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    What is the best Anti-virus available in the market?

    Do you want to know what is the best antivirus available in the market? Get a list of the best antivirus software in market here.

    I am looking for an Anti-Virus or should I say a complete security for my laptop. I tried AVG and other free anti-virus or computer security software but not felt satisfied about its performance. I need to have some good security software but one condition is that it need to be among the free softwares. You can recommend some Anti-Virus program that is not value for money too. Appreciate your expert response.
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    You can try out Norton security anti-virus it server very well to me and its one on the best anti virus. But the problem is its not free but believe it will more than worth buying it although you can also use it for free for couple of few months as trial.

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    There are many antivirus softwares now a days I recommend you to use malware protector like malwarebytes and avast antivirus.

    Go for only paid once you need to protect yor computer totally.

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    What I suggest is Norton makes your laptop go down in terms of start-up performance. I would suggest you Microsoft Security Essentials software.I am using this software for years and its really good and my computer is virus-free. For your convenience I am posting the URLs for that

    MSE for XP

    MSE for Vista

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    There are so many top antivirus, which are available in the market. Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus available in the market. Its new version is superb. This antivirus will keep your computer save from all types of viruses.
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    I think if you are having a genuine windows operating system then free Microsoft Security Essentials along with live update free of cost will take care of all your issues and you need not have any separate anti virus as all anti virus without live updates are useless.
    Ashok Goyal

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    Your top requirement for computer security is to know what you have and how to use the programs. If you have a good antivirus (like a watch dog) and don't update (feed) it, then it becomes a waste. If you have a firewall (like a strong gate) but leave the keys at the doorway, it will do what you expect it to do.
    If you are not comfortable tweaking settings, I is better to go for Security Essentials.
    If you like fiddling with settings, go for Avast antivirus and ZoneAlarm firewall. You can adjust the levels of security as you wish in these. Both are free programs.

    Other things to be aware and be alert to, even though these are not antivirus programs as such:
    --- You should update your operating system and other program files regularly.
    --- Make sure Adobe Flash player gets updated even automatically.
    --- Uninstall Java from your system completely, you won't miss it. If perchance you have to use it for some websites, then install it and keep the "Enable Java content in the browser" unchecked. When you need it, put the check mark. When done, disable Java.

    If you have time, then you may use the free trials of several full computer security programs for 30 days. Before the 30 days expire, uninstall the existing one and load another company's antivirus. You could probably run a whole year with free trails from 12 brands, and then choose what you felt was your best. BitDefender, Kaspersky, ESET, Norton, McAfee, Panda, Sophos, FSecure, TrendMicro, BullGuard, GData, Lavasoft, WebRoot etc. are some top names.

    Be aware that none of these in any combination is 100% effective. Do what you can and pray if you believe!

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    If you want a free anti-virus then go for Avast latest. It is super fast and has a modern UI. If you want to use a cracked one then you might choose Kaspersky as it won't slow down your system. I will suggest you to go for Avast free, you can see its review in

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    I would suggest Bit Defender anti virus which is efficient and doesn't make your system slow.
    Initially I was using other Antivirus for my laptop which reduced the processing speed of my system.
    But I would also suggest you to go through the review of the famous anti viruses and get a proper licensed one which will be safe for your laptop.


    Rajkumar P.
    IT Professional

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    If you are really looking for a good antivirus than i will definitely suggest you avast antivirus.

    Avast Internet Security 1 PC 1 Year only for Rs. 874.65
    You can buy this online too.

    Avast provide full internet security, mail, Lan security in one pack.

    I have also used avira and mcafee. But they can not detect viruses as fast as avast can. Also avast will not make your computer slow, as most of the antiviruses do.

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    Kaspersky is the best anti-virus from all i know. I usually used it and saw the affect of it. It prevents from many types of virus which may corrupt your pc system. I got many benifits by it and hope you should also get it and get as many profit as you can

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    The criteria for choosing the best Anti-virus depends upon two factors :
    1. Are you willing to be paid on these Anti-virus softwares?
    2. Do you want a Free supplement ?

    SO when you choose the FIRST option it is always guaranteed that you get best of the options available and you have the full security over your system.

    The paid versions provide you efficient security and much more safer to use .Some of the TOP PAID versions software are :

    1.Kaspersky which offers Excellent services for better management of computer .

    -Some of the services that include in KASPERSKY is-

    a)Anti-Malware(E-mail, Web Traffic)
    b)Online Security (Anti-Phishing)
    c)System Security

    2.Norton Antivirus also makes you feel better with the price you afford on buying this.

    -Some of the services that include in NORTON is-
    a) Auto Protect
    b) Internet Worm Protection
    c) Spyware Protection
    d) Email Scanning

    If you want to choose the free supplements it is better to go for Avira Antivirus Which offers good results for Free Trial software.

    The prices for the Kaspersky which i have bought last year was around Rs.500

    The prevailing Market prices of Norton is around Rs.400

    The data which i have submitted is according to my usage, you may prefer other options also but what i mentioned over here stands TOP in my option .

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