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    How to activate ATM card for making online payments?

    Do you want to know how to activate ATM card for making online payments? Learn more about using ATM card for online transactions here.

    I am account holder in Corporation bank. Recently I was bidding on and have won something on that site. I want to make online payment through ATM for making payment. How to activate the same for online payments? Kindly note mine is a visa card.
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    Dear member,
    You need not activate your ATM card to make payment for purchase online. Corporation bank enabled the online transaction for their customers using ATM card. So if you want to make payment, you simple need to give your card number and CCV in the appropriate places given by eBay and after you will be directed to your bank website to authenticate the payment. That is secured gateway payment and you need not to worry about the transaction whic will be made very safe. Hope you will understand better.


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    1)First of all register your ATM or Debit Card on 3D secure site of the issuer Bank.
    2)Erase the CVV number at the back of Card. 3 digits in white paint is the CVV number. Keep CVV in secured place.
    3) Use ATM or debit cards of only those banks which provide instant SMS service though no Bank can issue ATM or debit card without SMS facility.
    4) Never change your mobile number. Use Mobile portability services as companies issue the surrendered numbers to new subscriber and that lead to security issues including mobile spoofing.
    5. Keep strong security questions.
    6. Immediately on use you will get instant SMS.
    7. If you Loose your card inform Bank's toll free customer care and note down complaint ID.
    If you follow the above guidelines then you need not worry about using Debit Card for online shopping.
    8. After using card details online on HTTPS sites with unexpired security certificate - clear the browsing history.
    ALERT : Sample URL for 3D secure site of a Bank

    Ashok Goyal

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