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    Why Nimesulide (Nise) tablet and syrup banned for children use?

    Do you want to know why Nimesulide (Nise) tablet and syrup were banned for children use? Learn more about the reasons behind the ban of Nimesulide (Nise) tablet and syrup here.

    A year before Nimesulide (Nise) tablet and syrup has banned for children use by DGCI. Many of formulations of Nimesulide like syrup, suspension, etc prior used in pediatrics practice. My question is "Why Nimesulide tablet and syrup banned for children use?".
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    Nimesulide is a COX 2 selective NSAID (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug) which has analgesic (pain killing) and antipyretic(lowering temperature) properties. It is useful in acute pains as the onset of action is rapid. It is used in adults for treatment of osteoarthritis, dysmenorrhoea and other conditions involving acute pain

    Nimesulide has the common side effects of NSAIDs like diarrhoea,rashes,vomiting etc and it is hepatotoxic. EMA(European medicines agency )has confirmed that benefits outweigh risks in the use of Nimesulide it is considered better not to be given to children.There are drugs like Combiflam can be effective in relieving pain in children though always take a physician's advice before giving any drug


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    Because it is an nsaid and it may cause serious drug reaction like vomiting,rash,ulcer,kidney damage so not to be given to children

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    I do not know about the chemical content of this medicine but I knew this years ago that the medicine 'Nise' is banned worldwide except in few Asian countries like India and Pakistan.
    Since I cannot post any external link here so I am unable to give the exact reference here. you can search online on google about the same and you would come to know why it has been banned now in India and much before around the world.

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    1.Nimeusulide is long banned in other countries.
    2.It is NSAID. Almost all NSAID (Non-Steroidal anti inflamatory drugs ) are Liver Loxic pain killers.
    3.One must not take any NSAID without doctor's prescription.
    4. Safest pain killer is Paracetamol (Crocin) and in acute pain it is DOLO (Paracetamol 650 mg).
    5. Almost all the all the allopathic medicines are either Liver Toxic or Nephro (Kidney) Toxic and must not be taken without prescription by a qualified doctor who checks pros and cons of prescribing the medicine.
    6. Pain Killers (NSAID) should be avoided for prolonged used.

    Ashok Goyal

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