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    What to do after civil engineering?

    Are you a Civil Engineering student looking for advise on what to pursue after B.Tech.? Get free advice here on the scope of architecture after B.Tech. or whether it is better to pursue M.Tech.

    I am a student of civil engg. 3rd year and I wanted to ask, Is there any scope to join architecture after civil engg? Should I try for M.Tech.? Which is better?
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    At this stage of life, you would have set a goal for yourself instead of getting into a dilemma. First of all try to understand your area of interest, in which field you are interested accordingly take a decision whether to pursue higher education or not. By this age you can very well understand your field of interest and you talents and skills if any, basing on your interest try to choose the field as doing any kind of job / work with great interest is the key to success.

    Please understand that the world is full of scopes and opportunities and people need to take a wise decision and make the right selection / choice basing on their area of interest so as to become successful in the chosen area. On the contrary, if you happen to choose a career without any interest on it and just because there are too many opportunities available for the chosen field, in such a case when you do the job with lack of interest you might end up with failures and frustration.

    So the best thing is understand your area of interest and accordingly continue with you higher education.

    Thanks & Regards

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    I think you need to see your interest and necessity first. Is it necessary to do job or not. If it is must to do job due to responsibility of family then choose doing job. If you don't have concern about it then its better to go for higher education. But for this you have to work hard and study very well. As you have mentioned, you are in 3rd year, you have to concentrate on your studies very well. You need to learn each subject in detail, need to prepare very well for competitive(Entrance) exams for post graduation.
    Doing job also require very strong base along with study of subjects and also require same to PG also. So I suggest you to focus on your studies. Study hard and very well, understand each topic very well, get cleared your doubts and take guidance from your professors n seniors as well. All the best!

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    Every course has its own scope. Its you who has to make the best of out of our course or else even the so called best by your peers become the worst part of our life. If your in dilemma first thing you have to do is jot down your interests and do SWOT (Strength-Weakness, Opportunities-Threats) analysis. This will clearly tell what you can do.
    You can take up M.Tech, M.Arch or M.Des after graduation. If you have interest in architecture you can opt for M.Arch. If you are interested in product design or industrial design then M.Des will be right option. M.Des (Master of Design) if offered by premier institutes like IISc, IITs and NID. M.Des deals with innovative design of products. If your interest lies in design of buildings and structures, I suggest you to take M.Tech in Structural or Construction Technology. Apart from these you can work on Geographic Information System (GIS), Geology, Environmental Engineering, Water Management, Solid Waste Management etc. Lastly if you are interested in pursuing an MBA degree you can take up MBA in Project Management or Construction Management or Infrastructure Management. Decision like in your interests. So take a wise decision and choose a course with your interest, you will really shine in your field. All the best

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