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    What does onsite warranty mean?

    Want to know the meaning of onsite warranty in electronic gadgets like laptops? Learn what does onsite warranty mean and how you benefit from it.

    I have seen advertisements of electronic gadgets, especially laptops, where it is mentioned "Onsite Warranty". What does this mean? If you buy the product from that particular place (address given in the advt.), then you will get warranty for the product when you buy it? Does it imply that you dont need to approach the gadget manufacturing company (say Sony or Dell) to get the warranty for the product?
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    Onsite warranty means when ever you have a problem with the device which u have purchased and is given onsite warranty, the respective company will send its technician to your home or workplace to repair the product. The technician will try his level best for repairing the product at home itself. If it is not repairable then he takes the product to the service center or lab for repairing.

    Basically Onsite means "Service at your door Step". There is no need for you to take the products to the authorized service center for repairs. Mostly air conditioners, Refrigerator, PC's, Washing Machine and other electronic goods which are difficult to take to the service centers are given Onsite warranty.

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    On site warranty means that a person from the product's production company will come directly to your home or office and will collect the damaged product and will replace the repaired parts of the produce if the product falls under the warranty period.

    On site warranty is a authorization for replacement of certain parts of the product for the given period and while the on site guarantee is a assurance for replacement of the product fully if something goes wrong within the given period.

    Note - check your onsite warranty is nation level or international level because if it cover only national level and if your product is in a foreign country then your onsite warranty won't work.

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    Onsite warranty is a term that covers warranty for a particular product and the service technician/service engineer will attend the problem of the product at the same place where it is used.

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    The product will be repaired at your place or will be picked up and dropped back at your place after repair.

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