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    How to prepare Natural Fairness Pack at Home?

    Are you looking for home-made chemical-free skin care options? Let an expert give you tips on how to prepare a skin fairness pack at home.

    There are various products available in the market which includes Chemicals which gives negative effects on the Skin. So,Instead of using ready made products I wanted to have natural home remedy. For a tanned and dark Indian skin, How to prepare Fairness Pack at home? Also specify the duration for which Fairness Pack is to be used.
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    The ways to prepare natural fairness pack at home:
    1.I will tell you some simple but really effective ways to maintain the glow of your face , some turmeric powder along with some milk can be applied on skin for half an hour and than can gently be washed with the help of hot water
    2.We can also prepare face pack with the help of potato water ,we have to apply some potato water and than keep the face to dry up potato water and than gently wash with water
    3.we can also prepare face wash with help of mud ,seems strange but this method is really effective but the mud should be clayey and should not contain sediments this mud can be used to wash the face and you can see the result
    So these are some effective ways to maintain glow of your skin

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    Home made face packs are safe and effective with natural ingredients. For fair and clear skin, I always prefer natural face packs rather then chemical based products which are available over the counter. Some of the very effective natural home made face packs for fairer skin can be prepared from easily available materials at home as follows:
    1. Papaya face pack :Papaya has natural lightening properties and a face mask prepared from its pulp is very effective in obtaining fairer and clearer skin.
      To prepare papaya face pack, mash pulp of papaya in a bowl and mix it with little milk to make a smooth paste. Apply it on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash your face with water.
      Apply this pack twice every week for beautiful facial skin.

    2. Potato face pack : Squeeze out the juice of a potato and apply this juice on your face. Let it dry and then wash with lukewarm water. It is difficult to squeeze out potato juice so you can grate a piece of potato and then squeeze it to get its juice out. This is very effective for any darker body part and not just the face. Keep on apply and gradually you will notice a fairer effect on your skin.

    3. Lemon juice :Lemon juice has bleaching properties, thus applying the juice of a fresh lemon you your face will lighten the dark spots on your face. Sometimes, it you may get a bit of itching feeling; in such a case you may dilute a little bit.

    4. Besan and honey face pack :Beasn/Gram and honey face pack is a wonder pack that rids you from a number of skin problems including acne, skin darkening, tanning and so on. To make this face pack, mix 2 tablespoons of 'besan' with 1 tbsp of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Add water to make a smooth paste and apply on your face for about 15-20 minutes. Wash your face to get an angelic feeling.

    5. Multani mitti or fuller earth face pack :Multani mitti is a wonder product that have natural detoxifying properties. It absorbs toxins, excess sebum, dirt and oils from your face to impart a natural glow to your face.
      To make this face pack, mix a little rose water in 2 tablespoons of fuller earth, make a smooth paste and apply on your face for about 15-20 minutes. Wash and pat dry your face. You can use it almost daily before going to bed, to get a clearer and fairer skin.

    6. Chandan or sandlewood face pack :Chandan face pack is the best face pack for summers to get more fairer skin. It has a soothing and a cooling effect on your skin.
      To make this face pack, take 2 tbsp of 'chandan' powder in a bowl and mix with some water to make a smooth paste. Apply on your face and neck every night for a beautiful glowing face. It can be mixed with saffron or turmeric sometimes for a variation.

    7. Cucumber face pack :Extract juice from a cucumber, add a few drops of lemon juice in it and apply all over your face for fairer skin.

    8. Curd and turmeric face pack :Curd has a mild bleaching properties and thus can be very effectively used to get a fairer skin. Take 2 tbsp of curd in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric in it (Turmeric has a healing disinfectant properties). Make a smooth paste and apply on your face for 20 minutes; then wash your face with lukewarm water for fairer glowing skin.

    9. Orange peel face pack :Grind orange peels to make a smooth powder out of it. Now make a smooth paste with this orange peel powder, a pinch of turmeric and little rose water (you may add few drops of lemon juice as well). Now apply this paste all over your face and neck. Wash with water, when the pack has dried and get a smooth fairer skin.

    10. Egg white face pack: Extract white portion of an egg and apply all over your face using a fine brush regularly for fairer skin. It smells awful so you may add few drops of rose water or a perfume in it to make the smell bearable.

    It is recommended to clean your face with a good face wash before applying any face pack to get good results. There are some more face packs but the listed above are the best and most effective of all and can be very easily prepared and applied at home.


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    Fairness packs that are readily available over the counter in any store or medical shop are usually contain 50-60 percent of chemicals and are hence unhealthy to our skin. Most important to note is that their prolonged use can make our skin dry,pigmented and freckles may also develop.
    Using naturally made fair packs usually help in giving the skin a great feel as well make the skin glow. Just remember one mantra for a good skin-'Drink lot of water to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.'
    Following are the natural fairness packs that one can use :-
    1. Make some almond paste and mix honey in it. Apply on the face for about 15 minutes then make a loose paste of besan(gram flour) and turmeric in milk(in winter) or in rose water(in summers) and apply on the face and slowly rub it off. Wash the face with cold water to get a soothing and refresh ing skin.
    2. One can also use the above mentioned besan paste only as a scrub.
    3. Mix some choker(the residue left when wheat is grinded) and milk cream and apply on face for 20 minutes and then wash.
    4. Mix crushed papaya, honey or papaya and almond paste and apply on skin for 15 minutes and then wash.
    5. Mix sandal powder and rose water to give a soothing feel to the skin in summers.
    6. Mix lemon juice in a little bit of almond paste and apply for about 10 minutes and wash it off.Never apply lemon juice directly on the skin since it may cause rashes because of its acidic properties.
    7. One may also rub some potato and tomato peels on the face to lighten the dark circles and pigmentation.
    8. One may also apply the paste of urad dal and turmeric and milk as a scrub.

    The above packs would help anyone to bring out the real texture and colour of the skin.


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    In most cases, you need to use the face packs immediately after preparing for getting better results. Here are some safe home-made face packs for a clearer facial skin. Please note that mostly for Indians, the darkness of the facial skin is due to the accumulation of the dirt and pollutants of the face and if these are not washed away regularly this will leave the skin darker. So regular cleaning of the facial skin that too immediately after returning home from outdoors is very important for a fairer facial skin.

    Some effective home-made face packs
    • Pack with besan / gram flour and yogurt: Making a paste of gram flour using sour cream less yogurt is a very effective face pack which helps in regaining the natural cleanliness of the skin and thus makes the face look fairer.

    • Orange peel pack:
      This is another very effective pack for getting a fairer skin. You can collect the skin of the oranges, dry these and add few Bengal gram to it and grind it to a dry powder. Preserve the powder in dry air tight container and use it as and when required. You can take little of this powder and make a paste of it either using cream less curd or rose water and apply it as a face pack.

    • Multani mitti and chandan powder pack:
      Very effective face pack for regaining the natural fairness of the facial skin. Mix equal quantities of multani mitti and chandan powder and make a paste of it using rose water and apply it as a face pack.

    • Honey and lime juice pack:
      A spoon full of honey and lime juice mixed together and applied on the face gives an excellent result. Or applying only lime juice will also serve the purpose but sometimes it will leave an itchy or burning sensation on the skin.

    • Just cream less sour curd;
      You can even use only sour curd without mixing any ingredients to it. But make sure that it is a cream less curd and that too sour one as sour curd is good for the facial skin.

    • Just cream of the milk;
      Even apply only the cream of the milk as a pack will serve the purpose and help in bringing back the natural glow on the face.

    • Aloe vera extract:
      These plants are easily available. So get one plant and place it in a pot in your balcony. You can take the fresh leaf, take the sticky extract and apply it on the face. This will not only give a natural glow on the face but also help in making the skin smooth and soft.

    • You can even make face packs using the pulp of the fruits like watermelon, papaya and cucumber.

    • In the night time apply little almond oil on the face before going to bed and wash the face the next day morning. This will help in making the facial skin fair.

    Please note that I am neither a beautician nor a cosmetologist but these are mentioned out of my own experience.

    Thanks & Regards

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    On my own I tried something for my daughter and it worked very well but after she stopped using it, the fairness slowly vanishes. So if you want to use this pack, please use it continuously.

    Orange peels and lemon peels are very good fairness agents. Please dry equal quantity of orange peels or lemon peels and powder them. Take measure of this powder. If this powder measures 2 cups, add 1 cup of moong (green dhal dried and powdered) not besan and 2 tea spoonsful of turmeric powder. (you may even dry one piece of turmeric and powder it). Add all these powders in a bowl, mix them well and keep in fridge. Daily mix one tea spoon powder with plain water (if your skin is oily) or with milk (if you have a dry skin) mix it, apply it like a batter on your face. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash it for daily face wash. Don't use soap after this. If you are going out for a function / party, apply it two times and see the change in 15 days time.

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    There are many ways which can be followed for skin darkening and tanning. Home made remedies are the best in my opinion because i personally used to suffer from tanning but now i use home remedies to remove tan. These are the remedies:

    1. Orange peel face pack: grind orange peels in mixer grinder or just crush the orange peels so as to make a paste. Add besan and atta with the paste and add water so as to mix all these together and apply on face and other tanned areas. Wash off when more than half dry and your skin will glow literally. Its very effective. Use for 1 to 2 weeks and sometimes with breaks of 1 day in between.

    2. Lemon & Homey: Mix equal amount of lemon juice and honey and apply. Keep for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

    3. Lemon and cucumber: Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply. Keep for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off. Use frequently for soothing the skin.

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    In today's modern world everyone wants to look beautiful. Each and every person tries varies beauty products to enhance their outer skin. But the beauty products available in the market contain chemicals that are dangerous for our skin in one or other way. Different creams, fairness packs contains harmful chemicals that may cause skin rashes, itching, pimples, acne and at least using these chemicals very frequently and for longer duration may even cause skin cancer. Here I am telling you some herbal and home made skin whitening face packs that are natural and have no side effects. These beauty products may take some more time to show their results but these are the market chemicals.

    • For glowing skin take one table spoon corns (maize) and Almond oil. Grind them to make a paste. Apply it on your face and wash it off after 20 min. Use it regularly.

    • .
    • For scar free skin, grate half radish. Mix 2 tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp tomato juice in it and apply it on your face and wash it off after 20 min.

    • To remove sun tinning and pimples regularly apply potato juice on your face. Wash your face after 30 min. In 10 days you will see the results.

    • Take 1 tbsp orange peel powder, 10 drops lemon juice, 1 tsp milk cream, 1 tsp honey and make a paste. Apply it on your face. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash it off with Luke warm water.

    • To have a glowing skin, mash two bananas and make a paste with one cup curd and add 3 tsp of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and wash it off after ten minutes.

    • Take the milk which is not boiled and make a paste with Fullers Earth (multani mitti). Add rose water to make a paste. Regularly apply it on your face. This will lighten your skin tone.

    • Mash 2 strawberries and one banana. Make a paste and apply it on your face. Wash your face after 10 min.

    • Make a paste by mixing one cup gram flour (besan), half cup tomato juice and half cup lemon juice. Apply it on your face. This will help to glow your skin.

    • Mix equal portion of lemon juice, Almond oil and glycerin and keep it in bottle. Apply regularly on your face for 30 min and then wash your face.

    • Pour some rose water in a glass. Put leaves of Azadirachta indica (neem) and basil (tulsi) in it. Blend it and apply it on your face. This mixture will act as anti pimple lotion.

    • Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin E and it is very good for skin. Rub pulp of aloe vera on your face for 10 min and keep it for another half an hour. Then wash your face with water.

    The above face masks vary from skin to skin tone. They are natural and herbal so there reaction on our skin is slow as comparative to market face packs. But these are more effective.

    Amit Goyal

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