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    What is the job role of Associate System Engineer - Sales in Cisco?

    Want to know about the job of Associate Systems Engineer - Sales in Cisco? Learn more about Associate Systems (Sales) salary, job prospects and growth options in Cisco.

    I need details about the job role and responsibilities of the position Associate Systems Engineer - Sales in Cisco. Please provide detailed explanation like what is the eligibility for this position? Is there any training necessary for this position? Will this job involves working in shifts (Day/Night) or not? And also mention the package offered by Cisco for this position.
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    what is the eligibility for this position?
    A person who has completed Diploma in System Hardware and Network Engineering and have done certification from Cisco like CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate) can apply for this post.

    Is there any training necessary for this position?
    It depends upon the company policies. Almost all companies provide training to its IT staff. Educational trainings are given during certification course.

    Will this job involves working in shifts (Day/Night) or not?
    As you are in sales, you will not have to do shift work. There will be no awake in the night for you to approach and get the things sold off.

    The package offered by Cisco for this position.
    The answer for this question can be given only Cisco. When you are called for an interview, ask them about the pay scale. Cisco is a reputed company and hence work experience from Cisco itself counts a lot.

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    Job role and responsibilities for the position "Associate Systems Engineer" - Sales in Cisco

    To begin with, this role will be a rewarding career for the right candidate and having a strong knowledge in the Technical Support.

    Eventually the right candidate will begin his journey as an "ASE" – Associate Systems Engineer and once he is well versed with pre-sales support, technical support and over all in charge of sales experience, and installation he will get a new role as "Virtual Systems Engineer (VSE).

    An ASE need to co-ordinate and support the entire accounting colleagues in the company and need to actively participate in technical sales activities.

    He is responsible for any questions regarding sales and research activities. During his joining period to three months, an ASE will have to expand sales and business activities, increase his technical knowledge and skills of presentation. He needs to be aware of Cisco products and competitors.

    The required qualification for right candidate to apply for role as ASE is: the candidate should be BTECH, BE, BS or BA in electrical, computer graduate etc. He need to be a Science, Mathematics and a Physics graduate.

    Is there any training necessary for this position?

    After knowing the company's prospective within 3 months of joining period, ASE's will be given an "On the job training" from the 4th month to 9th month onwards, wherein each ASE's have to interact customers and partners.

    Very Important : When you show better results to the company, you will be automatically choosen for high level training field in order to raise your technical level and also growth.

    Will this job involves working in shifts (Day/Night) or not?

    No. You will be given a permanent task in the morning to finish the sales activities, as this field need interaction with the clients during the day and not night.

    Package offered by Cisco for this position

    The offered salary will be the best in the company and will be kept confidential. It is highly recommended for you to ask this question when you finish your interview with the concerned personnel.

    All the best.

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    Eligibility for position of Associate system engineer - sales in Cisco:
    1. Graduation in any field.
    2. CCNA or CCNP certification.

    Training for this position:
    Appropriate knowledge of Cisco device or atleast 6 month or above experience or depend of job category.

    Job Profile:
    1. Keep tracking of Cisco hardware like Routers,Switches.
    2. Hardware update and maintenance.
    3. Knowledge of financial and marketing statics.

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