not understand the teaching methodology of a teacher, but can understand by smart classes. This can be seen in case of movies, i.e students remember movies better than the lessons taught in classroom. This type of teaching creates an attention called as interest in them. So e-learning is absolutely better.
    But this should not be applied to all the topics in every subject, because imagination and visualization and application capability of student regarding the subject may be reduced.
    So smart classes are better only up to certain limit.

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    The new revolutionary program in school education system, 'Smart Classes' has changed the very concept of learning (classroom teaching). It's an innovative technology that has aimed to revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn in class. Obviously, this methodology has proved beneficial for the students.

    Firstly, the curriculum is converted into animated visuals which not only becomes an enjoyable experience for students but they can relate to and remember facts easily. For them, while learning in the classroom becomes a thrilling and exciting experience, at the end they find abstract and difficult concepts easy to comprehend thereby enhancing their academic performance. Such teaching helps to maintain the student's interest and focus by engaging them fully for the entire learning experience.

    Secondly, from the teacher's point of view, with the arrival of this digital initiative which is so practical to modern time and friendly to use, teachers can instantly evaluate/assess the learning achieved by their students in his/her class. If a concept taught is not understood then teacher can repeat with greater clarity and emphasis. He/she can identify areas of student's strength as well as weaknesses. These ultimately help the student's for better understanding.

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    Smart classrooms are very much beneficial in teaching-learning process in a school. We make use of an appeal to audio-visual senses of students in using smart boards. These smart boards are like a computer screen which are finely handled by a teacher and also by students to provide active participation.
    Some of the benefits for Smart board used inside a classroom are:

    1. Appeal to audio-visual senses:
    By using smart boards in a classroom, we are appealing to both the audio sense and visual senses of students. Learning in such a way is very effective as the information is strongly embedded in kids mind this way.

    2. No wastage of time:
    In traditional type of classroom, a lot of time was wasted in drawing diagrams on the black/white boards, whereas in Smart-boards, diagrams are in memory and thus time is utilized more for the active learning part.

    3. No chalk Dust:
    Some teachers and even front line students used to suffer from chalk dust getting into their eyes and lungs. This had ill effect on health. Using smart-board we are eliminating this health issue.

    4. Virtual field trips:
    Students are taken virtually to field trips while teaching, say, a teacher is covering a lesson on desert animals, using smart-board, we could give a tour of desert like Sahara or Kalahari to teach this topic.

    5 Marker Feature:
    Smart board teaching is not 'see-only', we could use special markers to underline or mark an important location while teaching. We can even write on it to make the concept more clear.

    6. Inbuilt library:
    Smart board have an inbuilt library in it which enables a teacher to have an instant look at it in case of requirement. He/she may not have to scan a real library for this.

    7. Active learning:
    Smart boards leads to active learning process where both the teacher and the students are involved. This leads to strong reinforcement of information in students.

    Smart boards have many advantages and every class room should have it for the ease of teaching learning process; though I strongly believe that only a strong motivation is the basic of any learning process and can be carried out in any situation.


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    Yes, this is very beneficial for student to learn by the help of smart classes. It makes all the confusion and questions clear. Like, if students are studying about 3d objects, and they are studying only from books. This will not clear all confusions and questions of students. But if students study that topic by visual method, then they will see that object in 3d form and can see from any direction. It will definitely clear their all confusions.
    So every schools and colleges should make smart classes for making their student sharps. If students of any nation will be sharp, then that nation will progress.

    "Sometimes it's better to react with no reaction"

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    Smart classes are very beneficial for students as in this learning process involves advanced technology and it attracts the students towards learning. Smart classes appeal to both the audio sense and visual senses of students thereby it makes a remarkable influences in student's mind.

    Smart board replaces traditional teaching method of using blackboards or whiteboard that teacher used to write with a chalk. By using this advanced technology of smart board teachers can provide more information for students from various sources in a short time because Smart Board have the capacity to connect to the Internet. There is no wastage of time both for students and teachers in this learning process.

    Teacher can show the students some knowledge- providing movies, presentations and help to access online websites at the time of teaching. It assists to enhance students' knowledge and students like to engage more in this learning process as they get it very interesting and exciting.

    Smart classes are very beneficial for all types of students. There are different types of students in a class room and their learning abilities are vary from one another. Some students learn by seeing the lesson material, some learn easily by hearing it and some students can learn by seeing or hearing the lesson material. Smart classes provide all these facilities for the students to learn easily using modern technology.

    Smart board is such a learning process where needs active participation of both the teacher and the students.This increases the interaction between teacher and students during a lesson and students do not hesitate to ask any question to their teachers if they have any doubt in certain topic.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    I think smart classes are very beneficial to students because we can understand everything very easily by seeing it. If we want to know the way of our school,it will be more beneficial if we go there on our foot and know about the way than someone tells us about the way orally.

    Thank for all those have given many suggestions for it.

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    Smart classes are very useful to students as it is the very advanced form of modern teaching technology, it makes the listener very interesting to the class and attract the mind of the listeners to the subject. The smart class are multimedia based teachers presents the topics with the help of presentation , clips, photos related with topic etc. These motion pictures, clips ,sounds help a lot to make a clear idea of the topic for the listeners.
    Another advantage of this smart class is that it reduces the effort of the lecturer as its most part are done in the presentation. It is very difficult for the lectures to take continues classes in a day without proper rest so this multimedia class is a boon for the students as well as the teachers.
    Students can understand the topic more detail while showing a video or a photo, it is related to the memory concept in our brain it is more effective to study with a colour picture other than a colour less picture .

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    No I don't think smart classes are too much beneficial to students.They are just another alternative to learn new things sitting at the comfort of your home.

    'Students should personally learn from teachers and elders rather than sitting in front of the computer/PC.'

    Also ,one has to pay hourly,weekly or monthly for the smart classes. Teachers online are not very enthusiastic about teaching. Their main aim is to earn money.It's all business. Watching free videos/animations of the topics is also an inadequate way to learn new things.

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    Yes. in my point of view smart class is better than a normal class. it helps to students by seeing the videos of experiments. All the students couldn't forgot anything that seen in the smart class. Smart class is good so, it should be raised.

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