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    Exercises to reduce Stomach Fat

    Want to know about the exercises to reduce stomach fat? learn more about the exercises and yoga to reduce tummy or belly fat here from our experts.

    Stomach is the major retainer of fats in the body. Once Stomach fat is developed it is difficult to have a flat stomach. I have heard that by doing exercises one can reduce fat within few weeks. Kindly come forward and post the exercises which one can use to reduce belly fat. Also specify the duration of exercises. What all food sources one should consume to prevent fat building?
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    Everyone wants to be slim and fit. Though it seems to be a daunting task for some of us, however it is quite easy to maintain a good physique by following a few simple steps. However it should be kept in mind that "Motivation is something which gets you started but habit is something which keeps you going". So consistency is the mantra to success and you should follow a routine to remain fit. Below are a few tips which you can follow regularly for getting quick results:

    1. Exercise regularly: Maintain a schedule of exercises and follow it regularly. You should exercise for a minimum of 30-45 mins daily. You can later increase the duration to 1 hour. Initially follow simple exercises such as walking and running followed by other simple exercises such as sit-up, push-ups, V-Ups etc. These are a few exercises which will help you in shaping up of your abdomen. Later you can move up to a few rigorous exercises such as lifting light to moderate weight.

      You can practice regularly some yogic exercises . You can practice Surya Namaskara (the series of asana regularly to get an effective result. You can do exercises such as chakrasana, Paschimottanasana (The Forward Bend), Utthan Pada Asana (Leg Lifting Posture), Salabha Asana (The Locust), Matsya Asana (The Fish Posture), Bhujangasana/Cobra pose, Hastapadasana, Dhanur Asana (The Bow Posture), Cat and Dog pose regularly as these exercises influence the body posture remarkably which help to burn the extra fats of our body.

      You can maintain an additional schedule for exercises like cycling, swimming, brisk walking, climbing the stairs etc in the afternoon to get quicker results. Try to walk for half an houreach in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Whenever you get more sweating in body then more calories will burn from your body. So continue doing all these exercises as consistency of practices is very important to get a better result.

      You can engage yourself in some outdoor games like tennis, badminton, cricket, football regularly which will help to burn the extra calories of your body.

    2. What out what you eat: You should prepare a menu which will ensure that you get the right amount of calories. Your food should contain essential minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates etc so that you get right amount of nutrition. Include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your meal. Consume vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber regularly which are very good for health and will provide you with the essential minerals. Drink a lot of water as it will accelerate metabolism. Eat food containing high protein and less fat content as it will increase metabolism process.

      Limit your consumption of food items such as muffing, cake, pastas, pizzas which contain high amount of fat contents. In general avoid eating outside, mainly junk food.

      Never miss your breakfast. Skipping breakfast will slow down the metabolism process inside the body. Have a whole grain toast with fruits in the morning and you will stay fresh for the day. You can reduce your amount of food in the dinner considerably to shed the unrequited weight.

    Tulika Devi Nath

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    You can easily reduce your fat by just following some habits and keeping some things in mind:
    1. Running regularly just for 20 minutes in morning and evening without stopping or resting, this is the best and effective way to reduce fat, this will give results within 20 days but you have to maintain this habit without missing a day, if somehow you did miss then do some other cardios like skipping or cycling. If you do follow this routine you will definitely get results.
    2. Adopt healthy habit of playing, anything or any game that you like and computer game and play station does not count neither do chess, you should play any game that involves running like cricket, basketball, soccer etc.
    3. Going to gym would not help in reducing fat the exercise available there are just for growing abs they does not effect your body fats and all other physical exercise will provide shape to your muscles they will also does not effect your body fat and if you try those abdominal exercise trust me that will give only bad digestion and stomach ache if you would believe me you can try it yourself those exercise are only help those whose body fat is already controlled, so never listen if someone advice you to go to the gym.
    4. If it is possible go for swimming this is also very effective exercise to reduce body fat.
    5. Everyone likes music if you also do poses the same liking for music then you can dance in free time this will also effect in positive manner.
    6. For reducing body fat you have to reduce the quantity of rice or I would say replace white rice with brown rice and completely say no to sweets you can again start eating sweets after you reduce your fat but in a controlled quantity.
    7. Start eating healthy food like vegetables, salad, grains, pulses, milk etc.
    Do follow these and you will get result in 20 days.

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    Now a days most of guys have this problem. The main reason behind it is no control on our eating habit, less movement(No exercise),etc. Due to high tech technology we get all facilities at our door, which is one more reason for increasing fat.
    1. The best practice to reduce your fat is exercise. Do either fast walk or jogging daily for at-least 2-3 kms. Gradually increase it after few days. Along with this you need to do Skipping rope at-least 50 at start, and increasing daily by 5-10.
    2. You also need to drink more water which help to loose weight in some content. Drink min 2-3 liter water per day.
    3. Have healthy and nutritious food. Avoid Junk, oily and spicy food. Have Breakfast and lunch healthy, have dinner lightly. Avoid eating unnecessarily apart from this 3 timings.
    4. Use stairs instead of lift(if using). It is necessary to give more movement for our body so that fat will burn.
    5. Never use any anti-biotic or medicines which may result in side effects.

    All the best!

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    Everybody like you wants to have flat belly. Although reducing stomach fat is some what difficult, you can try the following steps:

    1. Wake up in early morning around 6 am and walk for 20 minutes

    2. Then try to jack up for atleast 30 minutes and return to home

    3. Choose proper place for exercising and have a bedsheet on flat floor in your home. open place is best suite for exercising.

    4. Now keep your body straight along floor by seeing up

    5. Raise your both legs very slowly until coming to 90 degree to your hip.

    6. Then reverse this process slowly.

    7. Continue these steps 5 and 6 for 20 minutes. If feel very pain in your stomach, practice it for 5 minutes and raise the timing day by day.

    8. Apart from this, you can play shuttle game daily morning and evening. This can give you a best result.

    9. Cycling, swimming and skipping practices you can follow if you time. Or atleast follow once in every week.

    10. Finally dont eat foods containing lot of fat. Instead eat fiber content food well.

    All the very best.


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    First of all you need to avoid junk food. It is deffinately harmfull for everyone's health. Then, the second most thing that you need the most is 'exercise'. You also need to do cycling. Cycling helps to give the proper fittness to our body. You need to do 'Taad-Aasan'. I am telling you the steps of doing it:

    1. First of all you have to stand straight.
    2. Then you have to up your heels and up your arms slowly-slowly.
    3. Keep straight your body and arms with doing up your heels for few minutes.
    4. Now keep down your arms and heels.
    5. Do this process again and again for few minutes.

    It will deffinately help you to reduce stomach fat as well as increase your height. It is also good for Digestion. You will feel fresh all the day.

    PRECAUTION: First of all you need to do it for just 5-7 minutes. After sometime you can increase the time of this exercise. You need to do it in the morning.

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    Stomach is the most important part of body in respect to personality. The tummy which is showing gives a negative impact to the personality of the male as well as of the female. On the other hand a person looks smart if their tummy is flat.
    It is not important that you should have six packs but you should have flat tummy. Exercise to reduce stomach is only required if your tummy is bulging out. What you eat is most important factor rather best to the power exercises which the people start doing without understanding. Fat accumulates around stomach first which one can feel as tire around stomach.
    Out working system is also important in making our stomach big. If we are just sitting rather doing table job then we should walk for long distances. Walking is the best exercise.

    Eating habits:
    One should stop taking fatty or junk food in case one wants to reduce their stomach. The junk food or the fast food is fat accumulator which is gathering at the stomach first. Taking lot of cold drink is also injurious which is again accumulating fat. Rice should be used only after rinsing it properly. Potato and other vegetables which are fat accumulators should be avoided.

    How to reduce stomach:
    1. One should increase the intake of water during the whole day to the quantity of 7 to 8 liters.
    2. In morning the person who is having bulging stomach should take warm water just after brushing teeth. Add single spoon of honey and ting of lemon. This should be done for regularly for month.
    3. Avoid fried food as mentioned about the junk food.
    4. Do brisk walking in the morning before breakfast.
    5. After dinner the person should make it a habit to walk at least 70 steps in quick steps.
    6. One should not consume water or any other liquid while having food.
    7. Breakfast should be must. If the person is skipping breakfast might increase metabolism in the body.
    8. One should not remain empty stomach for long hours.
    9. Should increase intake of green vegetables on daily basis.
    10. If one is tea to taller should avoid consuming tea with having anything with it. One should have a cup of tea with at least two biscuits.

    Important saying:
    There is an old proverb: ‘Have Breakfast like king, lunch like laborer and Supper / dinner like bagger.’ The literal meaning of this proverb is not in the nouns used here but it is explaining the way one should consume these three meals. The breakfast should be heavy as one has to do labour in the whole day. Lunch less, because the rest of the day the physical labour will not be much. Dinner the least as at night one is not going to physical labour and the fat will start accumulate.
    One other thing which is important, that the married couples should not indulge in intercourse just after dinner. This is another reason for increase in stomach.
    Exercise to reduce stomach are not required if you are following the above mentioned guidelines.

    Exercise to reduce Stomach
    1. Do regular brisk walking in the morning.
    2. Do sit-up in morning and evening on regular basis.
    3. Twist your waist in the morning.
    4. Touch your feet by your hands sideways stretching the legs.
    5. Run if you can in the morning.
    6. Cycling is also a good exercise to reduce stomach.
    All the best and stay healthy.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    One can try several exercises to get a flat tummy. Some tips to reduce stomach fat and become slim are as under:
    -Do Yoga for atleast 20 minutes daily. Most important yoga asana to get a flat tummy is "Kapalbharati". It involves pushing your stomach out while breathing in, and pulling your stomach in while breathing out.

    -Walk briskly for 10-15 minutes after having breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for proper digestion of food.

    -Do atleast 25 sit-ups on a daily basis.

    -Play a high adrenaline sport like tennis, swimming, badminton, cycling, squash, cricket or football for atleast 1 hour 2-3 times in a week.

    -Climb staircase upto about 6-7 floors regularly.

    -Eat plenty of fruits like apple, pear, kiwis, pomegranate to reduce your craving for fatty foodstuffs.

    -Drink 1 big glass of water 5 minutes before every meal you have.

    -Drink 3 glasses of warm water immediately after waking up in the morning.

    -Eat green vegetables, sprouted moong, carrot, lettuce, radish and beetroot regularly.

    The above mentioned exercises and food habits will help one to become slim in 3 months time.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    * Lay down upwards and bend your hips by touching your legs by your hands. Do this for many times as possible per day.
    * Do hip rotation which will burns up the fat.
    * Morning walk.
    * Play games.
    * Diet.

    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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