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    How is the salaries of teachers fixed in unaided private schools in Andhra Pradesh

    Want to know about how the salary of teachers in unaided private schools in Andhra Pradesh is fixed? Learn more about the pay scales of teachers in Andhra Pradesh unaided private schools.

    Private unaided schools pay different salaries to teachers in different schools in Andhra Pradesh. While some international and corporate schools charge an exorbitantly high rate of school fess and pay handsome salaries to the teachers, others that charge school fees ranging from Rs.8000-Rs.12000 per annum from students are able to pay only very meagre salaries to their staff. I know that the government school and private aided schools pay the government scales of pay to the teachers. Is there any government order (GO) that fixes the minimum salaries of the teachers teaching in private unaided schools. Is there a separate criteria for fixing the salary of teachers for the international and corporate schools and the ordinary privately managed unaided schools?
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    Yes, private unaided schools show variation in salaries they pay to the teachers. The salaries of those unaided schools are fixed by the particular institutions basing on the funds they develop. The variation of salaries only depends upon the economic standards of the institute. However there are some schools don't pay genuinely. Supreme Court has also announced that "teachers of unaided schools cannot claim a salary equal to what is being paid to govt teachers." This is said because the allowances and the salaries of those private teachers is a contract between teacher and the institute and is not within public law.
    But for the govt and aided schools 6th pay commission is applicable, where they are paid according to govt rules.

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