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    Relation between food allergy and swollen feet

    Are you wondering about relations between food allergy and swollen feet and arms? Learn whether it is possible to have swollen feet and arms from food allergy or not.

    Recently my cousin suddenly got swollen feet and arms. Even the area around her eyes swelled up. On instructions from the doctor, she did the tests for rheumatism but the reports turned out to be negative. The doctor said it was possible that she caught an allergy to something she ate.

    Is this possible? Is there a relation between an allergy to something you eat and getting swollen limbs? How does this occur merely due to eating something (in my cousins case she feels it is due to eating the red leafy vegetable she had since the swellings occurred soon after)?

    Also, what are the natural home remedies for such a problem?
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    As informed by you the allergic condition can be reversed by simply taking one tablet of Avil-25. However rule out other causes and possibilities. Never try to medicate yourself and consult a good doctor. Other possibilities can be swollen feet due to Pregnancy, ascitic fluid which may be due to inflammation of liver or some times due to sitting posture. With the consultation of a doctor take some diuretic tablet like dytar 5 mg to flush away extra fluid. But your doctor is the best judge.
    Ashok Goyal

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    Yes I think so, your feet can swollen due to eating some toxic thing. There are some things which are warm. If we eat so much those food, then we can have our stomach problem. Similarly, your feet are swell due to eating some toxic food.

    There are some remedies by which your feet can come to its original position,
    Message that area with the mixture of oil and salt. This is very helpful.

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