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    Why cooling tower for thermal power plant are in parabola shape?

    Do you want to know why cooling tower for thermal power plant are in parabola shape? Find out the reasons behind cooling tower for thermal power plant being in parabola shape here.

    We know most of our electricity needs are fulfilled by thermal power plant. In power plant, to cool the steam from turbine, condenser along with cooling tower are needed for condensation and for re-use of the water. We normally see the shape of the cooling towers are of parabola type. What is the reason behind the parabola shape for cooling tower in thermal power plant?
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    Parabola shape is something that looks something like a "U". The shape of cooling towers is "Hyperbolic".
    The procedure through which the air gets cooled is called as "Draft". These following steps occur in "Draft"

    A.The moist and warm air has less density when compared to the cool air outside in the atmosphere, where the pressure is same.

    B.As we know that flow of air is always from lesser density to higher density.

    C.The moist and warm air inside the structure moves outside into the atmosphere forming a current of air.

    D. In some cases where the load is more or where cooling has to be done faster, large and powerful fans with motors and water from rivers and oceans are used to create this "Draft"

    There is a misconception that the shape of the tower aids in cooling. Earlier the shape of the cooling towers we usually long and cylindrical in shape. As the need increased the towers became larger. Hyperbolic shaped towers are more stable and strong when compared to tall cylindrical towers.

    The amount of material used in construction is also less when compared to tall towers.

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    The hyperbolic shape gives a superior stability than other shapes. It is a larger diameter at the bottom, then decreases and then increases. So there is more stability at the bottom to hold the long structure. The hyperbolic shape gives a strong resistant to the wind blows. The structure can withstand more wind loads.

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