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    Meaning of encrypted search

    Do you want to know what is encrypted search? Find out what is the meaning of of encrypted search in StatCounter reports.

    At StatCounter, there is a feature came from which gives a list of the sites from where visitors came to my pages. In this list, a couple of the site URLs do not show. Instead, there are the words "Encrypted Search". What is the meaning of encrypted search?
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    The term encrypted search refers to the search keywords that are tracked by search engines. By which it will be so easy to make search.

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    The term "Encrypted Search" means to track the search options of websites. When you put any search option on google then it encrypted and provide a result of searching item and again you are click on result it would exit from encrypted mode.

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    I think safe secured search is called encrypted search for example Google encrypted search is shown in reference URL below. It is a lengthy subject.
    Ashok Goyal

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    Encrypted means secured. If you enter an important data into a secure website it will normally encrypt your data from others and protect from others. This is an important function in online shopping websites because it is an essential part in online payments.
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