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    What is the difference between Domain name and IP address?

    Do you want to know the difference between domain name and IP address? Learn how does a domain name differs from an IP address and what are the functions of both domain name and IP address of a computer.

    This is the question of class 12th computer science CBSE board examination. Here I want to the exact difference between the Domain name and Internet Protocol(IP) address. When I use internet through my computer then the IP address is different when I use it with mobile/tablet then it is different. So, IP address depends upon machine?
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    I.P. Address is the Internet protocol address of a Machine which can help locate the exact location of the machine may if be Personal Computer,Printers, Laptop or Mobiles Phones using different networks to log on.

    Domain Name e.g. is registered name and once registered can not be allotted to another person. It may be country specific like for India and for australia. One can purchase the domain name with all country specifice.One can verify the owner of the domain through regerence URL. If you want to see just write down the domain and see ownership records.

    Ashok Goyal

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    Domain Name: When you create a website, you will have to give a name to it. Such as this particular site is called It is the identity of the "website" over the internet, and any user asking for it is redirected to this website. Every website has a unique name. The www represents that WORLD WIDE WEB, then comes the name of the site, and finally the .com for commercial or .org for organisation, representing the kind of website, or locality of it like .in for India and .uk for United Kingdom.

    IP Address: Now, something different from the domain name, IP Adress is the identity of your computer over the internet network. They are ususally numbers sets like: Every computer will have a unique IP address while using the web. This particular thing can be used by security sources to track you down in case you do something illegal over the internet.


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    Domain Name : Doamin name is the name used to refer the website.the name which is between WWW and .com or .in is the domain name and you can have more than one doamin name pointing to the same IP Address.

    IP : Internet protocol is a unique number given to the machine which access the internet.IP Address can easily track the location of that particular machine which is usually 32 bit.


    Rajkumar P.
    IT Professional

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    Domain: Identity of a website over the internet. If you want to create any website then you need to choose one name Between www and Extension.
    In the above URL, www is called World Wide Web and indiastudychannel is a Domain and .com is a Extension. Extension may be many. Some are: .com, .org, .gov etc
    .com - Refers it is a commercial website
    .gov - Refers it is a Government website
    .org - Refers it is an Organization

    IP (Internet Protocol):
    Internet Protocol is Unique. you may connect to internet through PC, Laptop, Mobiles, Tab etc. But, the IP address given to each thing is unique. IP address contains 32bits.

    Note: You can have more than one site referring to the same IP address.

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    IP Address: An IP address is a numerical label assigned to a device (computer, printer, etc) in a computer network. It is like a contact number in a phone book. The Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide public ip's over the internet.

    Domain Name: Domain name is an identification name for an IP address, like a contact name in a phone book.

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    IP address:- It means internet protocol. It is 32 bit address, The unique address to communicate with the other systems in the network. IP address usually looks like this The IP address can assign statically or dynamically.
    IP address are defined into Public and Private addresses. Normally we get public addresses by Internet Service Providers(ISP). Private addresses can be created by any one by changing. If we want to communicate the systems in the network, the IP address should be unique for example & they both are in same network.

    Domain Name:- Assigning name to the IP address.
    It is difficult to remember the so many IP addresses now a days, that is why Domain name translates the name to IP addresses.

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