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    Why "html" is called as markup language?

    Why "html" is called as markup language?
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    HTML is actually used creating staticc pages. What we do using HTML is we just write what should come in the required place of the HTML document.

    For example we can use the newspaper printing process. Before printing the editor mark what should be come on first column, second paragraph etc. This is called marking.

    The same above said process is done in HTML also. We just create a template or a page by describing using a language, HTML.

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    Markup means to structure it in a specific format.

    Hypertext means machine readable text.

    So HTML is Structuring of contents using machine readable text. It is just to display static pages. So we should design the contents and area where it should be displayed.

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    Markup language is a set of markup tags. HTML uses markup tags to describe web pages.
    Markup language is a text-formatting language designed to transform raw text into structured documents, by inserting procedural and descriptive markup into the raw text.
    Markup is what HTML do to the text inside them. They mark it as a certain type of text(like bold, italic, underline etc).
    HTML is a language as it has its own code words like any other language.
    Due to these reasons HTML is calles Markup language.

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    Abstractly, marking up text is a methodology for encoding data with information about itself.
    Examples of markups (encoded data) are ubiquitous in the real world.
    HTML, as its name implies, is a markup language. As such, it is used to markup text.

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    Hi I am aggree with deepak kumar answer but if you need answer in detail then use this link to see detail

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    HTML is called as markup language because, Unlike any other language in software(C, C++ etc) we cant do conditional events through HTML. HTML is used only to present the information in a way we want.
    By using html you can create tables, labels forms to display your information.

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