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Carburetor Adjustment of 2 Stroke Engine Motorcycles

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Hello ISc Member
The thread is about 2 stroke Yamaha motorcycles engine and their carburetor adjustment,
What you think about the Yamaha 100 motorcycle carburetor fuel adjustment? I maintenance their engine and how can I adjust their fuel consumption? I also reduce petrol consumption of the bike? what you suggest how can I adjust their fuel in carburetor? This is Yamaha 100cc 2 stroke engine motorcycle.

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Just show your bike to any two wheeler mechanic nearby and ask them to clean the carburetor and tune it well to give mileage. Some of them may tell you to re-bore your bike engine where it is actually not necessary to increase mileage and tune up.

Expert can easily just tune your bike carburetor and increase the mileage, wrong tuning up on carburetor could lead to reduce the mileage. Generally two stroke bikes can give mileage maximum up to 50kms per liter. Yamaha RX100 though well known bike - it may give you approx 35-45kmpl which is average and good, if it is giving less than 30kmpl then there is necessary to clean and tune up carburetor.


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