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    General eligibility criteria for MNC companies

    Will you be appearing for an interview at a top MNC company but are worried about low academic scores? Find out here the minimum percentage marks required to appear for an MNC interview.

    I am a engineering student. I scored 60% in third year engineering & next year I am appearing for an MNC companys interview. However, my 10th and 12th percentages are very low so what is minimum requirement of 10th and 12th percentage for appearing for the mnc company(TCS,CONGNI,etc) interviews?
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    Hello Pritesh,
    Still you think Percentage % always matter as an scale when facing any interview at MNC?
    Your 60% in Engineering is enough to allow you to face interview at good MNC companies and for good companies like TCS, CTS they stick on 60% always from 10th to College.
    You will surprise to know i have seen many candidates entering into hall with a bad academic career and getting good jobs because when they give interview they are confident and they know how to work.
    So, whenever you give interview be confident and try to express your practical skills.

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    This is common question from engineering students. They somehow thinks that our 10th and 12th marks will effect at campus. This is not right. There are only few companies, who will check 1oth and 12th academic marks too. Most of the companies focus on your Degree percentile and project done in last year. If you have less marks in first and second year, then try to compensate in final year to make agree-gate above 60%. Also it is needed to focus more on your project work too. Most of the MNC companies will ask questions on it. Usually MNC companies relate/compare SDLC cycle with your final year project. So please study hard, focus on scoring more in last year and also focus on Project too. One more thing for campus interviews is Aptitude. Almost all companies will have Aptitude tests. You can find lot of questions, papers on ISC database to get more information. Make use of it and do your best. All the best!!

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    Pritesh, its very common among college students to get anxious about their placements in campus for big MNCs. But, believe me it the percentage of marks in 10th and 12th has very little weightage as compared to your overall performance in the various tests that you have to clear in order to get selected in placement interviews.
    First of all your percentage of 60% in engineering is just fine. Every company has a different criteria of selection. Some companies are contend with above 50% in engineering with no blockages. Some want your percentage to be more than 60% with all blockages cleared, if any.
    The companies usually test their candidates on the following areas:-
    Analytical skills
    Problem solving
    Verbal reasoning
    Numerical ability

    Once you clear the written tests, the companies want you to appear good in their group discussions which is usually followed with technical interviews.
    At the end HR interview seals your fate. The HR interview is also very important since it tests your team working ability, personality and oration skills which have now become an important part of the desired candidates.
    So I suggest you to be high in moral, good at your skills and confident during interview.


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