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    How to remove mehendi from hands

    Would you like to remove mehendi quickly? Get quick tips on how to remove already applied mehendi on the hands quickly.

    Can someone help with removing mehendi from hands in a day or two.

    I need to apply mehendi on hands after 2 days for brothers marriage. But the mehendi I applied more than a week back has still not faded.

    How can I quickly make it fade away?
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    Mehendi is such that it tends to get absorbed into the skin to such a degree that it is really tough to get it to disappear quickly!

    Nevertheless, you could try these steps:
    1. When having a bath daily, use a loofah. This is a circular piece of rough fibre with which you can scrub your hands.

    2. After your bath, take a swab of cotton & soak it in a katori of olive oil (just enough to soak the cotton completely). Place the cotton on your hands and swipe it to and fro. Do this regularly every few hours throughout the day. Do not use water at all.

    3. Important Notes:
      Some people recommend using bleach, various types of creams and even kerosene. However, I would not advice you to use these if you are having a dry and rough skin and are suffering from any type of skin allergies.

      Olive oil is the best to use simply because it does not have any side effects as such & hence is considered safer to use than other things. In fact, it helps to moisturize your skin.

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    Dear member,
    To remove mehenthi, you can try the following simple steps:
  • You can apply bleach on your hands, and allow it to dry completely and then rub your hands for few minutes to get rid off , which will result in fading of the color of the mehndi well.
  • You can try to remove mehendi by dipping your hands in the warm water for few minutes and then rub hands to get rid off.

  • You can take bath in a pool where chlorine is added which will help you to fade mehenthi quick. You can try this in your home also by taking vessel containing water and adding chlorine and then dipping your hands in it. Don't follow this if you feel skin irritation.

  • Frequent wash of hands for more than 10 times in a day will result to great extent.

  • You can apply toothpaste on the mehendi and allow to dry, then rub the hands to diminish the colour of mehenthi.

  • Use paste called baking soda which is mixed with lemon. Apply this paste on your hand in order to fade the mehendi. But this can make damage to your skin. So apply very little paste and wash it thoroughly after drying.

  • For best practice, use your hair conditioner when taking bath.

  • Try with olive oil. Put few drops on your hand and gently rub your hands to fade colour of mehenthi.

  • Hope this will help you!


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    It is more than enough to wash your hands with a soap or handwash frequently to get rid of mehendi in your hands. Even the contact with detergents while washing clothes makes the mehendi fade


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    Dear member you can remove mehendi from hands by following these steps

    1. You can soak a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide, and smoothly rub into the hands over the mehendi stain. After some time the colour of mehendi will starts fade.

    2. You can go to the swimming pool, the chlorinated water of swimming pool dries out the skin of your hands and increase the fade up process of mehendi.

    3. You can massage your hands with olive oil.

    4. You can mix the salt with olive oil and you can use it with your hands.

    5. You can wash your hands with the hair conditioner and the colour of mehendi starts fading.

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    Olive oil is the best to use simply because it does not have any side effects as such & hence is considered safer to use than other things. In fact, it helps to moisturize your skin.

    Rub hair conditioner to remove the colour of mehdi leaves from your palms, we should rub our palms with hair conditioner.

    Some other materials: The following materials are also a great help in removing mehdi leaves from our palms: (a) Various creams and lotions (b) Spend some time in the sun (c) Hydrogen peroxide (d) Olive oil (e) Breaching powder (f) Wait for some days I think the above described methods will help us from removing the colour of mehdi leaves from our leaves.

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    Girls are very excited to apply henna on their hands with different designs. In the starting two days it is dark in color. But as the days pass, its color starts fading up into orange and it appears ugly. At this stage girls want to get rid off henna (Mehendi) color fast from their hands.
    Following are some tips by which you can quickly make it fade away.
    • Dip your hand in the Luke warm water for sometime and then rub both the hands.

    • If you like swimming, then go for a swim. Swimming pool has chlorine added in it. Chlorine helps to fade the mehendi color. Otherwise you can mix the chlorine water in a bowl and dip your hands in the bowl.

    • You can also apply bleach on your hands to remove mehendi.

    • Wash you hands 10-12 times frequently in a day to remove mehendi.

    • Apply tooth paste on your hands and after it gets dried, rub your hands. This will diminish the mehendi color.

    • Apply mixture of baking soda and lemon to fade the mehendi color.

    • Rub olive oil on your hands to remove mehendi color.

    • Sun light also helps to fade the mehendi color. So, sit in the sun light for sometime.

    • Rub a good quality of hair conditioner on your hands to fade the color of mehendi.

    I hope now you can easily remove the mehendi from your hands and can enjoy your sister’s wedding. But above written tips depends upon your skin sensitivity and skin tone.

    Amit Goyal

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