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    How to transfer from State Bank Of India Online( ?

    Do you want to know how to transfer money from one account to another with State Bank of India online portal? Learn more about SBI Online NEFT process here.

    Hi friends,

    I want to know how to send money from one to another account from
    How to add beneficiary to my account and What is RTGS?
    And also want to know about securities for online payments.
    How to make payment by debit card?

    Thank you!
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    RTGS transaction is used by firm,company while NEFT transaction is for personal use.
    RTGS support instant payment while NEFT has off time(as of bank)
    For adding NEFT a/c:-
    1)click on PAYMENT AND TRANSFER link on your homepage.
    2)Select either NEFT or SBI group banks.
    3)Click on Add Benificiary
    4)click on create new
    5)fill required details.
    6) IFSC CODE or complete address of bank is must required
    7)you will get confirmation password on your registered mobile.
    8)click on Approve.
    account will get added within 24-48 hrs.

    for transfering:-
    1)again go to PAYMENT AND TRANSFER link on your homepage.
    2)Select either NEFT or SBI group banks.
    3)select account
    4)fill amount and remark
    5)check on accept terms and click on proceed.
    6)recheck the details and click on confirm.
    Its done

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    To transfer money online via your bank services, you first need to register your phone number and internet banking services with your bank.
    After getting registered for internet banking, you will be provided with personal account name/number and a login password (which can be changed by you any time).

    Whenever you have to transfer the funds, you may log in your personal banking account using the name and password which you already have. Go to 'transfer fund' tab and click on transfer fund. There they will ask you to add a beneficiary. Now you may enter the name and account details of the beneficiary to whom you want to transfer funds.

    To confirm the beneficiary name, you will be send a special PIN number/code to your phone number which is already registered with the bank. You have to enter this pin code in your internet bank page within 90 seconds or it will be disabled. Like this in a row you can ask for 3 pin numbers.

    When correct pin is entered your registration of beneficiary name is completed and you are ready to transfer funds in his/her account.

    To transfer money to a beneficiary you have to click on 'transfer funds' tab and when asked you have to select the beneficiary name in your bank page. Enter the amount to be paid and press enter.
    You will be again send a pin code in your registered phone number which you have to enter within 90 seconds else it will be disabled.
    When correct pin is entered your amount will be transferred.

    Online transfer of money is a secure method; but still you have to be cautious while doing so. If ever you left the screen untouched for a few seconds, your account will be automatically closed. further, if you move on forward and backward more than once, then also you account will be closed for transfer.

    Tips for safe and secure use of internet banking:
    1. Never share you special code send to you from bank with anyone.

    2. Never share your account number and password with anyone.

    3. Never stay logged in for a longer period of time to avoid hacking softwares discovering your system.

    4. Try not to use your banking services during prime time of internet traffic.

    5. Do not operate your internet banking services from a public internet cafes and services.

    6. Even when asked about your password, never share it even with the bank employees.

    7. If your system appears slow, try to avoid using internet services at that time.

    8. If you suspect anything, immediately logged out of your account and close the banking window at once. It is better to be late than sorry.


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    Read all about How to Use Online Net Banking Services of State Bank of India
    Ashok Goyal

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