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    Burning sensation needed to be diagonized

    Are you having a burning sensation in your anus especially in the lavatory or urinal? Learn more about treatments of anal burning, remedies and precautions.

    I am a 47-year-old male having anal burning especially during toilet experience or other items often. Sometimes, I feel that something is present there, even though there is nothing. The burning sensation is acute, when I consume food items containing chilly ie non-vegetarian food stuff. As this would happen often, I would like to get an expert opinion from a surgeon.
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    I am also not a surgeon to answer this question but try to give some general advices from my knowledge.

    First I suggest you to consult with a good doctor to know the possible causes of anus burning. There are several causes of anal burning including fissure (split in the sensitive part of anal canal), hemorrhoid disease (piles), and dermatitis of the skin or psoriasis. You have to find out what is the main cause of your annul burning.

    There are various home remedies which can bring down the burning sensation of your anus. These remedies can provide relief to a patient who suffers from this problem. I have listed some home based remedies below.

    1. Blend banana with milk and consume it daily. You will get relief from your problem.

    2. Drink lemon juice regularly to reduce the burning sensation in your annul.

    3. You can use Aloe Vera on the area of the anus to get rid of the anal burning

    4. Blend radish with milk and drink it regularly. This radish juice helps bring down the burning sensation.

    5. Coriander juice works effectively to calm down the burning sensation in annul.

    6. Mix the powder of cumin seeds with water and make a paste. You can apply this past around your anus like an ointment for getting relieved from pain and burning.

    7. You should increase the amount of fiber containing foods in your diet.

    8. You have to maintain good hygiene in the area of anus.

    9. Follow a good diet and avoid all types of spicy foods and chilies.

    10. Buttermilk is considered as a effective remedy for annul burning. Try to drink buttermilk regularly.

    11. Regards,
      Tulika Devi Nath

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    There could be a number of reasons for burning sensation while passing urine. You need to go through a few tests in a clinic to know about the real reason of this problem. I am not a surgeon but can suggest you some remedial measures that you could take to get rid of this burning sensation.

    Probable reasons behind burning sensation while passing urine:
    1. Constipation:
      Constipation may seem a very common problem but its side effects are very unpleasant to go through; which may include burning sensation while passing stool and urine and in severe cases bleeding of the anal canal.

    2. Gastroenteritis:
      Gastroenteritis is inflammation and irritation of gastro-intestinal track caused by parasites and bacteria.

    3. Piles:
      Piles is the inflammation of hemorrhoids which are clumps, cluster, masses, and cushions of tissue in the anal track. When these hemorrhoids are inflamed, a very unpleasant burning sensation occurs while passing stool and urine.

    4. Infection:
      Bacterial, fungal, parasitic and other microbial infections in intestine also results in burning sensation.

    5. Fissure:
      Fissure or tear in the lining of anal canal also results in burning sensation and even bleeding.

    My suggestions:

    1. You could be suffering from severe anal track infection; so without wasting time refer a physician and start undergoing antibiotic treatment after proper diagnosis.

    2. without wasting time, start consuming 'Papaya' on daily basis. This will remove constipation problem and also soothe down your elementary canal.

    3. Induce a lot of liquid food in your diet like 'lassi' and juices.

    4. For breakfast eat Oats, 'Dahliya', 'Khichari' and sprouted moong dal or fruit/veggies Salad.

    5. Drink a lot of water to wash away the infection.

    6. Stop consuming tea/coffee for a while.

    7. Stop eating chilli and spicy hot food. This may also include non-veg and restaurant cooked food.

    8. Eat simple home cooked healthy food. This may include a lot of fibrous food.

    9. Keep your anal track cool, dry and hygienically clean.

    10. Apply coconut oil in the areas of burning sensation.


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    Burning sensation in the anus is caused due to the irritation or inflammation of the anal mucosa. Consult a Gastroenterologist initially to diagnose your condition.

    Causes for Burning sensation in Anus
    1) Constipation: Frequent, long term and untreated constipation.
    2) Anal Fissures: Cracks in the external orifice of the Anus.
    3) Anorectal Polyps: Growth or protrusion in the proximity of the internal/external orifice.
    4) Bleeding Hemorrhoids: Bleeding per rectum.
    5) Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS): Irritation of the intestinal mucosa due to wrong eating habits or stress and other related disorders.
    6) Gastroenteritis: Inflammation of the gastric mucosa due to infections by microbes or parasites.
    7) Infections: Secondary infection of the fissure by Bacteria, Fungi or other microbes.
    8) Rectal Spasm: Spasm of Rectal Muscles due to stress and related disorders.

    Treatment and remedies for Burning sensation in Anus.

    1) Treat Your constipation:
  • Include foods rich in insoluble fibre like greens, fresh fruits,vegetables and Legumes.

  • Foods like Fenugreek seed Powder, rich in soluble fibre helps in absorption of water and thus loosens the stool.

  • Avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates such as Pasta, white bread etc.

  • Cut down alcohol and caffeinated foods, instead go for consuming Herbal teas.

  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day.

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of Fresh fruit juices. Juices like pineapple, papaya help treat constipation.

  • Eat a bland diet free from chillies and spices.

  • Consume at least two Bananas per day.

  • Soak two pieces of Figs and 6 Raisins overnight in 30ml of hot water. Mash it completely the next morning and consume it in empty stomach.

  • Also try Psyllium husk, a fibre substitute which relieves severe constipation.

  • Probiotic curd helps in improving the intestinal flora and relieves burning sensation else where in the intestines.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Take a break from your work seat every one hour. You can use a seat cover or a towel made out of cotton to cover your seat in the work place and in your car. Long hours of sitting on foam seats increases body heat and causes dryness of stools.

  • 2) Treat your infections:
  • Consult your Doctor to treat any infections of the colon, which cause Gastroenteritis and Irritable Bowel syndrome(IBS).

  • You may have to undergo a Occult stool Examination to rule out intestinal infections and infestations

  • 3) Treat your stress:
  • Avoid stressors and adopt methods to overcome stress.Practices like yogasanas,pranayama and meditation help to combat stress effectively.

  • Deep relaxation practices help to overcome muscle stiffness, IBS and Rectal spasm.

  • 4) Adopt healthy lifestyle habits:
  • Eat at regular intervals and do not overeat.

  • Get a sound sleep.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • 5) Try medications:
  • You can locally apply an ointment to reduce the burning sensation. You can use Himalaya Pilex cream. Squeeze a little of the cream by inserting the nozzle into the anus. Apply before and after evacuation of bowels.

  • You can even try applying Castor oil to the orifice which will reduce the burning sensation and it also heals open fissures if any.

  • Inserting a small fresh piece of Aloevera Gel into the anal orifice will also relieve irritation and burning.

  • Apply a paste of cumin seeds powder mixed with water to the local area.

  • A warm Sitz Bath with neem and turmeric will help treat infection and irritation.

  • Intake of Mango seed powder will help reduce inflammation in the anal region, it also treats hemorrhoids. Two grams of the powder mixed with honey can be consumed twice a day.

  • 6) Take enema:
  • Smear the tip of the enema nozzle with Vaseline, Bees wax or Castor oil. Neem water enema (Boil the neem leaves in water for 10 mins. Filter and use when warm with a pinch of turmeric)Fill the enema can with the neem water and use it everyday morning.This will help in easy evacuation of bowels without much of strain and will also heal the fissures if any.

  • Buttermilk enema with a pinch of turmeric will also help reduce the burning sensation.

  • Note: Never force the nozzle into the anus if it causes pain

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